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BPAL Madness!

BPAL for fancy, elegant and formal occasions

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My 'classy formal black-tie' scent is Transeo. It's high-brow but a little edgy, a bit traditional but still distinctly BPAL. Others I'd also reach for are Countess Willie, Pomegranate IV, Snake Oil and Baghdad, depending on the exact occasion.

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My fiancée and I will be getting married this June, and I was wondering about scents that might work well with our theming. See, our wedding is going to have a bit of a late-19th-century/Steampunk/Gothic theme.


For myself, I was leaning towards Robotic Scarab, Antikythera Mechanism, Dee, or Black Rider (I have tried all of those and love them). She has tried Les Fleurs du Mal and Titania (which both smelled great on her). What are some scents that might work together for the two of us?


Also, a related question: I will be wearing a long-sleeved, high-collared shirt (somewhat similar to this one, but with a different vest), which covers up both of the places I usually apply my scents. What would be a good way to apply my cologne so that it can actually be smelled?

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Not sure about what scents to recommend (since my beloved is not a scent-wearing fellow the idea of complementing has never come up), but for how to wear it, my typical application point is at the creases of my elbows, and I don't have any problem smelling that through a shirt.

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I have no advice as to what to wear, but I love putting perfume in my hair. It sometimes lasts up to three days, through hair washing and all! I think that should work fine for you, unless your hair is super short. Don't forget to apply some on your wrists as well.

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I believe my husband applies his BPAL behind his ears (so yeah, that basically counts as in his hair but this is just a more specific location), and that seems like it'd work even for a shirt with a very high collar like that.

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You could possibly use some sort of Steampunk themed scent locket in the form of a fob watch, cufflinks etc - anything that could hold a small piece of bpal soaked material with enough gaps to allow the scent to escape.


Enjoy your wedding!

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What scents do you usually gravitate towards?


Honey, vanilla, musk, fruity, amber, or sandalwood.


Indoor or outdoor wedding?


What time of day?


Color theme?


This may help narrow down choices....


and btw Congrats!!!!

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First of all, congrats!!! :wub2:


As for the application, the responses you've received thus far are great, and I agree with them all, so please forgive me if I am being redundant.


I would say that although that shirt will be covering a lot of your skin, you can still apply in your usual spots. Just do it well before dressing, so as not to stain your nuptial blouse...


As an alternative to that, I would say that you could take one of two tacks.


Idea one: Apply to the place just behind your ears and the backs of your lobes. This place is warm and the scent will emanate nicely from there as you lean in to kiss your bride. You could also apply a few dabs of oil to the outer edges of your palms- that is, the sides of your hands, just down from your pinkie fingers. This way, as you gesture, or raise your hand to hold a lady's hand for a dance, the fragrance will waft nicely from there. Additionally, be sure to place a dab of oil over your heart, as well, if only for the symbolic value there.


Second: If you decid not to wear the fragrance on your skin at all, I could see you finding a fabulous Steampunk scent locket and wearing that as you would a pocket watch, with your beautiful waistcoat, chain, fob and all.


Finally, I would say that no matter what you decide to do, the day will be the sweetest day you have known, for you will be joining hearts with your beloved and there is nothing in life finer than love.


All the best To You Both!

~Tina :heart:

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CONGRATS!!! :wub2: I certainly hope that I marry someone who will love perfume as much as I do.


I have a few recs for scents. I'm coming at this from a best-pairs perspective, while trying to keep in mind the Steampunk theme.


-Dee or Black Rider and Liz

Liz is one of my favourite perfumes. It's a beautifully soft, sweet leather-floral. It pairs GREAT with Dee.


-Dorian and Sybil

These two are incredible paired together, but it might be a little difficult getting some Sybil - it's RARE. I bet a lovely forumite would be willing to gift some though for your wedding! I have a bottle... I bet you'll both love both scents.

-Robotic Scarab and Morocco

These two have a "golden" and exotic feel to them. The latter is a bit sweeter and would complement RS well I think.


-Antikythera Mechanism and Antique Lace

These two would be great together (both non-foody vanillas) AND they both fit the steampunk theme. Again, however, Antique Lace is... not quite as rare as Sybil but certainly expensive. Even imps will go for $10-20 on Ebay nowadays I think. WORTH IT THOUGH. I dished out $300+ for a 10 ml once upon a time. :lol:

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Thank you everybody for your help and kind words! I'll take all of your advice and recommendations into consideration, and I'll definitely pass it all on to my fiancée. If anyone else has any advice, please, keep it coming!

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First of all, Congratulations!


I love the theme you're going with and the fact that you are trying to coordinate your BPALs!



You're already considering some great scents that would fit your theme well. Here are some pairing suggestions with a few other scents thrown into the mix:


Dee: Soft English leather, rosewood and tonka with a hint of incense, parchment and soft woods.

