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  1. sharkdiver

    Tonka Recs wanted!

    Pussy Moth has amazing Tonka! (Orange blossom honey, brown sugar, saffron, tonka absolute, and tobacco leaf.)
  2. sharkdiver

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Some of the ones I think are the most "Beachy" contain Tiare - reminds me of a tropical Island. some notes to look for: Tiare, coconut, Ambergris, ozone - some of my favorites are: Thalassa the Galapagod Mermaid (Carnival Diabolique) The Sea foams Milk (GC) Elegba (GC) Ambergris SN (LE, may be able to track down in swaps) Haumea v1 (found at the Lab's etsy page...not sure it they still have any left, but it's similar to the Coconut vanilla bean & Tiare hair gloss)
  3. sharkdiver

    dragon's blood recommendations...?

    My two favorites are Dragon's Bone, and Ladon. Dragon's Bone isn't "dry" to me, it's just beautiful - It's the scent I go to whenever I need a big dose of confidence (for example, I am in management, and I sometimes has the unpleasant duty of talking to direct reports about performance issues, or addressing complaints against one employee from another employee...in those circumstances, I need a scent that makes me feel strong, confident, and unshakable...this is the one I go for!) also - Ladon is just stunning, and one of my favorite "fall" blends because it has this gorgeous apple note in there too...it's like the Dargon's Blood version of Coral Snake!
  4. sharkdiver

    Trying to branch out!

    So I guess a good start would be to know which oils you have tried, so I can suggest some that maybe you haven't tried. Just form looking at your list, I would suggest: White Rabbit Vixen Snake Oil Haunted Visions of Autumn III (current Weenie) Coral snake (carnival diabolique - which should be coming back very soon)
  5. sharkdiver


    Yes! I love Goldenrod Crab spider - I wear it a lot in the summer! also - not a perfume oil, but the Lightning storm Hair Gloss is awesome...Lime and Yuzu. I didn't get to try Lavinia though, so I am not sure if it was "limey".
  6. sharkdiver

    Visions of Autumn III

    Finally got my mitts on a decant of this, as this was one of the blends from this year's weenies I MOST wanted to try... In the decant: I get a very soft vanilla sweetened by the honey (but not a distinct honey note) and a soft patch that smells like the same patch from Banshee Beat HOWEVER, it is so much softer, that it almost could pass as Oud. The cinnamon is also a dry woody cinnamon (more like a cinnamon stick) than the spicy "red hot" type of cinnamon. I wouldn't compare it with Banshee Beat, Nor Feed Me and Fill Me with Pleasure, as it's very much it's own scent. (To me, BB was very a gorgeous vanilla with a backdrop of woodsy patch, and Feed me and Fill me was Mainly Patch SN on me, sweetened up by the honey, where as say, Tricksy is very much Patch and Honey fairly equally.) It's all about ratios here! Wet: very much the same as in the decant...not much changes when first applied. Dry: This scent to me, gives me the same "warm and fuzzies" that Ivanushka gives me (not that they smell anything alike - they don't!) it's just one of those scents that makes you feel like you've been wrapped in a soft woolen blanket - it's COZY. as for the notes, the vanilla is so soft and subtle, and slightly sweet form the honey, but it's not as if I would sniff this and think "Vanilla!" those two notes really just provide a softcozy backdrop. The patch is also very subtle and soft, and mingles almost imperceptibly with the dry cinnamon. If you took banshee beat, and diluted it WAY down to a much more softer and subtle level, and then took out the prominance of the vanilla - you'd have Visions of Autumn III. It is a VERY well blended scent!
  7. sharkdiver

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Thank you! I'll have to add these to my *must try* decant list!!
  8. sharkdiver

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I can really only make 3 suggestions based on your love of Shub, which I also share - you may or may not have already tried these, but if not, I HIGHLY recommend: Pickled Imp (carnival Diabolique), Mopsfledermaus (one of the Bat's day exclusives...you may be able to track down a decant or bottle), and Shark tooth (Dragon con 2014 exclusive) - all three of these seem like they are all in the same family as Shub, but all are slightly different. Pickled Imp, is even more foody than Shub, as they both start off foody, pickled imp stays foody, where Shub (at least on me) settles into this glorious ginger incense. Mopsfledermaus has more of that ginger incense feel from Shub, though with brown sugar and molasses added into the mix. it's a little foody, but no where near like what pickled imp is. Lastly, Shark tooth starts of as ambergris, but it morphs into this cinnamon/ginger-esque note that is lovely - it's a very strange blend, but Like I said, if you like any of those blends, you would like it! I'm going to ask for a more complicated recommendation for me! I LOVE red musk heavy blends, and would love recommendations from past lupers/shungas that may fit this bill. Things from our lady of Pain, or any past Lupers collections etc, since I only tried one of those which was not a red musk blend (feed me and fill me with pleasure). I have already tried: womb furie, L'Essence de la passion, and Smut - and I have a ton of weenie red musk blends, so I am specifically looking for Luper blends!
  9. sharkdiver

