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BPAL Madness!


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A whirling mélange of multicolored musks with wasabi, rooibos, heliotrope, and mastic.


Chaotic wet is a screaming match of musks. There's stompy red musk and screechy white musk and gold musk and pink musk and lord knows which other musks and they are all trying to make their point as loudly as possible. So I get a ton of throw, and I never get a ton of throw unless red musk is amping its lungs out. It's kind of giving me a headache.


An hour later the musks have agreed to disagree and I'm liking it much better. It has a fruity quality now. I can't pick out any wasabi, and I'm getting no skin irritation; I was worried about that. I'm not so familiar with the other notes, but it's kind of a flirty summery scent now. Still, I don't want to have to go through the opening again to get here. I have all the RPG imps; this is not one I need an extra of.

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This is a weird one! I'm not really familar with any of the notes other than some of the musks used (red and black are definitely in there), so I couldn't tell you what's going so menthol on me, but this smells like a cough drop. A cherry menthol cough drop. With musk. That also manages to smell kind of mainstream perfume?


I tried layering some Neutral for my preferred alignment and it just vanished into it.


It's not bad, but my head doesn't seem to like it.

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So, musk don't play well on me. I braced myself as I put it on.


It smells just plain weird wet. Musky horseradish, something sour & red, and a floral that makes my eyes sting.


After drying down, It remains eye watering. The horseradish is a mellow spice, it's that floral. It's growing, I tell you. One, maybe 2 of the musks are actually playing well with me. A faint, light 'your skin but better' scent, and something. But, then there's one or more that smells like a perfect match for the smell of my feet after a run. Ugh.

There is a slight tea note that I keep catching as well.


Definitely not for me. That said, my takeaway is that horseradish/wasabi is amazing if you can make it to drydown.

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In the imp: Lots of musk. I can pick out red musk and green musk.


Wet: This smells like green Jello to me, with a grape-y musk and what I believe to be the rooibos.


Dry: Red, green, and a grape-y dark musk with strong heliotrope, which I recognize from Tamora, and a bit of spice in the background from the wasabi. It still has a bit of a Jello-vibe to it, but it’s not as Jello-y as before. I think there are some other musks at play here, too.


Verdict: I am going to hold on to this one for a while just because it is a RPG scent and I am curious about the layering combos, but I am not fond red musk or the grape-y dark musk, so I would never reach for this one on its own. This is too strong on the musk and sweet heliotrope for me.

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In the imp: Light and fresh and a little sweet. I can't pick out individual notes, but if you told me it contained green tea and lime, I would believe you. 


On my skin:


Wet, the sweetness continues, though I also get a distinct whiff of wasabi. As it dries, white musk wafts up at me. On me, while the different scents are incongruous, they're not discordant. 


Once it's had some time to get used to my skin, I can pick out white musk, black musk, and a scent that's reminiscent of 51, so I'm guessing that's green musk. I can sometimes catch a whiff of heliotrope, and every once in a while, a little wasabi tickles my nose. 


After about an hour, it settles down to be mostly green musk, with some white musk and heliotrope playing along. It's a light, summery scent. I'm curious to see how it plays with RPG scents with a similar feel (like Gnome) as well as with RPG scents that are much different (like Evil). 

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