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    I love amber and vanilla, and my skin does too. I also enjoy myrrh, opoponax, dirt notes, fruit/berries, citrus (though lemon can be iffy), grassy nonfloral notes, petrichor, incense, pastry gourmands. I'm mostly indifferent to patchouli (because my skin just devours it), vetiver, champagne, cinnamon, non-almond nuts, tea (but it depends on the blend) I can do VERY sparingly: violet, lavender, balsam. DO NOT GIVE ME: almond, narcissus, rose, cedar, wine, blood musk. I amp the first two nauseatingly and the last two go rancid on me.


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  1. Was gifted an empty of this, with a little bit left in the bottom. Opened it to sniff, fumbled the cap and got some on my hand, just a tiny bit. This is some potent stuff, that drop lasted half the day! On me this is primarily sugared champaca, no sign of the dead leaves or chestnuts. It's a very rich, cozy floral incense. If I didn't already have several champaca scents in my collection I'd be on the lookout for a bottle with more in it!
  2. Juliamon

    Peep Show Hair Gloss

    Something about the honey note in this hits my nose in a very floral way, and I can't help but draw comparisons to Lush's Yummy Mummy scent. Sweet and friendly! I'm a little disappointed the vetiver doesn't show up for me as it's a tad TOO sweet for me to use frequently. Still very nice though.
  3. Juliamon

    Informal Tea Hair Gloss

    I feel bad that Informal Tea has so few reviews, but it's because of its very nature: there's not a whole lot to say about it. It's exactly what it says on the tin, a light and cheery tea with the barest hint of something else. Like green tea fragrances? Get this. End of story.
  4. Juliamon

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    I've never had a sufganiyot before (I honestly didn't even know they existed before BPAL as we're not the most 'traditional' Jewish family, and my mom can't have gluten anyway so Chanukah's been latkes-only here for a long time) but BPAL's Suf perfumes seem pretty sought-after so I picked up a leftover decant on a whim. I don't really have anything predominantly blueberry yet anyway, so why not, right? I can vaguely smell something pastry-adjacent in the imp, but it vanishes the moment it hits my skin in favor of BLURPLE. Whenever I buy titanium jewelry I tend to go for the anodized 'blurple' color, not quite blue but not pure purple either. This scent is that color perfumified, and it's LOUD. Super sweet, super fruity, super sticky jam, rich and syrupy. I want to top some pancakes with it. Maybe just lick my arm... no, let's not do that. I've learned my lesson already. And yet, for as tasty as it smells, it's still fairly single-note and not something I see myself wanting to wear often. I don't really want people thinking I spilled jam on myself. The intensity drops off dramatically after an hour, then lingers for a good long time. Might be worth picking up a decant of one of the pancake scents to layer this with...
  5. Juliamon

    Ancient Junk

    BPAL's beeswax and honey notes have a tendency to go horrible on me, but I opted to give this one a shot anyway as I've been craving a good teakwood blend lately for some reason. Happily the beeswax rosin behaves nicely here, blending well with the myrrh to lend a musky incensey sweetness. But the real star here is the woods, of course! They're old and dusty, well-worn by time and use, tinged with salt. I get the impression of pews from an old beachside church, reclaimed by the ocean, washed back ashore and carved into some sort of religious symbol to be sold to raise funds so the locals can restore the church to its former glory. I don't know how often I would wear this as it's pretty intense wood and feels a bit more masculine than I typically go, but it's hitting my sweet spot right now.
  6. Juliamon

    Mischievous Cat Hair Gloss

    On my hair this opens with a powdery blast of ambers with a biiig scoop of peach ice cream to sweeten them up. Quickly though, it fades to almost a single-note white amber with a touch of sandalwood. Not bad by any means, but... I was really hoping for that peach to stick around, or for the cardamom to show up at all. I would like to note that my decant absolutely refused to stay mixed for more than a second so that may be affecting it; however, as I already have a fruity amber HG that I love (Golden Apple/Sandalwood/Amber) I don't think I can justify a full bottle of this to see if it's just a decanting issue. If I didn't have that, though, I definitely would grab this. It may not have complexity on me but there's nothing wrong with a good white amber and it is quite yummy.
  7. Juliamon


    I didn't expect this blend to be as delicate as it is! The hint of clove adds a spice to the frankincense that gives it an almost floral touch, and the vanilla is a very gentle one that my skin somehow cannot amp (perhaps the sandalwood restrains it). The rice milk is only present in the throw at first, but with time it becomes more present as the clove backs away. It's overall too dainty for me, but I wouldn't mind smelling it on someone else.
  8. Juliamon

    Echo Azure

    This is, in general, an incredible lilac scent, possibly the closest to a perfect lilac as you will get from BPAL. It goes on fairly aggressive as the blackberries and lilacs try to figure each other out, but dries down to an unexpectedly delicate scent with the lilacs being gently supported by the blackberries on the bush. On a personal level, unfortunately, I pick up that same air-freshener ozone that z_z did, and between that and the ever-so-slight tang of blackberry (BPAL's blackberry note definitely goes sour-stanky on me) it creates a really unfortunate and powerful scent memory for me involving a house so thoroughly skunked that I got sent home from my job because my coat (which had been in a closet and was untouched by any skunk spray, mind you) was making the locker room unbearable, and required a short impromptu vacation and the use of several bottles of Febreze over the next month. So... this is a pass for me. But I'll be having other family members give it a try and see if they have the same reaction.
  9. Juliamon

