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  1. Permanent.Black.Ink.


    I liked this wet when the cinnamon was coming through strong in a Big Red way, but on dry down the honeysuckle and copal took it to a kind of indolic place, since there wasn't anything sharp, really, to balance it out. It just isn't a match for me, which is a shame because I love cinnamon and myrrh.
  2. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    Circe Invidiosa

    I got this one as a decant. In the vial, the pear is very dominant, and I get some undertones of the white florals. I had very high hopes; I don't have many pear- forward bpal. wet on skin, the pear gets eaten up by salt and moss drying down the white florals are coming back around...what a walk this takes me on. It's a soft one, very low throw although it will hang tight through the day, sweet and subtle. This one has been fun to follow as an imp but I'm unlikely to invest in a full bottle; it's a very low throw and ends up being pretty generic white florals.
  3. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns

    This one is truth in advertising-- it smells like home baked pumpkin spiced cinnamon buns in the bottle, wet on skin, on dry down. The notes link elbows and march together. Medium/ high throw, lasts 5 or 6 hours pretty strongly.
  4. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    Utter Sophistication

    In the bottle and wet on skin the popcorn was really forward, I found that it dried off in about 10 minutes and the vanilla & beeswax stick around with *just a bit* of snake oil lurking. If you have tried Snake's Kiss, I found this one to be quite similar but without the buttercream note. I don't get any lavender or wood from this.
  5. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    Jasmine Cottage

    I hunted this down as an imp because I wasn't convinced to blind bottle. It took me on a journey. In vial: seems astringent and green, which was pretty surprising. Wet on skin: passing hint of orange, wisteria & heather comes out pretty strong Dry on skin after about an hour: this one ended up going the route of most aquatics for me, which was really unexpected. After an hour or so it seems like dryer sheets.
  6. Permanent.Black.Ink.


    I love carnation and I keep trying with blends that list it, but I have to recognize that ambers do not work on me. Enough about me, though-- here's the thing; if you DO like amber(s), this will be a multi-layered and interesting scent that ultimately dries down to the apple blossom & carnation...so, a little spicy & dusty, a little floral, sweet, and I found the amber stuck to the end.
  7. Permanent.Black.Ink.


    I wasn't sure about this one based on the scent notes; I felt I like it was going to head in a direction soon after application that smelled like I had put on my grandad's Old Spice. I'm super glad I got an imp and decided to give it a try--the almond and clove working together with that sassafras to mellow things out is so alluring and unexpected. It's got a low throw and 6-8 hours of wear before it's pretty hard to read even with nose to skin.
  8. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    Fire of Love

    I'm seeing a lot of reviews referencing wood notes, and smokey notes, and I didn't get ANY of that. I tried an imp and it was a lovely little floral with some notes that were kind of hard to distinguish, maybe tea rose? Maybe hyssop? Might be important to note that I identify as Ace and take an SSRI, so may not be the target demo for this one.
  9. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    The Coiled Serpent

    I got this as an imp and tried it on my wrists, so maybe I am doing it wrong, but I got a raw, has no chill patchouli. Getting whiffs of myself as I was walking around it was nice as a deep note, but pretty overwhelming trying to sniff closer to the wrists.
  10. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    Cinnamon Chai Cupcake

    This goes through an interesting metamorphosis: In bottle: leans way into raw batter smell. I was pretty nervous about trying it; that's too much for me. Wet on skin: the batter smell dries off in the first 10 minutes and the cinnamon starts coming forward very strongly, but the throw is still pretty low. Dry on skin: After about an hour the chai and vanilla really develop and give this blend some medium throw, as well we interact with the cinnamon for a warmly blended gourmand. The wet batter smell has changed to an subtle, actual cupcake undertone. It's not one I'll reach for all the time, but it's definitely interesting.
  11. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    Spiced Rum Buttercream Coffee

    In the bottle: The buttercream is quite strong, with big coffee under it. Wet on skin: there's the booze. That's rum and coffee. On dry down: Ok, the rum dries off pretty quick, and the coffee tempers the cardamom and spices can come up. This reminds me of a yule--it's quite Christmas-y. The booziness goes away after 5-10 minutes, so don't worry about walking around smelling like there's something extra in your morning cuppa.
  12. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    Rose Quartz Bedroom

    Someone else said this is the essence of pink, and I would tend to agree. If some other rose blends are difficult for you to wear, this one is worth a try and may behave. Usually saffron can't help but make itself known when it's in a blend on my skin, (hello! it's me! it's saffron!) but in this case it was just staying in it's own lane. It's a well balance scent, but overall much closer (in my opinion) to many floral offerings out there from the big commercial houses and not the experience I come to BPAL for.
  13. Permanent.Black.Ink.


    If you pull for gourmands, this will be a solid addition to your collection. It 100% smells like a warm, nutty dessert drizzled in honey. I wish the Lab had released this as a candle or home fragrance because this is just the most warm, inviting blend, and I totally want my house to smell this way.
  14. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    This tracks hard into dish soap on short order, which I believe is the violet taking over. There's some vanilla that comes out around hour hour, but it's a real peripheral thing; kind of like trying to look at an eclipse.
  15. Permanent.Black.Ink.

    High-Strung Daisies

    Received as an aged imp. In vial: there's a bit of spice you usually get with most green scents, but it's toned down with creaminess. On skin, wet: this is baby soft, sweet, and a little floral. Dry on skin: The sugar is apparent, and the carnation gives just a tiny bit of spice. I get vanilla now--the most mellow gourmand leaning floral. It has zero throw on me; I gotta get my nose right on the skin to sort out what's going on.