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  1. Shirel

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Well, I already sent this question/request over to the lab but I haven't gotten any answer yet (I'm supposing that either they're very busy or I have the wrong wholesale Email address ) So, I live in Israel and every year around September-October we host the Israeli science fiction and fantasy convention named ICon which is usually around three days. Last year I hosted a stall selling Villainess stuff which was lots of fun (I love enabling people to new things!) So I was hoping to perhaps have a BPAL stall this year... I'm not really looking for wholesale prices (though that would be awesome, I'm fine as long as I cover the stall+shipping+product cost) more of a permission to sell really. Do any of you guys have any idea if that perhaps happened before? I went through this thread and can't seem to find anything like this so I'd be happy for any advise
  2. Shirel

    Erebos Atmosphere Spray

    Okay, I don't know what is happening to me, but I LIKE LAVENDER! Or at least I'm really liking Erebos Goblin Squirt I got with my last order! For a little background, I used to have lots of sleeping problems as a kid so my pillow was always drenched with lavender oil to help me sleep. It didn't help much at all so I have bad memories of laying awake in bed with that scent all around me and now pretty much hate it. Erebos is one of those things that when skimming over the Trading Post site I always though? Hey, this has vanilla, jasmine, melon and sounds really really goo- ohshit it has lavender, kthnxbai. But since getting a Goblin Squirt of it I can't stop using it. It's still a bit too herbally-lavender for me to really love it, but otherwise it's a very sweet and relaxing scent... if it only had a smidgen less lavender and a bit more vanilla of jasmine then it'd be perfect, but I'm still considering getting a whole bottle with my next order as I run out of Squirts pretty fast.
  3. Shirel


    If any of you heard a super high pitched squee a few weeks ago when this was announced then I'm sorry for the permanent ear damage I may have caused. I'm a HUGE My Little Pony fan, and Fluttershy is my number 1 pony for sure (Luna is second so I got her as well ) so I had my order at WeLoveFine done within less then an hour of this coming out so I could get a sniff even if this is only imp sized. I guess it also helped that this is full of notes I love (even if they are not the notes I'd choose for the character herself, that would've been a muskier perfume), the only note that gave me a pause was pink carnation as I used to think of carnations as a death note but have been proved wrong lately. Anyways, onto the sniffing! This is sweet perfume, but with a very spicy edge to it! It's something close to ginger in the level of spiciness but not exactly the same kind of spice . After a short while I can start smelling the peach blossom and white pear more (with a bit more peach fruitiness then pear)turning this into the most yummy sweet-spicy-fruity concoction I've ever smelt! And somehow it totally does suit the character of Fluttershy, sweet and innocent but not as girly and helpless as she seems. In short, I've already decided to set some funds aside in anticipation of this being made into bottles because it's AMAZING.
  4. Shirel

    The recurring Yules

    I've got three decants from Lick Its of previous year (and another on the way from this year) so I'll try to compare these ones: Lick It Vigorously (2010)- "This is a candy cane perfume, minty, sweet and sugared." Starts off very strong bubblegum mint, stays strongly minty and a bit sharp like hard mint candies. Lick It Discreetly (2011)- "A sticky, chilly peppermint candy cane with sweet vanilla and an extra jolt of sugar." Softer more vanillic mint, after drying a bit it kinda disappeared on my skin but I get a kind of minty feel without smelling it if that makes sense. Lick It Softly (2012)- "A sticky, sweet peppermint candy cane with a copious dusting of vanilla." More vanilla with a hint of mint, this is more like candy cane marshmallows then hard mint candies and I think this is the one I like the most so far.
  5. Shirel

    Lightning Storm Hair Gloss

    A few months before this came out when it was still summer and hot I asked for a citrus-y hairgloss on the forum and it seems that with this my wishes were answered When first sprayed on I knew it was love at first sniff, it was a bit sharp from the tea and and ginger, but still this is EXACTLY the kind of citrus I wanted! It's like grapefruit without the bitterness, somewhere between a pomelo, lemon candies and of course some lovey lovey lime thrown into the mix as well. It makes me wish this was a kind of candy because it smells good enough to eat; like clear hard candies with soft white sugared lemon blossoms trapped inside, like the most refreshing clear fruit juice you've ever drank served in a tall glass with just enough ice... Seriously, if you don't stop me now I might start fantasying about tasting it far too much. This scent also lasts for ages in my hair. Sprayed about three-four times (My hair is far too long and is nearly butt length now ) and I can still smell it clearly hours afterwards. I think this is going to be the best scent in the summer and I'm afraid that my three bottles (ordered an extra two backups as soon as possible) might not be enough.
  6. Shirel

