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BPAL Madness!

Event Horizon

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A disconcerting scent, heavy and oppressive, through which no light, no matter, and no spirit can escape. Black opium, labdanum, opoponax, black orchid, and benzoin.

In the imp: Sweet, incense-y, and resinous. I think the notes I'm getting are the black orchid, opium, and opoponax, but I'm not positive.

Wet: I am getting the sweet, black orchid along with some really potent opium, with the labdanum and opoponax lingering behind those notes. It is disconcerting, almost like static.

Dry: The sweet, black orchid note continues to reign, followed by the opium, but the opium has calmed down significantly, and the labdanum is more noticeable.

After a while, I am getting the black orchid and cola-like opoponax along with the sweet benzoin note, with some opium and labdanum in the background.

Verdict: This ended up being a lot sweeter than I was anticipating, thanks to the black orchid. Orchid isn't really my cup of tea, but those that enjoy the note should give this one a try, despite the heavy notes listed here.

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I like Event Horizon much better than Darkness, which I tested yesterday. The opium is still strong, but the blend does not become as cloyingly floral as it does in Darkness. After playing a big role in the opening, the orchid is content to let the opium and resins take center stage. It's still sweet -- it's that lovely syrupy opoponax and vanilla-y benzoin -- and dark and heavy with good wear length, but it's not so oppressively floral on me. This one is a keeper.

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They mean it when they say this scent is disorienting. It is BIZARRE. It's all jiggly yellows and goopy browns. Opium opium opium! A tiny bit of opoponax.

This is not resiny. This is not smoky. This is the feeling of sticking your hand in ooblek. 

It's not a bad scent, it's just so utterly bizarre. I've hung onto it for years just because...what is this? What is this?


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Oh I had such high hopes for this. So many notes that I like, or think that I like. I generally like lotus scents, I like another oil with black orchid, and I love oppoponax and benzoin in resin form.


Smells lovely in the imp! I think it's the black orchid I can smell, it's familiar, a dark rich floral.


And then I put it on me and ah yes, this is also familiar. I'm getting resin, under a thick layer of the blue smell you get in portable/airline toilets. Mmm, delightful.


Aha. When I smell my wrists at more of a distance, the portaloo smell isn't as bad. Instead the notes tame down into more like what I was hoping for. A bed of sweet, delicious resin, with deep purple and slightly powdery florals over the top. Even the florals seem sweet. It's actually quite lovely.


At an acceptable distance, that is. This is one I will be careful about sticking my nose directly in.

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