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    Fae, Noir, Bordello, The Raven, Spellbound, Snake Oil...not one I hate.

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    Sun: Aquarius, Moon: Libra, Rising: Libra, Venus: Sagittarius, Mercury: Capricorn...anything else: ask!
  1. Laivine

    Blackrayne and Black Phoenix Collide: SOAPS

    Oooh! Hoorah! I'd love Morella(my new love affair), Fae (please, please!), Snake Oil, Dana O'Shee, The Star and Spellbound! Great idea, you smell-mongers, you!
  2. Laivine

    Which Tarot fragrance is for me?

    Well, Mercury is Virgo's ruling planet...so you might want to try The Magician first and rule out the Hermit this round. I'm not sure about the others. Hmmm.
  3. Laivine

    Swallow's Blood

    Has anyone mentioned the somewhat extreme soporific qualities in this blend? To me, if I can't sleep or I'm stressed or scared...this is the stuff...the waves of scent lull me into a kind of peaceful state. Is this just me? My nappy-time scent.
  4. Laivine

    Astrology Recommendations

    Generally, I find out by looking in my tarot book... but, here's a list I copied from this site: http://www.supertarot.co.uk/lessons/01basic.htm I'm not sure if any of these are debatable in different schools of Tarot, I'm by no means anything more than a dabbler. Mayhaps whatever Elizabeth subscribes to could go on the tarot page or on the faq? I'm not sure if that'd be helpful or not. Anyhoo. Fool - Air or Uranus Magician - Mercury High Priestess - Moon Empress - Venus Emperor - Aries Hierophant - Taurus Lovers - Gemini Chariot - Cancer Strength/Lust - Leo Hermit - Virgo Fortune - Jupiter Justice - Libra Hanged Man - Water or Neptune Death - Scorpio Art/Temperance - Sagittarius Devil - Capricorn Tower - Mars Star - Aquarius Moon - Pisces Sun - Sun Aeon/Judgment - Fire or Pluto Universe/World - Saturn or Earth
  5. Laivine

    Astrology Recommendations

    Well, as I am an Aquarius Sun, Libra Rising person (try www.astro.com to find your moon sign and all the other ones...) it'd be interesting to see if we have similar tastes. I'd say...definitely go for The Star, and try Venus, Libra's ruling planet and the Raven. Definitely try air-themed scents. I've never tried Aquarius itself. I find I can't do too heavy scents or they sour on me. Florals, spicy, light, sparkly, kind of the pretty aesthetic of Libra with the slightly screwball oddity of Aquarius is my style.
  6. Laivine


    I think my review is closer to Blackrayne's. I really like Eidolon on my skin. It leaves a great herbally, natural lemon scent that is softly invigorating. Nothing puckery or lemon pledge-y about it. It's one that I don't remember to wear a lot but when I do, I'm always wowed.
  7. ----Roses and Me--- Persephone has a very sweet rose on me, but that scent is very bipolar, I find, sometimes it's way pomegranate, othertimes it's rose, but more of a golden sugared tea rose if such a thing exists. I've smelled Lucy's Kiss but sent it to a friend. I do remember it having a very unique, cultured and slightly screwy rose which I liked a lot. My roommate bought Eve and it smells wonderful on her, better, I think than it ever smelled on me when I first gave her the Imp. That one has a lot of layers and the apple is more distinctive than the rose, but I think it's a great blend. Spellbound is one of the most amazing rose scents ever. I adore it, but I can see how its not for everyone. It's really intense and the spices do make it slightly, hippie-ish, at least in my humble opinion, but it's a slinky, sexy smell for me. It makes me feel like I'm all done up and really glowing in a slightly devious way. From what I remember of Ophelia, another gift, was that the rose in it was way white and elegant, Kind of Marilyn Monroe's dress over the air grate kind of floaty white rose. Psyche, which I got lots o' compliments on, has bulgar rose which I'm not too familiar with, but it makes a great blend with the lavendar (which was for me, the dominant scent). Kind of adds a different strata for the other scents to be separated by. I've tried Sepulchre, but I haven't had enough time with it to sort out the rose from the lilies. Noir, the same, but I think Noir's so complicated that I'll never know one part from the other and must be content to love it just as it is.
  8. Laivine


