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  1. MoonlightGdess

    Blood Amber

    I *love* the smell of this scent. I'm still unfamiliar with notes, but I'm fairly certain it's the amber that comes out in here. Reminds me a bit of hunger, oddly enough. However, dry=powder, and I'm very upset over that. It doesn't stay sweet or spicy long enough, just powder. But, as Scylla put it: I had to quote this... because I tested it on my boyfriend while I was reading the forums, and it smelled NOTHING like it did on me, and when he saw this line he pointed at the screen and said, "Yes! That's what I smell like!" and washed it off. So that's 0 for 2...
  2. If you like Phantom Queen, you'll like Bare Escentuals Clear Skies Come Over And Play Spray.
  3. MoonlightGdess

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    Help with my French: Marquise de Merteuil... mar-KEEZ duh mer.....blah? I can't get the last word
  4. Dunno if it's been posted but I thought of it last night: If you like Follow Me Boy, you'll like Love's Baby Soft (if they still make it)
  5. MoonlightGdess


    In vial: Citrus and black licorice, and I can very faintly smell some herbs. Wet: Heh, my boyfriend popped this imp open a little quickly and got a dab on his finger... instant black licorice. Me? Instant lemon candy, like lemon heads, with just a small jab of (I'm guessing) wormwood. Dry: Hmmm... still lemony, but the lemon and the licorice are holding hands, kind of weaved together. Is this licorice scent the wormwood? I don't know what WW smells like... but this is probably it. I get an image of a wave (in the way that it pushes itself up on shore) of yellow on the left, and a wave of pure, onxy black from the right melding in the middle, but still not really mixing. Just flowing from one to the other seamlessly. First scent I've got a real image of. Alas, while the imagery is pretty, the licorice scent isn't. And now it's turned a bit soapy. *sigh* Next!
  6. MoonlightGdess


    I was really trying with this one, with all the rave reviews, but it hates me. Vial: Smelled straight up like a fresh-scented toilet cleaner. I'm going to try it anyway... Wet: *gag* Lemon floor cleaner. It's frickin' Pine Sol Dry: Way lemony, still smells like cleaner, but a little more herby now and a little dirty. Not for me.
  7. MoonlightGdess


    Vial: Peony, jasmine, lots of florals in an almost soapy way. Really undecided about it, not sure if I'll like the turn out. Wet: Ugh. Not sure which floral it is, but it came out to play and beat up all the other florals in the process. Fairly certain it's either a jasmine or the violet. A bit strong, let's let it dry. Dry: Well it's a bit softer now, but really not my scent. Turns a bit soapy. I had to go wash it off, it was giving me a headache. Very pretty florals, but way too strong for me.
  8. MoonlightGdess

    Marquise de Merteuil

    When I opened my envelope to 6 new imps, a faint but beautiful and fresh scent hit me, and I wanted to find out which one it was. It was this one. Vial: Wow. It's very pretty, no peaches though. This perfume in vial reminds me of my Granny a lot, in a good way. I loved her smell, a sophisticated floral. Wet: God what is that smell? Floral in a very pretty way. I hope this mellows nicely and doesn't get bitter or too flowery. Dry: LOVE IT. Still floral, a thick, rich floral that you'd expect from rich perfume. I get a smile smelling it. I can smell a *little* amber and very little peach. Reminds me of a perfume I used to put on as a kid, a generic perfume but this one has a much richer smell to it (monetarily and note wise). This is a "dancing golden-haired and chiffon dress in early spring while the chill is still around" kinda smell Keeper. Keeper keeper keeper.
  9. MoonlightGdess


    Vial: Men's cologne-ish. Mostly patchouli, and orange. Wet: Very orange, less pachouli, no berries or rose hips. Dry: Interesting change. Musky, with a touch of vanilla, a hit of patchouli, and a sweet undertone... the sherry maybe? I feel like I'm in an occult store in Berkeley. Interesting mix, but not my mix. Too incense-y for me. EDIT: It's mellowed a bit since it dried... it's still a bit incense-y but may be a keeper for nights out. Now I smell a bit of patchouli but a lot more sweetness.
  10. MoonlightGdess

    Follow Me Boy

    Oooh, my first ever review In vial: Very floral, almost a honeysuckle, with a hint of baby powder (in a good way, like clean an powdery). Wet: Night-blooming jasmine almost... with still a bit of baby powder. But a bit strong. I can smell my wrist from my keyboard. Dry: Baby powder. A jasmine-scented baby powder. I'm not sure on this one. I think it's going up for sale, it's just too baby powder for me.
  11. MoonlightGdess

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I visited the Hotel Del Coronado down here in San Diego and found Kimono Rose in their spa shop. I adore it!! When I first apply it, it's a bit citrusy and *almost* soapy, but not quite. I don't dig citrusy as much. Once it dries and mellows, it's slightly powdery, with the florals coming out, and the vanilla really comes into play. I don't smell the rose nearly as much as the peony, and the jasmine is faint. I don't know what cassis or clementine smell like, so they might be there but I couldn't tell you. Alas, it doesn't last a very long time and it's not cheap. Any suggestions if anyone's tried it? EDIT: HTML fix