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    Nine Mysteries This is truely my Fav... O Snake Oil Black Cat Snow White Mabon King of Spades Perversion Intrique Spooky Tulzcha Sudha Segara Bengal Chaste Moon Honey Moon Milk Moon Samhain 04 Kustkammer Pumpkin Patch 3 and 4 Blood French Love Blood Countess Zombi Urd Arachne Bordello Dorian Rose Red Jack

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    Reading,traveling and shopping til i drop,crossword puzzles.<br />I'm a big perfume person...i love me some perfume, did i say i love me some perfume, well i do and i can talk all day about perfumes.
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  1. Larila

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Chaos Theory II CDLXXXVIII (488) Wet in the bottle i'm getting a strong lavender scent with a nutmeg and vanilla. Because of the Strong lavender smell i almost thought i smelled mint in there and i got kind of a herbal feel also. Will add on later when i do a skin test.
  2. Larila

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Chaos Theory II DXIV (514) Wet in the bottle i smell cherries and vanilla and maybe a tad bit of coffee maybe. This one is very nice i need to hurry and do a skin test on this one. So far i like all four of my CT2 that i purchase from the lab. I will also add my skin test on... at a later date.
  3. Larila

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Chaos Theory II DXXIV (524) In this CT2...wet from the bottle, i'm getting some mints and it could be several types of mints and some kind of fruit maybe a type of berry. I will try to find out what type of berry when i do a skin test. I will add on at a later date.
  4. Larila

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Chaos Theory II CDXCIX (499) This is going to be brief... at the moment i'm only doing the wet in the bottle review, and i will add on later...after i wear each Chaos Theory II. From the bottle i'm smelling a spearmint...it's kind of medicinal feel about it and something else i can't figure out what it is. I will add more when i test on my skin.
  5. Larila

    What to wear for Shakespeare's Birthday?

    Hello, Queen would have been my choice also and Desire was a close second. You're list was nice of the imps you had to choose from though. Well good for you.. and that's what I think about Queen also.Yum! Yum!
  6. Larila

    Queen of Spades

    This one going on wasn't dark on me at all. I smelled a little of the blackbery and that was it beside te lightness about it. 20 minutes later i could smell the blackberry and there was a sweet tone about it. Also the amber,myrrh and in the background the pear blossom with a tip of spice. My skin was loving this very much and the lasting power was outstanding. I like the king and the queen equally, love it.
  7. Larila

    King of Spades

    At first going on i wasn't picking out any one notes except for the blackberry and it had a tartness feel about it, and it was a little on the strong side. After 40 minutes the mellowing started and the tartness went away, i began to smell a few other notes the plum,blackberry and a wood smell with bit of sweetness and vanilla and in the back was the musk. This one ageed with my skin and it has some of my favorites notes aswell, i love it and i need a bigger bottle (gallon) of this one also, plus it lasted awhile.
  8. Larila

    Mabon 2004

    Going on i was having misgivening about this oil,it was somewhat a loud wine smell to me. As the time went on well into 30 minutes, i could smell blackberries also and it was calmer. It was 1 hour later still smelling the blackberry wine and a faint sweet smell not sure what that might be, i was liking that smell a lot, i also smell was oak bark next was the sage and in the background was the apple blossom with just a little tip greeness, it might be the English Ivy. And going into 4 hours still smelling, it had mellowed just a bit, i was getting whiffs! on me it was smelling so good, i really need a gallon of it and it had great staying power.
  9. Larila

    Follow Me Boy

    This scent to me is sexy, i really enjoyed wearing it and i could not stop sniffing, i liked it from wet to dry, i smelled lemons, usually i don't like lemon scents and there was a light sweetness, a creamy butterey with a hint of some kind of nut,i like this because the lemon note to me wasn't in your face, now i wished that i've gotten a bigger bottle.
  10. Larila


    When i applied this scent i didn't like at all, i thought i was in for it with getting a bigger bottle unsniffed, wet it was a lingering loud scent that was blended, i could not make a single note. after about 30 minutes or so it mellowed and i could smell orchid first and the frankincense and the musk with the lavender way in the back, didn't smell the rose,i like this one and it lasted about between 5and 8hours, i'm happy with my bigger bottle purchase.
  11. Larila


    This scent to me is a yummy! i like violets anyway and lavender as well and white musk you can not go wrong, i'm not a vetiver person, i didn't like it wet it it had a strongness to it. within 20 minutes it mellowed out a great deal smelling mostly the violets and white musk and the vetiver, those combinations together is fantastic, didn't smell the lavender at all though, i was still pleased with the results, you will have to reapply, i've gotten a bigger bottle unsniffed.
  12. Larila


    This scent of heliotrope is very lovely, after appying this scent it had a somewhat high pitch feel about it with a lingering sweetness in the back ground, in 15 minutes it became lighter and a dab of sweetness and slightly powderey, it's very light, had to reapply not a problem, my first time ever smelling heliotrope, i love it.
  13. Hello glampyre, what your going thru that is so not right, my soothing scents are at the moments anyways are,marie and le serpent qui danse i highly reccomend those two scent,no their not going to put you to sleep, you will have this awesome feeling, i hope everything works out for you on your job.
  14. Larila

    Dilution and Carrier Oils

    All that iformation is great to know and also isn't it true that out of all the oil that jojoba oil is more like your skin then the others, I wander if a perfume oil was breaking you out could you dilute it with jojoba oil for that very reason.
  15. Larila

    Rain Scents

    Thinkng about It, was two that came to my mind and I agree with tart about lampades now that's one and the other one is neo-tokyo maybe I'm going with what these scents does for me, that they make me happy and a feeling of warmth.