    Patchouli Clove Massage Oil

    First time that I'm trying one of the massage oils, I usually use the bath oils as before bed moisturizers because they take a while to sink in but this one sinks in much quicker so I can wear it as perfume or layering as well without worrying about oily clothes This is a very lovely warm patchouli scent, seriously, like warmth in a bottle. It's also a bit woody and even though I don't usually like woods it's okay in this blend. I think the clove might be adding to the whole overall warmth feeling to this scent as well, giving it the hint of sweetness it needs. Personally, I prefer my patch scents a biiit sweeter so I might try layering it. I suspect that it will layer very very well with chocolaty scents
  7. Shirel


    This wolfy lady is so much nicer then I thought! It starts of a very very sharp pine on me, so for a second there I thought "Phew! I'm so glad I only went for a decant- wait, what smells amazing?" The pine and sharpness disappear in a few seconds, and a lovely lovely spice-warm scent starts wafting around me... I used to think that carnations are a death note but Sylvia is the scent that fully convinced me on how wrong I was about that this scent has the spice of the carnation and clove (which work beautifully together) along with some sweetness from the vanilla and musk, it just smells warm and snuggly in the best ways possible. The image I get from this is of a furry creature sleeping by the fire after raiding the cookie jar I really hope I'll be able to snag myself a bottle before it runs off into the winter night.
  8. Shirel

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Thank you for the pictures TwilightEyes! I was debating on getting a whole botle of Samhain (even though I have two imps coming my way) and the lovely label helped me decide Also I knew September Midnights would be an instabottle from the scent itself but the label is PERFECT
  9. Okay, I'm not exactly sure how "fancy, elegant and formal " this is but I think this is the best fitting topic for my question. I work as tech support in a start up company and we were recently bought out by IBM, so apart from a pretty nice bonus we're having an "Exit party" in a few days. Th company is pretty small, only about 200 people and we can bring partners so I estimate they'll be around 350 people there. I'm not sure how formal the party is... on one hand it's in an event hall in a pretty expensive place by the sea and the invitation mentions dinner and cocktails, but on the other hand the band they got to perform there are a famous rap-style band. I'm not really much of a dancing person so I won't be sweating much there I hope, but I want to choose a good perfume that won' be to overwhelming in case the place turns crowded... I'm currently debating between going for a "classy" perfume such as Black Butterfly Moon, Contemplating the Moon Through an Open Window and such... or maybe just going for a hairgloss such as Snake Oil, Implacable Beautiful Tyrant or the new Peach and Incense one... Or maybe I should go with something more "everyday" for me such as Vixen? Something fresh like Squirting Cucumbers? I don't knoooow
  10. Shirel

    Contemplating the Moon Through an Open Window

    I ordered this on a whim before the lupers came down and never really wore it out until today... OHMYGOSH anyone reading this, please know that this aged a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y It has always been in my lists as a "classy" perfume, it's the middle sister between green and snuggly Ivanushka ("Soft, velvety fur and warm musk, brushed by forest woods and dusted by dry leaves.") and the older killer-heel-with-an-elegant-black-dress Black Butterfly Moon ("Soft, deep, and luminous: Lady of the Night orchid, benzoin, opopponax, currant, black chypre, white gardenia, ambergris, damp, wooded mosses, and black lily.") In my option, it has the snuggle-ness I get from Ivanushka with the class from Black Butterfly Moon without the floral notes from the latter. When I put it on the Asian pear was at the forefront giving it a nice sweetness but soon it faded a bit into the background leaving a subtle sweet touch, the sweetness is aided by the slight milkiness of the milk accord (Though it isn't strong and didn't make me queasy at all like some BPAL milk/cream notes do) once it dried down a bit it had the air of a classy old perfume: Slightly sharp but with a musky warm cuddliness from the oakmoss, opoponax, and carrot seed mixed together. I will add that I am currently wearing this during my red week so this may work a bit differently the rest of the nice but it's always nice to find stuff I can wear at this time, I usually amp sweet during this time so this may be a bit sharper later on. Either way, this perfume seems to age really really well and I'm glad I bought a whole bottle
  11. Shirel

