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  1. I can't recommend any of the TAL blends because I haven't tried them, but Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo definitely inspires a good mood. It's just a shame it doesn't agree with my skin (it burned like crazy!) and I don't have a scent locket, because it's definitely a keeper. Also, any blend that you really love can be motivation to just.. be alive, I think. That may seem weird, but having something to look forward to, like a little BPAL-picking ritual in the morning, or wearing a favorite blend, can be enough to get me through a hard time. When I was ordering a lot, just knowing that I had a good-smelly package lifted my mood considerably. I think anything that makes you feel sexy and powerful would work. Personally, if I can't stand the smell of something, it won't really help me. I'm not sure if you're the same way. A lot of the Voodoo blends have herbal notes that my nose doesn't appreciate. Sugary or smooth notes, like vanilla or honey, help my mood a lot. Dana O'Shee, Dorian, and Dragon's Milk (The Three Mighty D's! Okay, I'm cheesy) all helped me a lot.
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    Belle Époque

  4. diabolique

    The Saddest, most Melancholy & Wistful BPALs

    Ophelia. Oh, Christ, it's tragic. And I don't think it's my own personal projection onto the scent. ;P
  5. diabolique


    Mmmmm, Katharina! Beautifully bubbly blend with juicy apricot. I don't get much orange blossom from this, thankfully. I get a tiny bit to balance out the sharpness of the apricot and make it well-rounded. It's fruity and slightly citrusy with a tiny touch of florals. The white musk dry down is absolutely stunning. I love Beth's white musk, and I love what she does with apricot blends. Apricot isn't a note I've ever been particularly fond of, and the actual fruit isn't very remarkable, but these apricot blends are just so mmmmm-inspiring. This lasted a pretty long time on me. I put a couple of wand-swipes on my wrist at about 10PM, a couple of hours before I went to bed, and I could smell it on my wrists until I took a shower the next day around 2P M. Yummmmm. I'm not sure how "me" it is for every day wear, but this one is a full-bottle purchase for the spring.
  6. diabolique


    I'm not quite sure what I think of this blend. Ylang ylang is pretty headache-inducing with its powderiness, but I think it lends something very lovely to this blend. Like everyone else said, Tisiphone is creamy and very dark. Immediately on my skin, I get the neroli, which is bogged down by the patchouli within 5 seconds. One thing I've noticed is that Beth is pretty good at blending patchouli into something I don't hate TOO much, so I don't really mind this stage. The oleander comes out to play, and man, do I love oleander. It's just creamy and delicious. I like this one a lot, but I'm not sure how "me" it is. I think I'll stick with Hell's Belle for a dark, spicy Southern Belle scent.
  7. diabolique

    The Queen of Hearts

    I got a gimp of this, and when I smelled it, I thought "This could definitely be a keeper." Man, was I wrong. It smells so good in the vial, and it holds up pretty well on my skin for about 5 minutes. It's all lily and stephanotis, but then it morphs into something sickly and very soapy. It's difficult to describe. I don't get cherry at any point. It smells very old-fashioned, like something you would smell sprayed onto your grandmother's old love letters. Also, this stuff is STRONG. It took me two washings to get this off of my hand.
  8. diabolique


    I need a huge vat of this, PRONTO. Last year, when I tried this, it made me feel a little ill and I wound up hating it. I just received a gimp of it and OH MY HOLY JESUS I LOVE IT GIVE ME MORE. When I wear it, I can't stop sniffing it. My grandma wouldn't let me take my wrist away from her nose! I get the same caramel apple note that CourtneyLynne does; it goes from buttery pumpkin spice to caramel apples and spiced peaches. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes, I can't smell it anymore. I'm not sure if that's because it just doesn't last long or because I sniff it so much I get used to it quickly. Either way, this is definitely a keeper. I'm so sorry I got rid of you before I truly got to know you, Jack!
  9. diabolique

    Dragon's Musk

    I received this as a gimp. When I sniffed it, I thought, "MMMMMMMMM." Unfortunately, when I put it on my skin, it smelled like nail polish remover. That smell slowly faded into something very soft and musky with a hint of smooth, red cherries. I forgot how wonderful Dragon's Blood is on my skin. This doesn't have much throw at all, but it is a sexy, warm scent. I'm not sure what it was, but I think there's some type of musk in here that doesn't like my skin until it gets used to it. That nail polish smell was so weird. I'm still stuck between not needing more than an imp but wanting a bottle for slathering purposes.
  10. diabolique

    Bearded Lady

    In the bottle, I couldn't smell anything except a slight perfumey smell. On my skin, it's honeysuckle, jasmine, and something creamy darkens up the florals, which my nose interprets as vanilla. I think I might get a little bit of violet, but amber, lily, and rose have disappeared. I think this is a blend that would be sexy if.. it actually smelled much like anyhing.
  11. diabolique

    Jewel Tone Scents

    That's very true. I forgot all about Lampades. Sybaris is a subdued purple, in my mind, so not very gem stone-like. I usually have really strong color associations with scents, so here goes: Reds: Bordello (purple-toned), Lady Macbeth (bloody and bright red), Blood Rose (bordering on purple), Queen Mab (very purpley, but also very pink-toned), Bathsheba (smoky, rich purple), Desire (regal and sultry red), Hell's Belle (smoky red, more of a congealed blood type color), Red Queen (bold red) Blues: Empyreal Mist (bordering on diamond-like), Bayou (green-tinged), Szepasszony (same as Empyreal Mist), Ophelia, Titania (these last two are very ethereal blues, but Titania is a bit duskier). I really don't think there are any bright blues. Greens: Pretty much anything herbal. Envy seems as though it's one of the greenest, but I personally haven't tried it. I don't do "green" scents. Yellows/Golds: Eos Pinks/Peaches: Katharina (peach), Fae (rose-tinged peach), Imp, Tamora (golden), Juliet, La Belle au bois Dormant.
  12. diabolique


    Kali has a very dominant wine note on my skin, and it always registers to my nose as "grape." It's marvelous.
  13. diabolique


    Morgause was definitely purple. Nuit seems purple. Everyone says Queen Mab seems pink, but I personally got the impression of purple. I think jasmine generally does that to me.
  14. Can anyone tell me if there are any scents that smell similar to Ace of Hearts?
  15. diabolique

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Chaos Theory CLIII In the vial: Gender-neutral and.. a tiny bit woodsy. I already don't like this. The first thing that came to mind is cedar, but it must be very light, if it's there at all. On my skin: This is difficult to pin down. I detect something slightly minty, I think there may be balsam in here. There's something a little calming, floral but not quite floral. I thought it might be lavender, but then it disappeared altogether. I recognize the slight woodiness of fir. When I was going through note possibilities, it struck me as having most of the notes of Dracul, minus the clove and orange blossom. I think I detect sage or something similar. It reminds me of a little cottage in the woods, where a matronly woman is sticking her hand into a wooden cabinet full of dried herbs. It's light, spicy, and a little autumnal. It wafts, but it isn't overpowering. I was scared of it at first, but it's.. simply okay. So, the definite notes are fir, balsam, and mint. Possibilities are juniper and oakmoss. There may be bergamot in here to sweeten it up. I don't smell any musk or amber. I think someone with tastes similar to sarada's would appreciate this more.