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    I love amber and vanilla, and my skin does too. I also enjoy myrrh, opoponax, dirt notes, fruit/berries, citrus (though lemon can be iffy), grassy nonfloral notes, petrichor, incense, pastry gourmands. I'm mostly indifferent to patchouli (because my skin just devours it), vetiver, champagne, cinnamon, non-almond nuts, tea (but it depends on the blend) I can do VERY sparingly: violet, lavender, balsam. DO NOT GIVE ME: almond, narcissus, rose, cedar, wine, blood musk. I amp the first two nauseatingly and the last two go rancid on me.


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  1. Juliamon

    Psalm 146:9

    I let my decant sit for a few weeks and the cacao separated out. Try as I might I couldn't get it to mix back in, it's stuck to the vial in little globules, so that may have affected my experience. But it's worth mentioning because it may be why not everyone is picking up on the cacao note--it may be stuck to the bottom of your bottle! Because I scraped at the cacao globs with the applicator wand this opened very chocolate-forward, with rich labdanum intertwined and a distant dusty vetiver. The vetiver pulls forward as the cocoa pulls back, but never enough to make this a "vetiver scent" and honestly it gives me kind of an orris vibe here as it's more powdery than smoky. I never really get a distinct vanilla, which is very odd considering my skin's penchant for amping it wildly. I'm on the fence about keeping the decant, as I don't really have the patience to stir and scrape every time I want to wear it. It's in the same family as Boomslang but with a more resinous presence, so if you're a Boomslang fan but want something less prone to skin-staining you should definitely give this a try!
  2. Juliamon

    Jazz Funeral

    This one has never been on my radar due to multiple mentions of florals in the description, but I've been getting a lot of fruity-floral samples from various houses lately and getting along reasonably well with most of them, so when this showed up as a frimp with my TLU bottles I actually got a bit excited! None of the booze shows up on me, nor does the moss really have much presence; it's all sweet dirt and clean, fruity florals. It dries down less fruity and a bit more floral, but not so much that I feel the need to scrub. It's gone entirely after a couple hours anyway (though the current heat wave may be affecting it) so it's not a big deal. The dirt note is what really makes this move from "meh, swap" to "oh, this'll be nice for special occasions!" BPAL's dirt note is absolutely my favorite of any house, it makes everything better IMO, and in this case adds a sophisticated edge to the otherwise-generic florals. Tucking the imp away for the next time I'm going somewhere where I need to make a good first impression. Thanks, labbies!
  3. Juliamon

    The Butterfly

    In the bottle: lots of petitgrain and some bergamot. Gives off a masculine vibe. On my skin, my first reaction is that this is a very "BPAL" scent. Upon asking myself "okay Julia but what does that even MEAN" I think it's that there's a good mix of resins and other elements that are exactly the sort of BPAL blends I usually gravitate towards. So of course it's gonna smell like a BPAL box to me! What makes this one stand out, though, is the use of tonka in place of the usual vanilla. My wrists amp vanilla and it often absolutely dominates a scent for me, especially in amber blends as BPAL's amber struggles on my skin already. Tonka, however? It behaves well, offering a vanillic buttery sweetness without suffocating the other notes. It also is remarkably fuzzy, bordering on musky. The bergamot comes out a bit more to add a nice zestiness. As a whole it's actually very gender-neutral. Very zingy and loud at first though, better suited to someone more extroverted than me unfortunately, even though it dries down to a lovely soft amber. It breaks my heart but I may need to pass this one along. Maybe I'll save a decant though...
  4. Juliamon

    The Lilac Wood

    In the bottle: Lilacs and rain-soaked plants. On my skin the plants dry off, keeping this from being an aquatic. They're still fresh, juicy, vibrant greenery though, a little bit spicy. If there are trees in here they are young and mostly leaf, if you're hoping for woodiness it's not to be found.. The lilacs (and I'm pretty sure there's another floral in there, but the lilacs are far and away the dominant one) are gorgeous and just bloomed, and they dance back and forth with the greens taking turns in the throw. There is magic afoot in this blend! Alas, even with slathering it barely lasts a couple of hours on me, but it's wooooorth it.
  5. Juliamon

    All Hallows Chaos: Samhain

    Grabbed a leftover Ajevie decant of #35 and then... uh, forgot about it. I mean, "aged" it. Unlike the previous reviewer I only get the slightest hint of mint, as though the Samhain spices took the last handful of months to really intensify. Especially the nutmeg. There is WAY more nutmeg in here than normal Samhain. I'm not sure I'm digging it.
  6. Juliamon

    Snake's Tongue

    I foolishly forgot to test my decant of this until it was too late to upgrade to a full bottle, because this may very well be my new favorite SO blend. There's a wonderfully smooth resinous streak right up front, with the tobacco having a tinge of caramel sweetness. The oak and oakmoss are both hidden beneath, not making a big deal of themselves but still definitely there when you look for them. There seems to be less vanilla than the traditional SO, which I think is to its benefit but could be a dealbreaker for some. The overall feel is much more sinuous, more subtle, more snakey than Snake Oil proper, and my overactive senses deeply appreciate it. I hope to see this make a return next year!
  7. Juliamon

