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BPAL Madness!

White Larry

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By popular demand, as well as the urgency of the cause (funding the Humane Society of Ventura County's wildfire rescue efforts) we have decided to make our WHITE LARRY perfume available to one and all. 


Featuring art by Drew Rausch, this blend was inspired by jokes about an apocryphal relative of Black Phillip's -- an embarrassing, not-quite-Satanic cousin. "Every family has got one; that one relative that just isn’t quite diabolical enough, the one that makes Sabbats just kinda awkward."


His scent? Goat’s milk, buttermilk, and butter. Lots of butter.


[Please note: this perfume is not vegan, as it contains butter CO2 extract.]


Thanks to one and all who share and support this fundraiser! May the blank, completely non-threatening gaze of White Larry look kindly upon you.


In The Bottle: Mostly I'm getting the softness of the buttermilk, which is nice to have out in front. There's usually a bit of a 'tang' to the goats milk note, and I'm not getting any of that, nor do I smell butter at this stage.

Wet On Skin: The butter is starting to peek out but honestly, this is still mostly buttermilk. It's slightly sweet without being foodie, and that "soft" aspect remains.

Dry Down: The goats milk finally shows up, but it much much more faint than I'm used to experiencing with this note. It's definitely in a supportive role. The butter is now co-host with the buttermilk making this a lovely skin scent for all ages.

In All: This is comforting and yummy without being overbearing. Low throw and a good 'gateway' scent for those that are normally wary of foodie or gourmand scents. As a butter note fan, I am especially excited to see how this ages!

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In the bottle: Movie theater butter-flavored oil.


Wet on me: Movie theater butter-flavored oil and a little chalky-yellow buttermilk.


Dry on me: Movie theater butter-flavored oil.



Good cause. Wanted goat's milk from this, though.

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I mainly got a buttery sweetened condensed milk. But instead of cow milk, they used goat milk. So yeah, butter sweetened condensed goat milk. Great throw.

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Bottle fresh from the Lab.


i got this partly for the cause, and partly because I wanted to clearly smell the Lab's milk and butter notes. I have several oils that include them, but when mixed with other notes I am never certain whether I am really picking up the milk or butter note, or just imagining it because I'm trying too hard.  So this is my chance to find out.


i don't know what goat milk smells or tastes like even though my sister owns a goat dairy,.  I can't get enough of her many kinds of  wonderful artisanal cheese.  And goat milk makes the best fudge ever.  But I've never drank the milk straight.  I'm guessing it is fairly similar to cow's milk.


In the bottle:  I notice sour milk, butter, and buttermilk;  in that order.  I'm not at all sure I like this.  But I'm fascinated by it and can't stop sniffing.  I think it is the realism and uniqueness that interest me so much.  It reminds me of the smell of very young babies.  And how I had to wear old clothes when my kids were babies because my clothes were always quickly stained and stinking of soured milk.  Not my favorite part of being a new mother.  This is going to be interesting.


On me, wet:  All butter at first, yep, movie theater popcorn oil.  That's a big improvement over sour milk, though!  

But that lasts less than a minute, before it turns into sour milk.  It's nicer on my skin, though, sweeter and lighter.  More like sour cream or buttermilk and less like baby spit-up.


At 5 minutes: Now it's the same less-pleasant soured milk that I smelled in the bottle.  I'm trying to keep thinking sour cream and buttermilk, but having birthed four children I can't overcome the association with leaky boobs and baby spit-up.


At 10 minutes:  Same as above.


At 20 minutes:  It has already lightened up noticeably, which is probably why it has reverted back to the sweeter, lighter scent it had at two to four minutes. Not bad, really, even kinda pleasant.  Like the clean, milky smell of a newborn baby.  Although I still don't think I'd want to smell like this in public.


At 30 minutes:  Same as above.  This would be great to pair with a baby powder fragrance, especially for someone feeling nostalgic for when their children were babies.  Or for an expectant mother to wear in anticipation!


At one hour:  The same scent, but lighter.


At 9 hours:  Wow, this perfume oil has managed to really surprise me in a couple of different ways, this late in the game! Given how faded it was at one hour, I am surprised to find that the oil still has a distinct presence. And the sourness has continued to lighten up since then, and now is completely gone. It leaves a gentle, sweet milk fragrance that is just lovely.  This must be the goat's milk without the buttermilk.  (Or the butter either, but that has been gone since the first couple of minutes.) It's still a little too foody for me to wear in public, but at this point I'd be much less reluctant to go out if I had to. The goat's milk note isn't as incredibly realistic as the buttermilk was, but it is definitely milk, now a cool and very fresh milk that no longer evokes any unpleasant associations for me. 


Predominant Note:  Buttermilk


Character: Slightly soured milk, mild, foody


3 out of 6 stars.  (4 stars in late drydown)

I can totally see why many people would find this mild, innocent kind of fragrance lovely, soothing and comforting.  At the end stage, I do too. I'll never wear it in public, but it is too interesting, unique, and startlingly realistic to get rid of. I'll keep it for sniffing or wearing around the house just for fun.


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I wanted White Larry to support the cause, because it features goat milk, and because of THAT LABEL.

And either the scent is far more pleasant than it sounds, or I just happen to be one of the lucky ones.

Even so, I am not sure White Larry is for me.

In the bottle and on my skin, White Larry is mostly about the tangy buttermilk and butter. I don't get the movie theater butter popcorn flavored oil on my skin, fortunately, although I did think of that from the scent in the bottle after it first arrived. At one point, it did kind of smell like I rubbed a stick of butter on my arm, but that was short-lived. There's something in this that kind of makes me think of Pumpkin Dust, which I did not like, but I am not sure what, since they don't share any common notes. The goat's milk is light on me and doesn't show up until after several hours of wear.

While it was not BUTTERGEDDON on me, I just don't think I'd be likely to reach for this one.

I am happy to have supported the cause, though! :)

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Starts out VERY strong with condensed milk - extremely reminiscent of the first stages of Ghost Faced Bat. About five minutes later it suddenly softens and develops a powdery-soft edge, again very similar to Ghost Faced Bat. Honestly I can't exactly tell the difference between the two beyond White Larry being a bit buttery. I think I'd have to say I prefer White Larry just because it gets out of the stinky milk phase faster.


If you can deal with the condensed milk in the wet stage, this calms down into a very soft, powdery, skin-hugging scent which is lightly foodie. A nice bedtime scent.

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I know the notes aren’t the same, but this one totally reminds me of Stinky, from a few years back.  It’s got a clean, sweet skin vibe, like your own skin only better. It’s definitely sweeter than Stinky, but that’s OK.  I’m digging this, I kind of regret letting my Stinky go back in the day, so happy to have this imp.

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I agree with milo's review in that this smells quite similar to bpal's Stinky fragrance.  I no longer have a bottle of Stinky to directly compare, but it's the same 'white honey and baby powder' thing to my nose and memory.  A dry, powdery, lightly sweet honey that doesn't have the creaminess of milk or butter to my nose.  Honey and powder.  Sadly, I actually really wanted goat's milk and butter, and this doesn't remind me of either.

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