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  1. Faerykin

    Dragon's Heart

    Dragon’s Heart Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30-am): As will most BPAL dragon’s blood scents, this goes on pure, sweet dragon’s blood. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): The dragon’s blood tempers a bit, allowing the other notes to peek through a bit. It is still a very sweet scent – with the fig and the currant – waiting to see if the musks come out. Throughout the Day (10am-on): I think the musks are finally coming through, as there is something bringing balance to the sweetness. Still a very lovely combination. This is definitely going into the Dragon’s Blood Pile (i.e., the Boi’s Pile).
  2. Faerykin


    Nocnitsa Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30-am): This is the scent of the deep forest. Pine needles, the damp of the forest floor, and the scent of the wind blowing through the trees. Truly magnificent! Initial Dry (8:30-10am): The pine is a gentle backdrop to the damp forest floor, and the wind through the trees has died down to an occasional gentle breeze. Ah, the memories this scent brings back – I love it! Throughout the Day (10am-on): This is fading so fast. But, it is such a lovely, dark, earthy scent – I must keep it. I still get the occasional whiff of earthy-pine … absolutely lovely.
  3. Faerykin


    Arachne Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (7:30-8am): This goes on light & sweet. At first I thought it was fruity – cherry perhaps – then as it calmed, I recognize this, but I can’t quite place my finger on it. Some type of floral? Whatever it is, I like it. Initial Dry (8-10am): This continues to be a softly-sweet scent. I still can’t identify what that familiar sweetness is, but I still like it. Throughout the Day (10am-on): Wow, this fades fast. I can only barely detect it unless I actually hold my arm to my nose. Otherwise, it is truly as light as it claims to be. Still, very nice. Slowly dissipating throughout the day, I catch a faint whiff here and there. Very reminiscent of a spider’s web … very nice.
  4. Faerykin

    Leanan Sidhe

    Leanan Sidhe Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): This is a slightly powdery herbal. I think I smell lemon. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): The lemon scent moves into the background of this very herbal blend. It isn’t quite powdery enough to be headache-inducing … and I hope it stays that way. Throughout the Day (10am-on): This becomes a soft, semi-powdery, herbal floral. Uh-oh, this is beginning to morph into a perfume. Bleh! Off to the Swap Pile with you! So disappointing, I really wanted to like this.
  5. Faerykin


    Iambe Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): This is a sweet, gentle floral that reminds me a lot of Morgause. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): This turns a bit powdery with an underlying spiciness. It is still a lot like Morgause. Throughout the Day (10am-on): Yup, a more powdery, bit spicier, sweeter (a little too sweet) version of Morgause. It’s beginning to give me a headache. Off to Swaps!
  6. Faerykin

    Blood Lotus

    Blood Lotus Swiped across wrists and along collarbone ... and a little in the cleavage. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): The warm, thick, rich scent of dragon’s blood … with something floral underneath it all that must be the lotus. As with all other BPAL dragon’s blood scents, a winner right from the start. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): This lightens up, losing its thickness. It is still rich and sweet. The dragon’s blood is tempered by the floral, almost to the point of being lost among it … almost. Throughout the Day (10am-on): I feel a bit of a headache coming on, and I’ve already suffered two sneezing fits. I do hope the scent isn’t the culprit. Even so, I have plenty of dragon’s blood scents to choose from, should I need to find this one a good home. An hour or so into the afternoon and this has settled into a calm, sweet floral. The majority of the headache has gone. Still, I fear my collection will have to go on without this addition. No worries though, I am certain to find it a suitable home.
  7. Faerykin

    Thirteen (13)

    13 Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): This goes on a bit thick, almost like a cross between chocolate and vanilla. Very Sweet. Every once in a while I catch a whiff of some floral … interesting. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): This is slowly getting lighter and lighter. It is still primarily a mix between a light chocolate & vanilla. I still catch a faint whiff of something else here and there, so not much change except for it getting lighter. Throughout the Day (10am-on): It just gets lighter, and lighter, and lighter - nothing else changes. It is still chocolate & vanilla with something underneath … slowly dissipating into nothingness. Not at all unpleasant. I shall have to see if I can get the other notes to show themselves on upcoming 13ths.
  8. Faerykin

    Red Devil

    Red Devil Swiped across wrists and along collarbone ... and a little in the cleavage. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): This goes on sweet and tangy. There is something oddly familiar here, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. This is citrusy – more specifically, orangey. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): The orangey scent becomes less orangey, but still citrusy. It is difficult to explain. Throughout the Day (10am-on): This is morphing into something that is giving me a headache. It is still sharp and tangy, with something I’ve smelled before but can’t place. I found it! This smells an awful lot like Harlot when it soured on me (sour roses) – bleh! Off to the Swap Pile with you!
  9. Faerykin

