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BPAL Madness!
Ina Garten Davita

Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

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If you like Philosophy Amazing Grace you'll love Veil or Le Serpent Qui Danse.


They blend famously together and always get the most wonderful compliments.

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My mom isn't sharing my enthusiasm with BPAL, so I'm trying to find some that are similar to her favorite perfumes: Realities and Cashmere Mist.


Someone recommended Black Pearl and Dana O'shee for Cashmere Mist in another thread, but those are not quite what I'm looking for. I didn't see any Realities threads. I ask for and welcome any suggestions for either scent.


Here are the descriptions:

Realities Perfume is classed as a revitalizing scent possessing rich floral notes. A sensual blend of rose, freesia, jasmine, lily, carnation, peach, bergamot, sage and chamomile is combined with warm tones of amber and vanilla.


CASHMERE MIST is classified as a refreshing, woody fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh floral jasmine, scents of sandalwood & vanilla.



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From doing some searches and recalling some I've tried:


For Cashmere Mist:


Tushnamatay is a nice warm sandalwoody blend to me.

If you like woody with flowers, Ulalume is so yummy and one of my top picks.

Velvet might be nice.

Queen Mab's another nice blend.

Ave Maria Gratia Plena

Arkham Revisited is a woody/floral blend.








Marquis de Merteuil



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Excellent suggestions, thanks. I will have to go through my imps and see what I have from those.


Any others, please leave a comment. :P

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-If you like Angel, try Xiuhlecuhtli.

-If you like Shalimar or Obsession, try Haunted (which is almost exactly like Shalimar).

-Gingerbread Poppet is very similar to Demeter’s Gingerbread.

-Yankee Candle’s Hazelnut coffee smells exactly the same as Gluttony.

-I can’t tell the difference between Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea and Embalming Fluid.

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Help! My mother loves Revlon's Charlie perfume--since trying BPAL, all I can smell is the nasty alcohol when she wears it, so not only do I not like it, I can't pick out the notes. What BPAL fragrance is similar to Charlie that I can try to convert her to?

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-I can’t tell the difference between Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea and Embalming Fluid.


Funny - for me the EA Green Tea dupe is Shanghai! Embalming Fluid is way harsh on my skin for some reason, but Shanghai is a dead ringer (I used to wear EA Green Tea for a couple of years in college. Can't wear Shanghai now because I don't revisit scents. Oh well.)


If you like Sudha Segara, you'll like Origins Ginger Essence.

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does anyone else have any ideas as far as oils that are close to the original realities by liz claiborne? it's been discontinued and it's my mom's signature perfume.

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If you like Cashmere Mist, try BPAL Morocco. It's not exactly like Cashmere Mist, but it's in the same family (creamy, warm, woodsy, skin-scent). Others to try would be Buck Moon or Coyote.


Sorry, I don't remember what Realities smells like.

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I like Le Must du Cartier....I like Snow White better. I think it's an improved version because it's minus the Windex part.

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This is totally helping me think of ways to pimp the BPAL! For some reason it's been hard to sell to people.


Me: I know how much you love Jo Malone products. I think you'll LOVE this scent - it reminds me of her - and your - style.

Victim: You want me to wear something called Embalming Fluid?!

Me: Okay, how about Sudha Segara - it's ginger & milk. Simple. Elegant. Totally Jo.

Victim: Why would I want to smell like a cigar?




Also, I don't think I posted this yet, but a while back I was searching for a scent similar to Issey Miyake's L'eau d'Issey. I found it - House of Mirrors!


(Sorry, tart. I know this isn't what you meant but I can't think of anything now.)

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if i like versace dreamer, what would i like?


also alexander mcqueen's my queen?




also, othello smells exactly like gaultier classique without that strong alcohol component. for this i am truly happy, and must acquire a bottle.


also the bow and crown of conquest smells very similar to mac mv3 (the one in the black bottle.) for this i am truly happy and a bottle is on the way to me :P

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just wanted to add my mental associations:

- If you like L'Occitane The Vert or The Vert Menthe, try Shanghai.

- If you like Elariia Gardenia, Pele smells almost identical to me.

- If you like Elariia Rosa di Maggio, try Peacock Queen. Peacock Queen is like this only stronger, and lasts better. No perfume in that line as far as I know.

- If you like Crabtree & Evelyn Evelyn Rose, Peacock Queen is like it, but better IMO, because Evelyn will give me a headache where Peacock Queen won't.

- If you like The Body Shop Tea Rose, try London.

- If you like Stella McCartney, try The Empress.

- If you like coconut lemongrass, try The Star.

- If you like honeydew, try The Unicorn.


I'd also like to pose some questions:

I if like Dior Addict and Addict 2, what should I try?

I if like Stella Sheer and Rose Absolu (don't like the regular Stella)


Just my opinions. :P

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It was recommended I ask this question in the vanilla forum or here with the retail perfume experts...


Has anyone tried Jill Stuart's "Vanilla Lust?" If so, are there any BPAL scents that smell similar?


Pardon my redundancy if you have seen this before. Last place I ask...I swear.



(feeling just SLIGHTLY obsessed with vanilla lately!)

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Hey guys! This is an awesome thread!


The Raven reminds me of a perfume that my Mom use to wear (& that's not a bad thing! I love The Raven!) when I was a kid....but I can't place it! Any ideas?



Also....if I absolutely ADORE Chanel 19, a good BPAL similarity might be......?

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My mother likes Clinique Happy, for years wore Anis Anis...and had this bottle of Chanel #5 for years, apparantly it's too expensive to use or something. I'm not sure I get that mentality, but whatevah.


I have done a quick scan through and haven't spotted these mentioned - so any ideas on Happy or similar?


My sister oft wears some Este Lauder scent, but she's a nurse so rarely wears any scent at all..and will be aeons getting through what she already has...but I might just have to make her a car smelly anyhoo.


edited to add: and apparently she also likes Calvin Klein's Euphoria...so not I'm looking for something that is akin to "Pomegrante, persimmons, green notes, black orchids, liquid amber, mahogany wood, black violet and champacca flower."

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If you like Dior "Hypnotic Poison," you might like Hamadryad

If you like Bill Blass "Nude," you might like Black Opal.

If you like Thierry Mugler "Angel," you might like Xiuhtecuhtli.

If you like BBW "Toasted Hazelnut," you might like Hymn to Proserpine.

If you like Demeter "Dirt," you might like Zombi.

If you like Lucky Chick "Mimosa, Jasmine, & Violet" products, you might like Yemeya.

If you like Aqualina "Pink Sugar," you might like Pink Moon.

If you like any of Jessica Simpson's "Dessert" products, you might like Eat Me, Drink Me, Monsterbait: Closet, Monsterbait: Underbed, Gluttony, or Beaver Moon.

If you like Sephora "Relaxing Blue," you might like House of Mirrors.

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I visited the Hotel Del Coronado down here in San Diego and found Kimono Rose in their spa shop. I adore it!! When I first apply it, it's a bit citrusy and *almost* soapy, but not quite. I don't dig citrusy as much. Once it dries and mellows, it's slightly powdery, with the florals coming out, and the vanilla really comes into play. I don't smell the rose nearly as much as the peony, and the jasmine is faint. I don't know what cassis or clementine smell like, so they might be there but I couldn't tell you. Alas, it doesn't last a very long time and it's not cheap. Any suggestions if anyone's tried it?



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