    Chaos Theory Hair Gloss

    My bottle is labeled XIX This has the same spun sugar note as silky bat and Go to Sleep, Darlings...LOVE! It seems like it also has a base of a vanilla along the same vein as Black Opal... I wish I could hoard this because it's stunning!!
  10. sharkdiver

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    I haven't tried Autumn cider, but if you are looking for a real apple smell, Have you tried Poisoned apple? It starts off fresh juicy *real* apple, and as it dries the hemlock comes out more giving it more of an herbal/apple. My favorite apple scents though are: Ladon (GC) Coral Snake (Carnival Diabolique) Glittering Apple of the Stars (LE Weenie from 2011) - there were several other apples in this collection that year too, but I haven't tried them. Snow Glass and Apples (LE Gaimen) also - if you can find a fairy, you may want to see about snagging one of the event exclusives from NYCC happening now, since those scents are ALL about apples! Here's the descriptions: ONE PALE WOMAN Apple and white mint layered with tobacco flower, pink pepper, white jasmine, bourbon vanilla, orange blossom, and champaca flower. DAYLIGHT KISSING HER WAN HAIR White pear, honeyed apple, ambrette seed, star anise, and a drop of clove. THE GAS LAMPS’ FLARE Glistening red apple and a drift of dark, smoky black copal, saffron, galbanum, sweet orange rind, and myrrh. LIPS OF FLAME AND HEART OF STONE Red musk and red apple with bourbon vanilla, tobacco absolute, Indonesian red patchouli, black clove, and khus.
  11. sharkdiver

    Survival horror!

    I don't have any scent suggestions, but if you like survival horror games, the tell-tale games version of walking dead is awesome...I got very emotionally invested! Season 2 is already in progress...
  12. sharkdiver

    Sweet, manly woodsmoke scent

    If you can get your hands on Burning Book SN, that is perfect, IMO... The smoke isn't too overwhelming, it;s just perfect, and sweetened by a vanilla/paper note, but it's not overly sweet. There is also the leather, which again, is not overwhelming - it's just perfect. I feel it's very Unisex, as I can totally see a guy wearing it, but I also like it layer it with Snake Oil.
  13. sharkdiver

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    Glittering Apple of the Stars is one of my favs...it was a Halloweenie from 2011 I think... Glittering Apple of the Stars: Heirloom Malus, ylang ylang, white and blue musks, crystallized vanilla, tiare, frangipani, and bergamot.
  14. sharkdiver

    What's the best coconut blend?

    I should mention - when I mentioned aged Elegba, I have a 10ml Blue cobalt bottle from 2006...it's 8 years old and DIVINE. It's all creamy sugared coconut - the booziness is toned WAY down, and almost in the background at this point. I've gotten so many compliments on it when I wear it, and it's AWESOME for layering if you want to add a little coconut to another blend. If you have an imp, or bottle, seriously just put it away for a LONG time...it'll become incredible, I promise! Alainn - if you're looking for a toasted coconutty scent vs the creamy vanilla/coconut one, I'd look for blends containing Black Coconut. Those seem to be the more "nutty" coconut blends to my nose rather than the sun tan lotion types. some good recommendations would be: Death Adder: Snake Oil with vetiver, black coconut, vanilla, and opoponax. Totally a bonus if you love Snake Oil too! Although it is an LE, the Carnival should be coming back *soon* Goblin: Black coconut, gnarly patchouli, and sweet benzoin - GC item in Diabolus
  15. sharkdiver

    Shark Tooth

    The Ambergris is definitely the strongest player here on initial application. As it dries, The ambergris fades a little into the background. I am getting that "cinnamon" note that people are describing, only I don't read it as cinnamon (I think it's the cedar and ambrette seed making this happen). as it dries, it (surprisingly) has a similar yet less strong feel as Mopsfledermaus from the Bat's day scents a couple years back - and feels like it could be a distant cousin to Shub-Niggurath without the foody aspect (that cinnamon/ginger/musk is what I pick up) Love this! so glad I got a bottle!