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  1. summer

    Opium Poppy Claw Polish

    Gloss Narcotic pink! The fiery fuchsia of delirium. Let me be clear: this is not highlighter hot-pink. Nor is it as violet as it appears on the website (on my particular computer screen, anyway). What it is is an impossibly rich, densely pigmnented, shade of fuschia. Deeeeeep raspberry pink. One coat will give you a clear, bright (but again, non-highlighter, non-Jem-and-the-Holograms) hot pink. Two coats will give you azaleas -- crushed up with a mortar and pestle to make a concentrated azalea paste. It's beautiful. It's bright without being garish. It's energetic without being teeny-boppish. It's sexy and fierce and fun. And, like all of the other claw polishes, it's shiny, goes on smoothly, wears forever, and doesn't chip. Brilliance. P.S. Layered over Destroying Angel, you get the most hypnotic deep electric purple!
  2. summer

    Destroying Angel Claw Polish

    The above review is so evocative and spot-on that I actually want to go buy another bottle of Destroying Angel, even though I already have one. Damn. I can't possibly describe this gorgeous polish better than already has been done in spades, but I will add my agreement that in terms of application and wear, this smooth glossy polish is the best I've ever used. And in terms of color, it is indeed rich and velvety -- like a fine, deep, smooth dark chocolate. The kind that is at least 70% cocoa. It is decidedly not black, but it's such a dark purplish-brown that casual observers complimented me on my "black nails." Still, it's just not-black enough to be sophisticated and vintage and autumn-y, rather than goth. In short, I completely love it.
  3. summer

    Singing Moon

    This is so, so lovely. It smells like autumn. Just the first hint of it after a lush summer. Like the crisp air over a lake. It's perfume. A little sweet, and very feminine, but in a grown-up, somber sense. This isn't girly, but it isn't haughty. It's just the quiet reflection as the seasons start to get darker, colder, and more harvest-centered. It reminds me of the perfume and leaves and herbs of Harvest Moon, but without the pumpkin/spice/fruit/food. Beautiful. My favorite Lunacy in a long time.
  4. summer


    I have been feeling kind of run-down (due to illness) and not that hot lately. So last night, before going out, I put a drop of Glamour on each chakra point as I was getting ready. When my date picked me up, he commented repeatedly that I looked so pretty, that I am so beautiful, etc. When we got to the restaurant, my friend remarked that I looked pretty. Then our other friend arrived, and he said (can you guess?) "wow aren't you looking pretty!" Well then. I think it is safe to say that Glamour is quite effective.
  5. summer


    I smell musk, amber, and tea. It is like a warmer version of Dorian on me. Very warm and feline! I don't smell the citrus or the cinnamon on my skin . . . it's just warm, furry, ambery musk. Sensual and gorgeous, but I can't wear this sort of perfume very often, as it tends to be overpowering on me.
  6. summer

    Middle Pillar

    I have been anointing my third eye, palms, and the soles of my feet with Middle Pillar before my morning yoga practice. I have been going through an incredibly rattling time recently (which only can be described as a Saturn Return experience), and when I use Middle Pillar I feel, if only during my yoga session, strong and balanced. I am finding it very fast-acting and effective, and I look forward to its cumulative effects as I continue to use it.
  7. summer


    This is a beautiful, beautiful perfume. It took me by surprise, as I did not expect to like it so much. It has a sweet citrus kick, but it is predominantly a smooth, cool, sophisticated floral that is just sweet enough and just lightly insensey enough to be perfect for me. A perfect workday perfume that keeps me sniffing my wrists all day!
  8. summer

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    FABULOUS deep, dark chocolate cake batter that has a rich, incensey feel to it. Maybe a slight hint of liquer. This scent reminds me of eating chocolate truffles at a Turkish coffee house. It dries into a glorious, smooth sweet-cream vanilla scent that lingers and lingers on me. Glorious.
  9. summer

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    GORGEOUS. This is defnitely a sultry night-time floral. It reminds me of the Santa Monica pier -- a kind of moody and haunted and very "noir-ish" place. It smells like sweet incense and sweet, heady flowers. I don't get a lot of "sugar" from it, but there is definitely a wispy, lingering sweetness to it. I also smell an almost aquatic layer here. Beautiful, grown-up perfume that is still mysterious and interesting.
  10. summer


    I used Magnet the other day to draw to me a set of circumstances that I figured would be totally unlikely, if not impossible. Remarkably, the situation ended up unfolding as though I'd scripted it myself! I used the oil with the intent to attract this precise scenario. I am extremely pleased (and amazed) with how effective this oil turned out to be. I look forward to using it whenever I need to "draw" something.
  11. summer

    Dixie Love Perfume

    Wow. This WORKS. I agree that it does smell similar to Love Me, only perhaps a bit sultrier. I'll say it draws others to me -- suffice to say that the first night I wore this out, I ended up kissing every single person in the large group that I was out with. People also kept remarking to me, througout the night, in various ways, that I am "hot," "fun," and "a rock star." Yowza! This one packs a major punch for me and is probably the most effective mojo-increasing oil I've ever used.
  12. summer


    I have been using copious amounts of Meditation to dress candles in the room where I do my yoga, and to anoint my third eye and temples. I feel, in a nutshell, that this oil truly helps me penetrate that outer layer of the mind that is usually buzzing with activity and tap into a place that is still and quiet. Also, somewhat unexpectedly, on all three occassions that I have used this in conjunction with my yoga practice, I have felt that the physical aspect of it was easier. I didn't get tired as quickly, and I generally felt a lot more physical strength. I attribute this to the fact that my mind was still. That is, I wasn't distracted or preoccupied by feeling tired or bored, and I wasn't thinking ahead to what was next. I was just being and doing -- and nothing makes time fly faster! This oil is a great tool to help me focus on penetrating, letting go and just being. I am very greatful to have it. ETA: I don't have a strong impression of the smell, but generally, it is earthy, and reminds me of a milder version of The Coiled Serpent. If I had to, I would guess that it contains patchouli or vetivert (although those are two of the notes that Tesseljoan didn't detect -- go figure!).
  13. summer

    Strangler Fig

    Ooooohhhhhh. This is SO unexpectedly good on me. It is rich and creamy. Rich, creamy, and slightly sweet, with that kind of green wood note that I also smell in Eden. It smells softly earthy and plant-like, but the over-arching scent is natural, clean, sweet, and creamy. I need a bottle of this.
  14. summer


    Energy absolutely wakes me up and gives me the energy to get going. I apply it to the soles of my feet, and I visualize the energy gathering in the earth, and running up through my feet all the way up to my head. Wonderful for those times when I am over-worked and absolutely spent; I can use this oil to squeeze out a few more early mornings and late nights when I really have to. Lovely super-zingy orange smell as well.
  15. summer


    Berenice is lovely. A cool, elegant perfume, like I imagine a young, stylish French woman would wear. It is sophisticated without being flashy or stodgy. That's why I think of France, where sophistication is often evidenced by the most simple, natural, subtle things of impeccible quality. That's what Berenice smells like. I smell a clean white musk laced with a slightly dewy, aquatic perfume. It is smooth and demure, slightly sweet, and innocent in a classic, classy way. Very subtle, and I can see wearing this at work when I want to be "appropriate," but also wearing it, say, at the beach, when I want to wear something relaxed, fresh, and pretty.