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    I love amber and vanilla, and my skin does too.I also enjoy myrrh, opoponax, dirt notes, fruit/berries, citrus (though lemon can be iffy), grassy nonfloral notes, petrichor, incense, pastry gourmands.I'm mostly indifferent to patchouli (because my skin just devours it), vetiver, champagne, cinnamon, non-almond nuts, tea (but it depends on the blend)I can do VERY sparingly: violet, lavender, balsam.DO NOT GIVE ME: almond, narcissus, rose, cedar, wine, blood musk. I amp the first two nauseatingly and the last two go rancid on me.


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  1. Juliamon

    Howling in Vain

    Somehow misplaced my decant of this and just found it last night, decided to give it a go without looking up the notes first. My initial reaction: "nutty and fuzzy." That rice note is VERY nutty, in a good way! The amber fur is understated at first, but overnight it really melded with the champaca in a gorgeous way that has me catching whiffs of delicious incense now and again. I get confused every time until I remember "Oh! It's my hair!" Really glad I found it before it was too late to FS it!
  2. Juliamon

    It Was Just a Cat

    I initially was going to FS this smell-unsniffed because the notes were so appealing to me, but something held me back. And true enough to instinct, there's something about this that's not working for me. It's far sweeter than I expected, with the fuzzy discomfort in my nose that I get from honey accords, and it overwhelms the resins and makes me a bit nauseous from how cloying it is. Glad everyone else is loving it, but I'll stick with Inside the Golden Amber of Her Eyeballs.
  3. Juliamon


    Whoo boy, that's some dryer sheets, baby! With a twist of citrus, maybe my nemesis lemon peel. After giving it a few minutes to dry down, the sea salt seems to have surfaced and helped tame the zingy aquatic into something more authentically beachy. And REALLY good. I'm loving what the musks are doing in the background and I swear I can taste the brine in the back of my throat. My head is still reeling from the opening blast though, so this is one I'll need to admire from afar.
  4. Juliamon

    Possessed Teen

    I'm not sure if my skin's eating the ash and incense notes or if this just needs a loooong time to age, but this is straight-up a 'freshly washed' scent and nothing else. I agree this is more shampoo-like, reminds me of Pantene I think? One of those shampoos you can get at the supermarket that's a step above the bargain fruit-scented stuff but not 'premium' like OGX.
  5. Juliamon

    Civil Twilight

    This is a peak summer evening before the cool of night has set in. It's still warm, your hands are sticky from the overripe peach you had for dessert, faint florals hovering around with no breeze to move them. Primarily peach in the decant, the honeysuckle (and maybe a bit of the lemon blossom, but mostly just honeysuckle) show up a little louder on my skin. It reminds me a lot of Imp, especially in the level of sweetness, and worth a try if Imp's patchouli scared you off.
  6. Juliamon

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    I didn't touch my decant until this week because of how those early reviews read! So I don't know what fresh hell I might have smelled back then, but right now it smells like fresh Snake Oil with just enough fried dough to be noticeable but not enough for it to go plastic on me. The churro-spice aspect is also way dialed down and I don't get any of the caramel or syrup that I hated in PSIYH: it's just the dough in here! It's definitely worth a try if you're looking for a new gourmand SO blend, though it's absolutely fresh SO with all the caveats that accompany it. Only time will tell if it ages nicely, I know some SO blends age differently.
  7. My experience echoed the previous review almost exactly: very strongly sweet strawberry like any number of strawberry-scented toys of the 90s drowning out the rest as it opens, but the red musk pushes its way forward pretty quickly and unfortunately amps up the cloying nature of the strawberry. It gets worryingly close to migraine territory, but fades into a lovely slightly-sweet musky vanilla over time. That opening's just too scary for me to want to go through it again, but I can understand those who do as that drydown really is to die for! I'd probably FS a version with half as much strawberry.
  8. Juliamon

    Nautical Twilight

    It may be last in the list but eucalyptus is the first thing I smell in this, backed up by lilacs and just a touch of pomegranate. I don't get the orange peel or bergamot at all, so if citrus isn't your thing don't let it put you off this blend! It's a very pretty gentle herbal/floral scent with some soft resins supporting it. It feels a bit more mature than something I'd personally wear, maybe because it reminds me of some older metaphysically-inclined folks I've met in the past. This is a cold purple, dark but with a glimmer of warm light hiding just at the edge of your vision.
  9. Juliamon

