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BPAL Madness!

Dried Strawberries, Red Musk & Bourbon Vanilla

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I love this. If you enjoyed The Instructional Manual, you will enjoy this. Great waft and staying power. I was excited to see this and am glad to have a bottle.

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Here's my hot take:   In the bottle: I'm actually getting crushed fresh strawberries rather than dry. Very tight in the bottle. On, wet: Immediately springs to life in a burst of fresh and dried strawberry, with a hint of some kind of creamy wood note. Drydown: The red musk in this is more of a dry, sophisticated, powdery red musk as opposed to a *grunt grunt me make sexytime now on mammoth hide grunt* red musk. The overall effect is a dry, floral, strawberry incense/strawberry dusting powder thing.  Would be awesome layered with something else with red musk or other deep, dirty scent.


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