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    Whippoorwill, Geek, Cloister Graveyard in the Snow, Olokun, Theodosius the Legerdemain, Jolasveinar, F5, Lick It, Wolf Moon 2007, Black Dahlia, Fallen, F5, Morella, Samhain, Snow White, Harvest Moon 2005, Green Tree Viper Notes I love: seaspray, green tea, cinnamon, cinnamon bark, cardamom, tobacco, Spanish moss, lavender, mint, ozone. I generally like bourbon and patchouli scents, as well. Notes I hate: almond, butter, chocolate, cake, sugar. I'll only wear vanilla if it's in a scent that isn't overtly foody or super-sweet. I dislike fruity scents in general, but I particularly dislike cherry, apple, pear, peach, and apricot. General rule of thumb -- if I like to eat it, I don't like to wear it :). Notes that hate me: jasmine, amber, coconut, all varieties of rose except white rose, red musk, black musk (most of the time). I amp both citrus (including verbena) and dragon's blood like crazy, and I don't particularly care for either. As a general rule I love aquatics, love spicy/woodsy masculine scents, have discovered a surprising affinity for Big Old-Fashioned Florals (as long as they don't involve jasmine or most varieties of rose), and really, really dislike foody and fruity scents.


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  1. Electra

    BPAL and tattoo designs?

    There was quite a lot of discussion a while back in this thread about using BPAL phoenixes/Macha's artwork as tattoo designs. The impression that I took away from it was that the thing to do is to contact Macha to ask for permission. If you need to go to the Lab to ask for permission as well (due to ownership of rights, etc...I'm not sure exactly who owns what with respect to the artwork), I'm sure that Macha could let you know that.
  2. Electra

    Quirkiest, most bizarre oils

    Body chemistry is so interesting! On me, Shadwell is a sweet milky tea with a hint of an aquatic note...no mildew at all, and it's very comforting. Hmm, quirky bizarre scents...oh hell, Puck for sure. I actually physically recoiled when I smelled that one. Jolasveinar -- pine and pastries? But it's wonderful. Black Opal -- vanilla and stone. Kumari Kandam is pretty interesting too. ETA -- Urd is weird too. It smells like a hippie drinking grape Kool-Aid.
  3. Electra

    The scents that get you the most compliments?

    Geek (past LE). I'm not sure I've ever worn it without being complimented.
  4. Electra


    Olokun, hands down. Thalassa is much more oceany, though. And very, very nice.
  5. Electra

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    DDLM '04 smelled quite bready on me. In my review I wrote "The wet scent is a really strong, heady, perfumey rush of flowers over something bready/yeasty. The drydown is some sort of baked good with butter and honey."
  6. Electra

    Spice me, baby! The spiciest BPAL blends

    This thread was a request for spicy scent recs for someone's boyfriend, but given that a lot of the scents recommended are gender-neutral I think it's a good place to start .
  7. Electra

    Salty scents?

    These are both past LEs, but 1) Usher has developed a salty note on me that it didn't have initially, and 2) Storm Moon goes back and forth between fresh ozone and salty ocean aquatic (very much an Atlantic Ocean scent as opposed to Pacific or Caribbean or Mediterranean, but wonderful). I also second the recs for Lyonesse (if you can wear amber, which I can't, it's a nice non-foody golden vanilla meshed with a salty ocean-aquatic tang) and Thalassa (straight-up salty ocean aquatic).
  8. The idea of wearing scent while working out is just mind-boggling to me. *boggles quietly* I know everyone's different. I just think it would really bother me. (It's not even a "consideration for other people" thing, though there's that too -- I think it would drive ME nuts.) If you're going to be working out around people and must wear scent, I'd wear something light and clean smelling with minimal throw. When you heat up, it amps. There are lots of lovely fresh clean BPALs, though...Olokun, Shanghai, (dc'ed) F5, (dc'ed) Usher, perhaps Embalming Fluid (not great on me, but other people love it), Sea of Glass (ditto), Danube (tritto), etc. etc.
  9. Electra