    Please Scream Inside Your Heart

    I don't love gourmands generally, but I really was looking forward to this because dang, I miss fried dough! Unfortunately it ended up being a collision of things that put me off: "caramel" in the way that caramel notes in perfume always smell like rotten garbage to my nose rather than actual caramel, plasticky cinnamon-dusted fried dough, pancake syrup. I cried quietly in my heart. If this works for you I'm happy for you, and if it continues to be a series I will enjoy the labels, but the perfumes themselves can stay away from me.
  10. Juliamon

    Apostrophe of Time

    Something in this is going ever so slightly funky on me and it's got me VERY confused. All the notes are ones I'm familiar with and have never experienced this from (I almost always get along with neroli so I can't even blame it on the floral element) so I can only imagine it's an unlisted musk? If the rest of the scent was phenomenal I'd overlook it, but unfortunately it's just nice. A fizzy bergamot opening with a soft slightly-resinous drydown with maybe a hint of sage if I squint. Not worth the sweaty tang accompanying it.
  11. Juliamon

    Fruit Moon 2020

    This opens with a BIG punch of ripe banana that quickly gives way to a more candy-like banana courtesy of the sugar cane, with a bit of background fuzz from the tonka and guava and a touch of earthy fig. Amber slowly spreads into it, softening and smoothing the sweet notes. The ylang ylang is a minor enough player that it's not hitting me with a migraine, which is greatly appreciated as I'm liking this blend a LOT. It all melds together to become something indistinct yet warm and sunny, holding just enough banana to make it unique among the fruit fragrances in my collection. Low throw, so people won't be looking around wondering where the overripe banana is hiding.
  12. Juliamon

    Pineapple, White Musk & Blackcurrant

    Every time I open the vial my brain yells "ACETONE" before I can remind it that no, that's pineapple. Fortunately it's more well-behaved on my skin, smelling more accurate to the fruit and buoyed by the white musk. But then the currant shows up, and things go from 'juicy flirty perfume' to 'tropical B&BW Wallflower air freshener' where it's suddenly simultaneously too sweet and also too sharp and aggressive. How rude! But to be fair to it, I don't have a great track record with blackcurrant in particular, so it's probably just me. The white musk is probably my favorite part of this blend, much to my surprise.
  13. Juliamon

    Vanilla, Champaca & Gardenia

    I picked up a decant of this because I wasn't sure if I knew what gardenia smelled like but I did know I enjoy both vanilla and champaca. And it turns out: I don't hate it, but combined with the champaca it's too much powder for me. I would certainly smile if I smelled someone wearing this though! It's very pretty.
  14. Juliamon

    Fragment 38

    Like the first review, my gut reaction was "home goods store" but more specifically the kind that carry candles in seasonal scents like "Getaway Beach House" and "Cozy Holiday Spice" year-round and stocked in various spots throughout the store so that they intermingle with each other and saturate everything else. Fresh and breezy, but also woody and warmly spiced at the same time. The kind of scent I always enjoy when I'm in those kinds of stores, but never actually seek out because I walk out of those stores with the beginnings of a migraine from it. So it is happening here as well. An acquaintance of mine actually has a term for this type of scent, she calls it "hot man and the sea." Scent interpretations of a devastatingly hot guy standing with you on a sunset beach as the waves lick at your feet, like a romance novel cover. That's this. I love it, but it's a one-sided love. Wish I lived with someone who'd get along better with it, so I could just catch occasional whiffs!
  15. Juliamon


    This is one of those situations where, if I were still a complete and total perfume newbie, I would gush over how perfect Sin is. Everything blends together so well, it's all notes I enjoy (well, I mostly tolerate cinnamon because it's just awful when used heavy-handed in a blend), it's present without absolutely suffocating me, it has that BPAL vibe I love. But a couple years down the line, I'm finding it a little bit lacking. The cinnamon is at the perfect level, but it's not really enough to make me pick it over any number of other sandalwood/amber/patchouli fragrances I've amassed. Still, I appreciate its lightness where most would wish for more strength and will hold onto my imp for occasions where I might be craving something simple and reliable. Or maybe to give to someone just getting into BPAL, if they already know they like patchouli. I regret waiting as long as I did to give it a go, and now I'm curious to try the variants that are out there!