    Serpent's Kiss

    Serpent's Kiss Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): This is the fist dragon’s blood scent with BPAL that didn’t go on sweet. In fact, this went on very dark and smoky. This is the first dragon’s blood scent with BPAL that actually turned my nose out of the vial. I do hope that changes. Within 10 minutes, the dragon’s blood begins to sweeten up – I am ever-so glad. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): Thankfully the dragon’s blood continues to sweeten this scent. Though, this is very atypical of dragon’s blood scents I’ve tested from BPAL – this is much darker. Throughout the Day (10am-on): The dragon’s blood is underscored by a dark, almost-cologne-y, spiciness. I am leaning toward the belief that this would make a wonderful masculine blend. Quite unlike any other dragon’s blood I have tried with BPAL. I’ll have to see what the boy thinks. Mmmm … now a nice spicy dragon’s blood. I like!
  10. Faerykin


    Regan Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): This is light, sweet and subtle. I can detect the vanilla, and it’s almost powdery. I certainly hope this doesn’t turn too powdery – or the vanilla too overwhelming. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): The vanilla is still the top note, but there is a floral growing under it. It is much less powdery – thankfully – and is shaping up to be a nice, calming scent. Still much more faint than a lot of other scents I’ve tried at BPAL. Throughout the Day (10am-on): The floral is beginning to peak through every now and again. It makes for an interesting blend as the creamy vanilla is interrupted by a short burst of floral, then back to creamy vanilla. Still not certain about this one, it is lovely but I don’t know if it’s quite me. I think I may have finally found a primarily vanilla scent that isn’t so overwhelmingly headache-inducing. I shall certainly have to see what the hubby thinks.
  11. Faerykin


    Goneril Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): There is something all too familiar about this floral. It is light and bright with a definite “darkness” in the center. The familiar note is defiantly a part of brightness – I just cannot think of what it is … but, I like it. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): It’s the lily! One of my co-workers, who happens to be quite garden savvy, came down and commented, “Something smells nice.” When I asked her if it was me, she confirmed by saying it smells like lilies. I agree, it is quite nice. I told her I was willing the warmer weather and sunshine of spring to come back. Throughout the Day (10am-on): This remains its wonderful lily self. I can’t really detect anything else – as the lily is quite potent. Long-lasting, as it is still present as I leave for work. A definite spring or summer scent.
  12. Faerykin


    Ravenous An utterly feral, thoroughly rousing perfume. Red patchouli sweetened by orange blossom. Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): This goes on sweet and sugary. The red patchouli provides a nice earthy base for the sweet orange blossom. A very pleasant blend. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): Wow, this scent is actually improving my mood. I think I’ll have to keep it on that principal alone – we all know that there is far too much awfulness in life, to find a scent that makes you happy … take advantage of it. The patchouli and orange blossom blend so well that I can’t detect one note from the other. This is absolutely divine. Throughout the Day (10am-on): This is so gorgeous. Sweet, sugary and full of feel-happy thoughts. Definitely keeping the imp! Ooohhh, and its long lasting to boot!
  13. Faerykin


    Libertine Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): This is a light, bright, almost-tangy floral. I am uncertain as to specific notes, as they blend very well. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): The brightness dissipates a bit as this continues to lighten. It is still very floral. There is no longer any tanginess either. Throughout the Day (10am-on): I still can’t detect any specific notes. This is just a light, breezy floral. Good for warm days or when I wanna feel girly. Still present as I leave for work – I get gentle wisps of floral. *shrugs* I may keep the imp, or it may find a home where it will be better appreciated. We’ll see.
  14. Faerykin

    Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    Ave Maria Gratia Plena A pale, delicate, truly angelic blend. A scent created to emulate Adonis' halo of beauty: fragile, distant, and radiant. Rosewood with Sicilian lemon peel, red Mysore sandalwood, pale musks, sweet mountain sage and a dusting of lily, night-blooming jasmine and orris. Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): Light, bright and airy – not certain yet why this is a “men’s blend”. I can certainly detect the lemon peel – and there is a sweet wispiness of floral under it all. A very nice spring scent. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): The sandalwood and musks are coming forth. A thick air of floral and almost incense is competing with the lemon peel. This is certainly becoming more masculine. Throughout the Day (10am-on): I can no longer detect any specific notes – this has morphed into traditional men’s cologne. Albeit, a light, fresh, airy, somewhat-powdery men’s cologne … but men’s cologne nonetheless. Off to the Swap Pile!
  15. Faerykin

    Dragon's Milk

    Dragon’s Milk Swiped across wrists and along collarbone. Initial Wet (8-8:30am): Just like the description says, dragon’s blood and vanilla. I do hope the dragon’s blood tempers the vanilla enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm me. Initial Dry (8:30-10am): The dragon’s blood begins to come forward, with the vanilla providing a thick sweetness underneath. This is a very beautiful blend. Throughout the Day (10am-on): As with all dragon’s blood scents, that is what this has turned into – dragon’s blood. I’m certain the vanilla is still there, providing for a dragon’s blood that is a bit thicker … but it is still just dragon’s blood. This is interesting. After an hour or so, the vanilla begins to warm up again and I can definitely detect the thick sweetness it adds to the dragon’s blood. Wow – the first dragon’s blood scent that doesn’t go purely dragon’s blood. The dragon’s blood provides its familiar bright sweetness while it tempers the vanilla, preventing it from becoming overly sweet. I’m liking it a lot - definitely keeping the imp.