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  1. Mystic Moon

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I would LOVE to find a BPAL scent that's a ringer for Chanel No 19...it is possibly my all-time favorite fragrance. Someone once suggested La Belle Dame Sans Merci as a match & I tracked down an imp. Sadly...just not the same thing on me. Also, a BPAL fragrance similar to Ralph Lauren Romance for women? Any suggestions?
  2. Mystic Moon


    This is probably my FAVORITE scent of all time - BPAL or otherwise! Sadly, I still haven't even purchased a bottle for myself, I keep relying on Imps to get me through. This blend of leather, amber, musk, & myrrh (all happen to be favorites of mine!) is the perfect fragrance for me & has become my signature scent. It takes the tiniest dab behind my ears & between my cleavage to get compliments all day long! I also mix it with my plain unscented Cetaphil body cream & slather after a shower. This seems to soften it a bit & the leather really comes through with a very clean smell. Every time I wear it this way my hubby snuggles up to me & buries his face in my hair & neck...he loves it! This also works great for layering the fragrance!
  3. Mystic Moon

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    My personal recommendation would be for Anne Bonny - vanilla isn't listed in the notes (A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense), but both in the vial as well as on my skin it is VERY sweet & VERY patchouli without being floral at all. And it doesn't really morph into something else on me. I love it! I haven't tried a lot of the other rec's that some of the gals have tried, but loving sweet patchouli blends I'll have to try some of these myself. Good luck in your search & have fun trying all the yummies!
  4. Mystic Moon


    I purchased this imp a few weeks ago from VenusFlyTrap & today was the first day I've tried it on. In the imp, it is VERY pear to me - but sniff again & I definitely pick up the rose & a soft musk underneath it. I typically don't like really fruity smells or anything with lots of floral notes because most florals go way too cloying on me. This one, however was different. On my skin, wet, it still smells very pear. It quickly morphs into a wonderful soft rose - like the smell of roses on a soft summer breeze, not that heavy cloying rose that I typically find. Then the musk peeks out from behind the rose petals just enough to soften it a bit more. I never do smell the lily of the valley in here. Dry I get lots of soft, wonderful rose laced with the gentlest musk. Gorgeous! This has plenty of throw on me - didn't take much on application. I dabbed the wand on my wrist & then rubbed them together then another wand in my cleavage. That was 6 hours ago - I can't smell the scent on my wrists any longer, but I keep getting a waft of that lovely soft rose interlaced with musk with the tiniest hint of pear drifting up from my cleavage. It seems like it disappears quickly when worn were it can be rubbed off by contact. But it apparently has great staying power when applied to my cleavage! Definitely going on my big bottle list!
  5. Mystic Moon

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hey guys! This is an awesome thread! The Raven reminds me of a perfume that my Mom use to wear (& that's not a bad thing! I love The Raven!) when I was a kid....but I can't place it! Any ideas? Also....if I absolutely ADORE Chanel 19, a good BPAL similarity might be......?
  6. Mystic Moon


    I have to agree with Amberlox - once this dries down I get mainly sandwalwood! I thought I was just crazy, but I feel better now that someone else picks that up as well. I was really excited to try this one, & I do like it after I finally put it on & tried it out. I was scared at first when I sniffed the imp because it smelled really strong & (don't laugh!) "Irish Spring" soap-y. It was very sharp & pungent, & not in a good way. Even just a tad of the tangy lemon that others have described. Certainly no florals at all jump out at me from this one - and I LOVE rose. This one just screams bathroom cleaner & Irish Spring soap at me from inside the imp. Well, after two days of sniffing the imp, I built up the courage to try it this morning. At first, I got the same sharp soapy smelly on my skin. Then, about an hour later I was on the couch with my husband watching a movie & I kept catching a whiff of this most heavenly smell & I couldn't figure out what it was until I reached up to brush my bangs off my forehead & caught a whiff of my wrist - it was Dublin! Wow! I don't get ANY floral here - no greenery either. And I was so looking forward to this smelling like Beth's description....the thought of a misty forest with rose was very appealing to me. But it I just smell sandalwood, & something sweeter - almost a very sweet incensy/smoky kind of smell, certainly not anything I'd label as rose or even floral. I have no idea what alder smells like, so maybe that's what I'm picking up. This isn't what I expected at all, but it is still lovely & I will certainly wear it. It will probably grow on me enough that I'll add it to the big bottle list. Will probably try it on the hubby too as it comes across with almost a masculine edge on me.
  7. Mystic Moon

    BPAL blends that remind us of Chanel perfumes

    Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, guys. I'm working on some swaps/sales right now, so I'll have to try for some Imps of some of these. Thanks again! Mystic
  8. Mystic Moon

    BPAL blends that remind us of Chanel perfumes

    I did a search & couldn't find anything real specific to this already posted, so I apologize if it has been addressed elsewhere for another. I ADORE Coco by Chanel (not Coco Mademoiselle) & would love to find a BPAL oil that is similar in fragrance. This is a favorite "cool weather" scent for me. A bit heavy in the summer. I also love Chanel No 19 - more of a spring scent for me - it smells very "green" & clean to me, with some leather & wood in there, though I couldn't tell you for sure what's in it. I love perfumes but I'm sure not well-versed in them & their contents! Right now, I've been wearing Dragon's Heart. It was an imp that came with my original order many many many moons ago & I just didn't care for it when I sniffed the imp so I never even tried it. I grabbed it by mistake one morning (meant to grab Queen Mab - don't even ask how I confused the two - it was dark, ok? ) the wand had no sooner touched my cleavage than I knew it was not Queen Mab in my grasp....but what was that heavenly scent? "Dragon's Heart! Dragon's Heart?!? But I don't even LIKE Dragon's Heart!" I've been in love ever since. I tend to really like warm/spicy/woodsy kind of scents - or at least that's how I'd describe them in my mind. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!