& Belle Vinu: Red sandalwood, vanilla, rosewood, osmanthus, and white peach.


The Antikythera Mechanism: Teakwood, oak, black vanilla, and tobacco.

& Lamia: Pale orchid, vanilla amber, black currant, white peach, champaca, coconut, Arabian myrrh, Burmese vetiver, and oude.


The Robotic Scarab: Polished metallic notes, glossy leather, frankincense, star anise, and thin lubricating oils.

& Veil: White sandalwood, lilac, gardenia, violet, orris, lavender and ylang ylang.


The Black Rider: Black leather, oppoponax, tobacco, and black amber.

& The Temptation: Attar of rose, calla lily, palmarosa, peach blossom, wisteria, rice flower, and black musk.


Cathedral: The scent of incense smoke wafting through an ancient church. A true ecclesiatical blend of pure resins.

& Eternal: Stephanotis, cyclamen, heliotrope, white rose and gardenia.



And you both might want to try Tavern of Hell to see how your skin chemistry interprets it. I think it would suite your theme quite well :)


Tavern of Hell: White gardenia, ambergris bouquet, lavender fougere, orange blossom, melissa, tobacco flower, coriander, ebony wood, ylang ylang, absinthe and aged whiskey.

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I tend to layer The Black Rider with Bordello. Its my favorite combination. Possibly might work for the two of you? Congratulations!

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:cheers: Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! :cheers:


I wore a Lunacy for my wedding month (Peony Moon for a March wedding)

I felt it was both appropriate and I *loved* how it smelled, that's a win-win :D

My husband isn't big on wearing scents himself, but he is reminded of our wedding day whenever I wear Peony Moon now.


Maybe there's a scent out there that you can 'designate' as YOUR wedding day scent?


Congrats again! Many wishes for a long, happy marriage :smilenod:

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I just bought tickets to some operas, and am starting the search for the oils I will wear. I have a long time to plan and order, but I thought it might share the fun. I want to slip an imp pack into my next order, so I'd prefer GC suggestions. But LEs aren't a problem if they aren't too hard to get.


The performances are:


Opening Night - no idea what they will be singing


Salome - This is a bit obvious. Salome into the imp pack goes. Is there no scent for the head of John the Baptist?


Lucia di Lammermoor - Wikipedia entry I have no clue for this one.


Pirates of Penzance - Wikipedia entry Hey, there was an LE Frederick, wasn't there? Would that be too masculine, though? What else comes to mind?

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For Lucia de Lammermoor - maybe Lucy's Kiss or Mania?

Mary Read is a wonderful nautical scent with an adventurous edge, but it might be too casual for opera-going, depending on one's sensibilities and nose.

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Anne Bonny is what I wear whenever I do anything pirate related. :)

Port Royal is delicious - I'm not sure about elegant, though. ;)

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Some really great wedding scents for women IMO:


Snow White

Katrina Van Tassel

Delight & Consternation (VERY similar to KVT on my skin)

Schlafende Baigneuse



Black Opal

Antique Lace


for women Attending a wedding/Formal Party:



Tattered Lace


Blossoms in Springtime

Love & Pain





Black Lace





Snake Oil




Great Wedding scents for Men at their own wedding, or attending a wedding:




Antikythera Mechanism

Port Royal



(those all smell fantastic on my DH, but I haven't tried many of the more masculine scents...so I am sure there are a LOT more!)

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Okay, I'm not exactly sure how "fancy, elegant and formal " this is but I think this is the best fitting topic for my question.


I work as tech support in a start up company and we were recently bought out by IBM, so apart from a pretty nice bonus we're having an "Exit party" in a few days. Th company is pretty small, only about 200 people and we can bring partners so I estimate they'll be around 350 people there.


I'm not sure how formal the party is... on one hand it's in an event hall in a pretty expensive place by the sea and the invitation mentions dinner and cocktails, but on the other hand the band they got to perform there are a famous rap-style band.


I'm not really much of a dancing person so I won't be sweating much there I hope, but I want to choose a good perfume that won' be to overwhelming in case the place turns crowded...


I'm currently debating between going for a "classy" perfume such as Black Butterfly Moon, Contemplating the Moon Through an Open Window and such... or maybe just going for a hairgloss such as Snake Oil, Implacable Beautiful Tyrant or the new Peach and Incense one... Or maybe I should go with something more "everyday" for me such as Vixen? Something fresh like Squirting Cucumbers?


I don't knoooow :nervous:

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My favorite fancy BPALs are...


The Girl

Butterflies, Flowers and Jewels Attending

Champagne and Opium

Basically any lace


Phoenix Steamworks

The Robotic Scarab


Stardust (the Yule) isn't for me, personally, but it definitely smells very fancy and makes an impression. I haven't smelled the 2013 version, but I imagine it's more or less the same.

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