    Right Atrium

    Opens with a blast of tea, but almost immediately calms down to be more cherry blossom-forward on me. Very bright... and yet the wood gives it a bit of a muted feel and keeps it from being too in-your-face floral. The amber surfaces later and helps balance it a bit better, but it seems like this has the tea note that my skin loves to gobble up. It is a REALLY pretty scent, but doesn't reach it's full potential on me. I'd like to see this wood note in more blends!
  8. Juliamon

    Elegant Vulvas

    Intensely floral honey! Just so much honey. Honey for daaaays. And that's even before I put it on my honey-amping skin! The amber comes out a bit once dry and I get that nutty note some others have smelled, but the wildflower honey dominates the entire time. This is very much like O on me but way more interesting.
  9. Juliamon


    I was hyped for this because of the wheat but unfortunately it let me down by being overly spiced. This is in the same vein as Sweet Potato Musk on me, but much more heavy on the nutmeg and ginger. If SPM is a bowl of homemade oatmeal, Frumenty is the "cinnamon & spice" store-brand Cream of Wheat. The cream note is just barely noticeable. If you like a lot of spices in your breakfast this could be a really good one, but as someone who doesn't I'm gonna have to pass this one along.
  10. Juliamon

    Alleviate the Frenzy

    On me, this is almost entirely sugar with some amber thrown in and a little bit of musk. Without looking at the notes I would not have guessed there was anything peachy at all in here. The amber is a nice one that reminds me of the crumbly solid stuff that my mom had in a fancy little wooden box and I'd sneak into her room to sniff when I was young. It's very much a skin scent for me, but it's so sugary I'd probably get nauseous if it had any more throw than it does. I ultimately prefer Imp but I will hold onto my decant of this, I wish Imp had this amber in it!
  11. Was gifted an empty of this, with a little bit left in the bottom. Opened it to sniff, fumbled the cap and got some on my hand, just a tiny bit. This is some potent stuff, that drop lasted half the day! On me this is primarily sugared champaca, no sign of the dead leaves or chestnuts. It's a very rich, cozy floral incense. If I didn't already have several champaca scents in my collection I'd be on the lookout for a bottle with more in it!
  12. Juliamon

    Peep Show Hair Gloss

    Something about the honey note in this hits my nose in a very floral way, and I can't help but draw comparisons to Lush's Yummy Mummy scent. Sweet and friendly! I'm a little disappointed the vetiver doesn't show up for me as it's a tad TOO sweet for me to use frequently. Still very nice though.
  13. Juliamon

    Informal Tea Hair Gloss

    I feel bad that Informal Tea has so few reviews, but it's because of its very nature: there's not a whole lot to say about it. It's exactly what it says on the tin, a light and cheery tea with the barest hint of something else. Like green tea fragrances? Get this. End of story.
  14. Juliamon

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    I've never had a sufganiyot before (I honestly didn't even know they existed before BPAL as we're not the most 'traditional' Jewish family, and my mom can't have gluten anyway so Chanukah's been latkes-only here for a long time) but BPAL's Suf perfumes seem pretty sought-after so I picked up a leftover decant on a whim. I don't really have anything predominantly blueberry yet anyway, so why not, right? I can vaguely smell something pastry-adjacent in the imp, but it vanishes the moment it hits my skin in favor of BLURPLE. Whenever I buy titanium jewelry I tend to go for the anodized 'blurple' color, not quite blue but not pure purple either. This scent is that color perfumified, and it's LOUD. Super sweet, super fruity, super sticky jam, rich and syrupy. I want to top some pancakes with it. Maybe just lick my arm... no, let's not do that. I've learned my lesson already. And yet, for as tasty as it smells, it's still fairly single-note and not something I see myself wanting to wear often. I don't really want people thinking I spilled jam on myself. The intensity drops off dramatically after an hour, then lingers for a good long time. Might be worth picking up a decant of one of the pancake scents to layer this with...
  15. Juliamon

    Ancient Junk

    BPAL's beeswax and honey notes have a tendency to go horrible on me, but I opted to give this one a shot anyway as I've been craving a good teakwood blend lately for some reason. Happily the beeswax rosin behaves nicely here, blending well with the myrrh to lend a musky incensey sweetness. But the real star here is the woods, of course! They're old and dusty, well-worn by time and use, tinged with salt. I get the impression of pews from an old beachside church, reclaimed by the ocean, washed back ashore and carved into some sort of religious symbol to be sold to raise funds so the locals can restore the church to its former glory. I don't know how often I would wear this as it's pretty intense wood and feels a bit more masculine than I typically go, but it's hitting my sweet spot right now.