    Chaos Theory VI - Amber Series

    #62 I was so worried this would have some sort of obnoxious white floral, but I hit the jackpot instead! Amber with nag champa and some wood that I can't personally identify (it's different than how BPAL's sandalwoods usually wear on me). Rich, incensey, woody, warm. Excellent longevity, moderate throw. You will pry this bottle from my cold dead hands.
  10. Juliamon


    A popular holy day beverage in 18th century Ireland: roasted apples mashed into warmed milk and ale, with nutmeg, sugar, ginger, and clove.  2018 version. This set a new speed record for migraine-triggering. I barely had time to put the cap back on the imp before it literally sent me reeling like I'd walked past a Yankee Candle shop. The scent itself is nice (if a bit cheap-candle at first) but my head is having none of it. I think it's the apple's fault, so I guess I'll stick to Samhain with its lower ratio of apple.
  11. Juliamon

    Inside the Golden Amber of Her Eyeballs

    To me, this is a shining example of everything I adore in a BPAL. Rich incensey resins up front, a sharp bite of ti leaf, a hint of tangy musk like when you bury your nose in your cat's fur, and a soft fuzzy quality enveloping the whole thing in a way that's more than the sum of its parts. This is a pet cat perfume through and through, soft and warm and clinging close to the skin.
  12. Juliamon

    When All Colors to Black Are Cast

    I don't know if this is just one that's going to need a long, long time to age into something wearable, or if it's just doomed from the start. I almost blind-bottled this based on the notes, it reads like a list of all my favorite things... and yet, somehow they all combine to smell exactly like the girls' locker room in high school. Overly fruity drug-store body spray and chemical-laden hair products trying in vain to cover up the funk of adolescent bodies that don't have time to shower off the sweat because you only have 5 minutes to get to your next class. I wonder if, like Lucchesa, BPAL's blackberries just don't like me. I should have learned from Bewitched. Too lazy to scrub it off, it had a low throw and lasted an average amount of time.
  13. Juliamon

    The She-Goat

    Picked up a decant of this because the name, photo, and notes reminded me of the nice couple who bought our barn-camp in Vermont and keep a pair of guard-goats (it's rural enough that they do a good enough job). We didn't get to visit them this year so I figured this would help ease the heartache. Something in here is amping violently on me, either the sage or the juniper (possibly both). It's a real shame because otherwise this a wonderfully herbal, grassy scent that's almost nostalgic. Like, it's the exact scent of overgrown grasses drying out and cooking against the underside of a car that just spent a couple hours on the road. It has fantastic longevity, smells best after whatever's amping has had a few hours to burn off and settle down, and I can still pick up traces of dry sweet warmth on my skin a full 24 hours after applying. It temps me to upgrade to a full bottle despite the almost-medicinal blast of the first couple hours. It tempts me to scent a scarf or flannel shirt with it for extra coziness. But it is too cold and snowy here for me to want to wear it right now, it's very much an early spring/late summer scent and doesn't feel right to be smelling right now. I can see this one becoming quite sought-after in the future!
  14. Juliamon

    Golden Apple, Golden Sandalwood, and Amber Hair Gloss

    On my hair (and on me, because I couldn't resist using it as a body mist after my shower) this is also very apple-forward, with just a hint of the sandalwood and amber to smooth out what might otherwise be a very acidic apple. It's a very bright and golden scent indeed, suitable for all the way through fall AND winter. I agree that this would probably layer wonderfully with a number of Weenies! Longevity seems a little weaker than other HGs I've tried, but I did just have my hair recolored less than a week ago and it might be interfering with how well the scent holds. My sister saw the bottle in the bathroom and decided to give it a try as well, as she loves apple scents. Now, the two of us have wildly differing tastes in perfume (she prefers florals whereas I'm more about resin/incense), and her nose unfortunately didn't enjoy it at all; she described it as "musty grandparents' attic" with the amber and sandalwood up front and the apple going rotten in the back. Just thought it would be fair to share a second opinion because I was amused how differently two people could experience the same bottle.
  15. Juliamon

    Snake Oil in the Pumpkin Patch

    Aging seems to have treated this decant well. There's no back-and-forth between the Snake Oil and the pumpkin, it's one seamless blend of buttery, spicy, sweet pumpkin Snake Oil. It's a bit more powdery than Snake Oil usually is, but I don't know if that's me or the scent association I get from this that brings me back to my grandparents' apartment, baked goods and old-fashioned cosmetics and the Tabu perfume that was my nana's signature scent. There's less vanilla in here than with regular Snake Oil, probably because the pumpkin does the job just as well. Very yummy and long-lasting, a decant I will treasure.