    Blood Countess Claw Polish

    I admit that I found the formula somewhat tricky to work with -- it didn't seem to apply as evenly as some other polishes I have, and it looked a bit streaky and not as opaque as I wanted until I got three coats on. This seems to be a problem with creme formulas in general, though, or at least the dark vampy cremes that I have -- I have great coverage with two coats with my dark shimmer polishes, but my cremes all seem to take three coats to achieve the desired level of opacity. The color is OMG EFFIN' LOVE. With three coats it's a deep vampy blackened burgundy. Holy crap, it looks so classy and gorgeous. I couldn't stop staring at my hands. (It was great on my toes too, but I *loved* it on my hands.) Unfortunately it chipped like the dickens. I used it in conjunction with CND Stickey basecoat and Super Shiney topcoat, and I had chips within a day. (By way of comparison -- unlike pretty much everyone else on the planet, I find OPI horribly chippy and get great wear from Essie.) I did not try the Stickey sandwich because I hadn't heard of it yet, so I'm curious to see how much the wear improves when I do. I'll revise my review and report back.
  10. Electra

    Maiden Claw Polish

    Gloss A semi-sheer virginal nude with a hint of pink. No reviews for Maiden yet? Really? I am wearing Maiden today. First, the color -- this is a perfect "important business meeting" color. It's polished, professional, and chic. Maiden is a milky pinkish-whitish-nude, semi-sheer, in the vein of OPI Bubble Bath and similar polishes. It's very understated -- no one's going to notice your polish, particularly, it just makes your hands look impeccably groomed. Next, the application. The first time I wore Maiden, I had a really hard time with the application -- my exact quote was "while it's a lovely color, my application was a streaky mess. I simply could not get it to apply evenly." I think the problem was using it over CND Stickey basecoat. This time I used it over Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage (a non-"grippy" basecoat) instead, and the polish went on much more smoothly and easily.
  11. Let's see. Things that I hate, you would like . SO: Mr. Nancy -- tooth-achingly sweet and syrupy in the opening, then smells like spicy Christmas cookies Bliss -- brownies Grog -- butterscotch
  12. This thread is such a fascinating read! Different people have such different takes on what constitutes a comforting scent -- it's so interesting. I love to *eat* delicious food when I'm sad (I will head straight for the cheese fries!), but given that I'm not a foody/fruity scent person in the first place, I find them even more offputting when I need something to actively comfort me or cheer me up -- whereas for the foody/fruity crowd, that seems to be (understandably) the first place they turn. OTOH, I have an unholy passion for all things mint and aquatic (not necessarily together, though minty aquatic does sound rather awesome), but that isn't necessarily where I'd turn either. Mint, definitely not. Fascinating. Anyway, topic! My scents: For comfort -- Safari. I find it deep, grounding, and infinitely soothing. For cheer -- Olokun. This is partially because it's just a bright happy scent and partially because I have very happy associations with it. Every time I smell it it makes me smile.
  13. Just off the top of my head: Port Royal (spiced rum and ship’s wood mixed with the body-warmed trace of a prostitute’s perfume and a hint of salty sea air on the dry-down) Plunder (tea leaf, cassia, cinnamon bark, clove, allspice, sandalwood, tobacco, peppercorn, and nutmeg) Port-au-Prince (buttered rum flavored with almond, bay, clove and sassafras) Silk Road ...would probably be good ones to throw into a starter imp pack. Plunder and Port-au-Prince are the most spicy, then Silk Road. Port Royal is the least spicy, but is still very nice (and has a lovely aquatic element).
  14. Electra


    Milky tea with a hint of aquatic. Really interesting and really, *really* nice. I like this one a lot. (I don't get any mildew! )
  15. Electra

    Lady Una

    I can easily imagine Una smelling like this. Unfortunately, that said, I don't like it. I tend to prefer darker, more masculine scents, but I wasn't necessarily doomed to hate this one -- Trish McEvoy #9 is historically one of my favorite perfumes (I wore it for a couple of years in college), and it shares two notes with Lady Una -- blackberry and vanilla. I thought that this one might work for me too. Not so. Lady Una is strong, fruity and candy-sweet. Smelling it on my skin almost makes my teeth ache. I don't get any of the fae spices, or anything that would ground this scent and make it wearable for me. Oh well. Candy-scent crowd, this one is for you!