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  1. jett perilous

    Mare Nectaris

    In the Bottle: A very heavy, musky peach. It is a very warm scent and immediately brought to mind a ripe peach that has fallen from the tree and continues to ripen to mush under a hot summer sun. On the skin: I can detect the papaya now, but the syrupy peach still steals the show. Drydown: It was still a little too cloying, even an hour later. The musks are definitely not working for me. Overall: I was imagining a more refreshing peach (possibly because of the "liquor" part of the description), so I'm a little bummed at how warm and heavy this scent is on me. I might give it a little more time and try it when the weather is cold again (it's been nearly 90 degrees in Feb. here), which might change my mind.
  2. jett perilous

    Job Interview Recommendations

    When I was on the job hunt, I decided to use Block Buster before an interview I brought my imp with me, intending to apply it in the car beforehand. I was so nervous I spilled on more than I intended. I tried to go into the building's restroom to try and wash some of it off beforehand, but you needed a doorcode! So I had to go into the interview slathered in it! Must have worked, 'cause I got the job.
  3. jett perilous

    Halloween: San Francisco

    In the bottle it smells like fresh cut grass, and that doesn't change that much when wet on the skin. A few minutes later though, the scent evokes those rain-soaked leaves as salt wafts in. For awhile after dry-down I get a sort of masculine aquatic cologne, but about an hour in I get the same kind of notes that I smell in F5. I love F5! I can't wait to wear this when the weather gets cooler and it starts feeling like fall.
  4. jett perilous


    Maenad, where have you been all my life?! I love strawberry scents. This strawberry is a little too sweet though, but that's where the florals come in and make it turn smokey and awesome. My only complaint is that it seems to fade very quickly, but I can always try it in a scent locket.
  5. jett perilous

    A Countenance Forboding Evil

    I got ZERO orange in the imp and on the skin. At first the vetiver was way too strong and it smelled like burning in the worst way. But in only a few minutes it dried down to a much softer scent. I think it's the sandalwood that finishes it off.
  6. jett perilous


    In the imp the scent reminded me of a tattoo parlor. Not a seedy one, but a clean, bright place with colorful people and smooth leather chairs. I got a little herbiness that turned into a sunblocky scent. Not the coconut kind, but something that you catch a whiff of on a crowded warm beach. Maybe that's actually the musk? More sun-warmed than dark to me. About 30 min later I'm still getting the sunblocky musk with the leather. It is pretty masculine so I'll see if the fella would want to try it.
  7. jett perilous


    This smells like the morning after a drunken party around a campfire: earthy, a little boozy, with damp wood still smoldering a little underneath. I like the scent, but it's not one I could wear as a perfume.
  8. jett perilous

    Sleepy Moon

    Sleepy Moon: A nearly-narcotic blend of opiate-touched bark and blossom reflective of the bleakness and solitude of winter, the quietest point of the year : black opium poppy, bamboo pulp, ylang ylang, lavender, chamomile and white sandalwood. In the bottle: Sleepy Moon smells a bit like Rosemary to me. There also seems to be a hint of sweetness in the background. This definitely reminds me a bit of the Apothecary. On the skin: It smells like a lovely floralish soap! Not quite the "soapy" white soap smell that some scents tend to fade to, but more like a soap made with dried purple wildflowers. The scent is somehow both very green and purple at once. Oddly amusing! Dry: This really really turned to a pine scent on my skin. Another sort of heady scent lingers too, and I get a wiff occasionally of the initial soap smell. Hours later: This scent totally did not take a liking to me. I was hoping it would end up a more chamomile smell; the perfect scent for falling asleep to. But it ended up going kind of chalky green herbiness on me. I still feel very strong connections to the Apothecary, which also didn't work on my chemistry. Overall, the scent was long-lasting, and is a very nice and calming green, herb-y, outdoorsy oil.
  9. jett perilous


    This smell is wonderful! It reminds me of roadtrips through the desert. It is a very dry scent, and definitely conjures up standing outside a hot, dusty roadhouse in the middle of summer.
  10. jett perilous

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Excellent. I have an imp of that coming, I believe. I'll see how she likes it.
  11. jett perilous

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Excellent suggestions, thanks. I will have to go through my imps and see what I have from those. Any others, please leave a comment.
  12. jett perilous

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    My mom isn't sharing my enthusiasm with BPAL, so I'm trying to find some that are similar to her favorite perfumes: Realities and Cashmere Mist. Someone recommended Black Pearl and Dana O'shee for Cashmere Mist in another thread, but those are not quite what I'm looking for. I didn't see any Realities threads. I ask for and welcome any suggestions for either scent. Here are the descriptions: Realities Perfume is classed as a revitalizing scent possessing rich floral notes. A sensual blend of rose, freesia, jasmine, lily, carnation, peach, bergamot, sage and chamomile is combined with warm tones of amber and vanilla. CASHMERE MIST is classified as a refreshing, woody fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh floral jasmine, scents of sandalwood & vanilla. Thanks!
  13. jett perilous


    Definitely a green, fresh scent. I can smell grass and what I believe to be the tulips, and also running water. I'm picturing a little valley with a stream amidst grass and wildflowers. Very nice. Makes me feel cold, which will be prefect for the impending summer. On drydown this gives me a bit of salt, which I don't mind at all.
  14. jett perilous

    Recs for Longest Lasting Oils

    The patchouli scented oils tend to last longer on me. Kabuki, swank, and Snow White do too. Severin fades quickly, as does Dana O'Shee on me.
  15. jett perilous

    Olfactory caffeine: Wake up, Stay Awake with BPAL

    Severin has been helping me to wake up. Psychosomatic reaction to the tea, methinks.