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  1. Digital_Hypoxia


    On me (and, to my nose, in the bottle) this smells exactly like Irish Soda Bread from Heaven & Earth Essentials (which smells not a dang bit like Irish soda bread). Sweet and sugar-fruity, like the pink glaze on doughnuts minus the doughnut, with a hint of orange cream. I've become less fond of gourmand scents in my old age - good grief it has been forever since I posted here - but am using this happily as a room scent.
  2. Digital_Hypoxia

    A Game Called Yes & No

    At first application and well after, this is all marzipan and booze. Not wine-y booze. Not spicy booze. Pure brandy booze. I do like it, but will take care not to wear it to work or at all during the day, lest passers by think I have a drinking problem.
  3. Digital_Hypoxia

    Großvater Tanz

    On me, this blend is all Nutella and spiced orange tea with an implausible bit of rosewood tossed in. Generally, my chemistry seems neutral (if such a thing is possible), but there is a definite, delightful, quirk between me and the oil here.
  4. Digital_Hypoxia


    Sweet Georgia Brown! This stuff is creamy coconut heaven. It’s just a bit tangy, a whole lot sweet, and makes me crave a Pina Coloda in the worst way possible. The initial blast of coconut dies down after about twenty minutes, but the oil holds on to the creamy sweetness. It reminds me quite a bit of Milk Moon; they seem like variations on a theme. I am very glad I bought a 5ml instead of an imp. I can see myself plowing right through this bottle.
  5. Digital_Hypoxia

    Peony Moon

    From the bottle forward, Peony Moon is a clean, bright floral. It reminds me very much of Dirty, which I love, but ever so slightly more feminine. I guess you could call it Dirty's older, prettier sister. The Peony note really dominates the blend for me, and its spot on enough to be almost indistinguishable from the blooms in my yard. I love it. I wish I'd bought more.
  6. Digital_Hypoxia

    Red Lantern

    Red Lantern, for me, was a case of falling in like...and then out...in the space of a few weeks. I love Amber. I love coconut. Both ended up overwhelmed by the other notes. It was sweet and astringent, but far too overpowering for me. It had amazing staying power (I must have the most innocuous chemistry--few scents morph on my skin) .
  7. Digital_Hypoxia


    Smut smelled exactly like Scherezade on me, from start to finish. This would have been awesome if Scherezade didn't remind me of a certain overindulgent night (and subsequent two day hangover). Kinda makes the boozy notes a funny sort of apt. I so wanted to keep it--just for the name alone
  8. Digital_Hypoxia

    Beaver Moon 2005

    Beaver Moon = Jello brand cheesecake mix in the box, before it's assembled into an actual dessert. It's creamy, milky, brown sugary, and has the slightest tinge of sour cream-ness. It made me absolutely ravenous both time I tried it. I'm dieting, so that was a BAD thing It's very, very foody--which is usually a great thing in my book. ...just not when I'm dieting
  9. Digital_Hypoxia

    Trick or Treat

    The gas station near my work had the most amazing pumpkin cappucino this fall. I never drank it, as sweet + creamy= heave to my taste buds, but the smell was amazing. Maple-y, sugary, pumpkiny, candy-y... Trick or Treat captures it perfectly. I found it too much to wear, but burned through a bottle (quite literally) as a home fragrance.
  10. Digital_Hypoxia

    Rose Red

    Have mercy... I'd read countless reviews extolling the rose-ness of this oil, but was ill prepared for the actuality of the stuff. Wow. If I managed to take all of the roses from my garden, and could capture the way their scent lingers on hot, humid summer nights, it would be this oil. The throw is amazing--I had to readjust my heavy handed application to counter it. It also lasts for hours without reapplying. I think it has surpassed Ophelia as my go to rose scent.
  11. Digital_Hypoxia

    Sugar Skull

    When I tried this last year, all I could smell was the sickly sweet tinge of maple syrup, a scent that summoned up a world of Sunday morning breakfasts after church. The 2005 version, however, is heaven. Sweet, dark, rich, and altogether amazing. Like burned sugar and vanilla liquor... It has good throw without overpowering, is sweet without being sickly, and mainatins just enough edge to avoid the dreaded girlie trap. I wish I'd bought more.
  12. Digital_Hypoxia

    Fruit Moon

    Fruit Moon is undeniably fruity, which for me, is usually a good thing. At first sniff, however, I realize that it smells entirely too much like Flower Moon (and therefore Mi Go Brain Canister) to ever go near my skin. Meh… My luck is taking a decided turn with the last few LE’s.
  13. Digital_Hypoxia

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Chaos Theory DCXLII / 642 I guess, as they say, the third time is the charm. This is just lovely, and very much a me sort of scent. It is soft, sweet, and not at all cloying. It reminds me of cotton candy, grenadine syrup, and whisper soft florals. I cannot sort all of the notes out, but the sugar is undeniable. It seems like it could be Pink Moon’s sweeter cousin.
  14. Digital_Hypoxia

    Strawberry Moon 2005

    In the bottle Strawberry Moon is definitely strawberry- like my Body Shop Strawberry perfume oil, the smell of my Strawberry Shortcake doll (from childhood-the one that blew scented kisses), and the glade candles my mother just loves swirled into one. There is no complexity or mystery about it. Fruit + cream = the end. The green tea never showed, nor did the sage. The other notes were faint and whisper like. On my skin it stays much the same, with the smell of Pink Moon poking around in the background for the first half hour. After that, almost everything fades except for the cheap lollipops of my youth, the kind they always handed out at church and the doctors. I don’t dislike this, but I am sorely disappointed. Chemistry?...maybe…and maybe I just suck at picking blends. My last three orders have been absolute failures; perhaps that’s a sign to give up.
  15. Digital_Hypoxia

    Honey Moon

    Honey Moon is very mild on my skin; baby mild to be exact. There is a certain greenness to this scent, which I’m assuming comes from the thyme and gardenia (for me, the jasmine is AWOL). The ginger is there … but it’s even so faint it almost doesn’t bear mentioning. This is subtle, like honeyed herbal tea, and not at all unpleasant. -Its just not what I was hoping for.