    Black Butterfly Moon

    This is a review for the 2013 version. I agree with other reviewers that this is very "perfume"-y, but not in a bad way at all for me! It's just that the notes are so well blended that I can't really tell them apart and that it's a "grown up" kind of scent. It's also very strong so I didn't put on a lot, but it smells lovely on me. It's dark-ish but sweet and with a bit of a peppery kick to it. After a while i can also smell the green of the mosses. This is the kind of perfume I'd wear to a fancy gala night while wearing an elegant black/dark purple dress.
  12. Shirel

    Crowned With Calm Leaves She Stands

    Disclaimer- I'm testing this only a few hours after it arrived. This is a fresh and green floral. I can't say that I remember smelling narcissus or daffodils in quite a while, but while anticipating this I manged to test the L`Occitane Vanille&Narcisse perfume so I can recognize at least that in this blend. The florals in this are the white kind, and as it dries down I get another kind of old note in there. It's not unpleasant but smells more flower shop-like that way, like a bouquet of flowers rather then the field I smell at first. So this really is like someone plucked some flowers and created a diadem of them which is very impressive.
  13. Shirel

    He Too With Death Shall Dwell

    Disclaimer- I'm testing this only a few hours after it arrived. Wet- This is very violet-like somehow! But after a short while it starts getting more and more rose like. Dried down- This is very rose, the dark pink and juicy kind of rose not red, with a hint of spice/resin in it but still very sweet. I was going to write a longer review but the computer froze and I lost my train of though but the colour image I get from this is like the sky at dusk... when all the clouds are pink and the sky is slowly going from purple to dark blue. EDT- it took longer then usual, but as always the rose takes over the blend. It's a sweet juicy rose but that's about all I can smell now. This may need some aging to get all the notes out.
  14. Shirel


    Representative of the Path of Shin, connecting Hod (Splendour) with Malkuth (Kingdom), and is one of the primary ingredients in Abramelin incense and oil. In some traditions, olibanum is also a perfume of Tiphareth (Beauty), and is integral in assisting in helping one connect with their higher self. Our olibanum represents purification by fire, and possesses all the generous, expansive, radiant qualities of Sol. Eep, first reviewer well here I go! Please be advised that I'm testing this only a few hours after it arrived. First of all, this is the thickest BPAL oil I've yet to see, it's a bit sluggish in the bottle and slightly sticky when I put it on. Get a wand cap for this one! Wet: Mmm... this is kinda syrupy and lemony without being really lemon at the the same time. It actually reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to mash the cola and lemon flavoured ice lollies together to make slush. If I left it too long and it started to melt this is what it's smell (And feel a bit) like. I added on a bit more as it was really a dab from the cap and now it smells a bit sharper and more like lime then lemon. This also takes a realllly long time to absorb in the skin. Ten minutes later and I can still see it there. Dried down: This still smells lemon-limey but devolped a kind of... deeper note? The throw isn't too strong on me and I really have to huff my wrist to smell it but the syrup part smells deeper and less cola-like now. Maybe it's because I was resting my wrist on a wooden desk but it smells slightly woody as well . All in all, this will be a pretty nice layering scent, even though the throw isn't strong. I'm also curious about how this will age, if it gets any thicker they'll be no way of getting it out the bottle!
  15. Happy Happy Joy Joy smells just like Lushes Orange Blossom perfume (which is my favourite) but I haven't found any BPAL like it. Even the BPAL Orange Blossom SN isn't as sweet... Though if you want something in the same area I can suggest Vixen "Lascivious, flirtatious, and vampy as hell. A true heartbreaker’s perfume. The innocence of orange blossom tainted by the beguiling scents of ginger and patchouli." It's spicy but has that creamy orange blossom scent.