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BPAL Madness!

The Sea Foams Blood

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Blood rising through an ocean wave.


In the imp: I do get the blood (I get a sharp metallic note and a little spice), but the soapy aquatic note is by far the most prominent aspect of the scent in the imp. Aquatics are often soapy on me, so I do not have high hopes for this one.


Wet: This is SUPER SOAP on me. And now that I’ve written that, I can’t help but envisioning a bar of soap in a red cape, thinking it has come to save the day, when really, it is ruining it. Behind the mountain of soap suds, I detect the blood, which is not making me think of dragon’s blood at the moment (dragon’s blood can be wonky on me and often stomps on other notes), but maybe that’s because I have wandered into the SOAP KINGDOM.


Dry: The blood note, which reads as incense-y to me (and may be the one found in Mithras) has come out more and seems to be getting stronger over time, but there’s still some aquatic soapiness in the background. There is a floral aspect to the scent, but if there’s dragon’s blood in here, it’s not being problematic like it usually is on me.


Verdict: As far as blood notes go, this one is okay -- but the aquatic note is far too soapy on me.

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First Sniff: White aster, light, clean and like really fresh linen.


Initial Wet Application: This is light and clean and fresh. It’s lovely, but it’s going to fade away.


Dry Down (first 15 minutes): I’m not sure this is even going to make it through the full dry down time; it’s basically nothing already! Nope, 15 minutes in and there’s really nothing there any more.


My Reaction: The first sniff was lovely; freshly laundered white linen snapping in a breeze. But it was just too light to last.


Rating: 1

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I have been using this oil for the past 3 months and i was trying to figure out what does it remind me of. It's in the same family as The Deep Ones, but with a more sandy texture. I associate this blend with crushed seashells and salty ocean water washing over the seashore sand.

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Surprising. On notes alone I would never have tried it. It's floral and the aquatic dominates, but theres a sweetness underneath. Its feminine and summery.

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