    ladylatemar, that is wonderful that O has such a wildly confident effect on you. I love it too, but it makes me totally self-conscious. Probably because I think it smells way too sexed-up on me to be sitting around with my friends. It smells kind of like fresh, happy, sex and when I wear it I'm distracted with myself. I mean, it's very real but not gross at all. I think this is a good couple-type scent rather than a seductress scent as it applies to my chemistry.
  9. Laivine

    Input, please!

    Name [Krista B. or Laivine (Krista in Sindarin Elvish) or Quickie (long story) ] URL, if applicable: www.quickiegirl.diaryland.com or www.livejournal.com/users/laivine Photo, non currently available, but I can get one pretty easy if you need it. Sin of choice [Glusty, I'm a lustful glutton or a gluttonous lustbody, not much for the other ones] Virtue you embody: deep empathy coupled with a timely ability to keep my mouth shut, oh yeah, and I'm modest too! Astrological Info: Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon and Rising How you found out about BPAL: Bust Board and then, directly afterwards, I morphed into a giant nose, smelling anything and everything. Any comments you'd like to add about the Lab or life in general: Um, that I love it the lab? That it inspires me, that it makes me feel good, that I want to share it, that I want to help it grow? Say that just knowing about BPAL now, at this budding stage, makes me feel really special. And those first e-mails made me feel as if this was a company that gave a real damn that I was happy...which, frankly, blew my mind. And was I happy, hot damn. I wear Phantom Queen and I own the fucking room which is unusual for me. I adore it, I always want it to be a part of my life. If there's ever a BPAL fan club, I want in.
  10. Laivine

    Help with samples needed.

    I don't know if Colorado's too far either, but I would so help. I'm a starving artist/college student and I need all the fun I can get. I don't need money, per se, but I have a lot of free time and a pretty easy way to get things shipped back and forth. Anyway I can help, I will do it...I mean, I'm dreaming about BPAL, I may as well do what I can to help the people who create my addiction, no?
  11. Laivine

    Bust Magazine, March 2004

    The only problem is that Bust is quarterly, and poor Elizabeth may be inundated with wrong priced orders before it can get out again. I know we've mentioned it on the Bust boards... Maybe make a big note on the front page and on the imp's ear pages?
  12. Laivine

    Home early, because I can't take the strain.

    Elizabeth, mwah. They say that the river can flow through a straw provided the straw is not at cross-purposes with the river. Just let it go through you, you'll manage. Here's me sending you some happy cheer.
  13. Laivine


    I'm more like twistygirl's version. I just put it on and there was a wonderful spiciness and powderyness and a darkness. It totally fulfills all the description and it's strange...I usually really like sweet things, but this works for me and it's not flowery or sugary at all and I adore it. Very mysterious. Very sexy. Very adult. This is not like anything post 40's. I can't even imagine a woman wearing this after WWII.
  14. Laivine

    The Star

    I'm wearing this now! And while I can vaguely smell the citrus, to me, it's much more of like a sugar cookie, coconutty, vanilla on me. But I adore it. Weird becauce normally coconut is something I absolutely DO NOT eat. On me though, it's like I've turned into a sunny glowy baked good. It's the Aquarius card and it totally makes me feel smart and independent and groovy. I agree entirely with viciousviolet when she says it makes you have an aura. It so does. It is also long lasting. Absolutely amazing.
  15. Laivine


    I second the offer of long-distance help. If there's anything I can do, be it tie tags or apply labels or keep notes, particularly anything astrological, I'd love to do it. I'm a lovely peon. I know you don't need more business necessarily right now, but if you ever needed advertising help in Colorado, I'm your girl. I blab about BPAL more than I talk about...well, anything. I'm going to be in LA at the end of this month, but I imagine a half a Friday afternoon is not going to do you much good.