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    Vanilla, sandalwood, dragon's blood, light rose, white, dark and red musk, amber, lavendar, cocoa, cherry, bergamot, ginger, patchouliTHE SHADOWY & THE SUBLIME, HECATE, SMUT, JOYFUL MOON, MME. MORIARTY, MIDNIGHT KISS, VOODOO, RED LACE, MYSTERIOUS WARNING, SNAKE OIL, MOROCCO, ODE ON MELANCHOLY, LILITH VICTORIA, HALOES, BLACK OPAL, ZORYA, PINK SNOWBALLS, Ugh, so many wonderful scents!...Notes of doom are usually orange blossom, jasmine, white cocoa, oud, cedar or Egyptian musk, grapefruit


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  1. Lorna Brigid

    Pomegranate IV

    So after my shower tonight, I grabbed from my imp ammo case, and happened to grab this. I must’ve gotten this as a frimp sometime, or I got it as a decant in one of the first decant circles I bought from in 2010... Well, normally I avoid anise and licorice notes, they’re too strong for me. But over time the anise must’ve mellowed, because now this is amazing!!! Sweet juicy Pom and red musk, with a little cocoa and tobacco. Very nice!!!
  2. Lorna Brigid

    Hot, arid scents

    I know I'm late to this party, but I'm throwing in a rec for Nemesis, in the GC. That smells like arid dry heat to me for sure!
  3. Lorna Brigid

    A Commentary

    Zee's review is spot on! The red musk is always there in the background, stepping to the forefront now and then, with the vetiver going back and forth. It's a smoky, but not charred vetiver. I don't get much from the apricot. The clove is there too, but it's not annoying clove, it just melds with the vetiver into the red musk. It was "Hoooo!" On wet, but on dry down it is reminding me of an old favorite: The Living Flame.
  4. Lorna Brigid

    Venus Libitina

    Cherrycherry (Appropriate name for this scent's review) hit it dead on, " It's like a black cherry, cream and rosewater dessert with a soft, boozy undertone." Tallgrrl78 likened this to Pink Snowballs with black cherry, and I was happy to hear that as i love Pink Snowballs. I haven't had good luck finding a good cherry Bpal (I'd love to get my hands on Bloody Mary), and Libitina does not disappoint me!! I totally get the Pink Snowballs vibe, and it mingles strangely with the black cherry and is beautiful and unique! I can't stop huffing my arms cuz I'm not used to it yet! SO PRETTY! I'm not a HI I AM ROSE! lover, so this is just perfection to me. It stays close to the skin on me, too. Throw is not very strong...Well, it seems to last well, and feels fairly strong, but it doesn't waft too far from me.
  5. Lorna Brigid

    Aristocratic Couple

    I was worried about the cardamom in this, because I didn't much care for Sachs. However, I love this!!!! Aristorcratic Couple is everything I wished of Love's Philosophy, or Harp of Corvair or something or nother.... It's like Underpants's innocent younger sister, that was brought up on the Upper West Side. Soft, sweet and sophisticated without being cloying. Yum!! I'm amending this initial review because this morning when I put this on for a full day skin test, it smells so much like my beloved Haloes!! This must the same apricot note. LOVE THIS!! It is so soft it fades fast on my skin, though. I just put my nose right in the crook of my elbow where I applied it generously this morning, and it is already gone. It's 12:06 pm.
  6. Lorna Brigid

    So Below

    I first got to try this in late December/early January. I did not have any money in December to be able to purchase a bottle, because I was still catching up from being on a medical leave from work, but I would have liked to. Now oh, I wish I would have!!! I tried it from a swap box in a tester, and fell in love, and felt the NEEEEEEED for a bottle....You know, that intense craving you get for a scent, that craving that so rarely hits so hard.... Was DISO for several weeks, til a kind Forumite let me buy her bottle. SO Below is SO good....... Warm, sweet, smoky, creamy....This patch does not go pungent on me, thanks to the cardamom, the patch keeps it from being too foody, and the coconut is more like a body butter, like what was said above......Just, ugh!!! Soooo beautiful and comforting with a shmexy side.... sooooo goooooood.....*eyes roll back in my head*
  7. Lorna Brigid

    Mary Shelley

    I was curious about this scent, mainly for the absinthe and Victorian oriental perfume portions. On me, I get mostly laudanum, some of the absinthe with a hint of ozone.... and the rest of it I can't quite name! This actually reminds me of a bottle of perfume I had as a child! Seriously! I can see and feel it in my mind. It was about an 8 or 10 inch plastic bottle that had a patchwork style calico blue dress with an apron on it held on by the elastic in it. The cap had a hard foam ball with a felt or nylon fabric for the head with yarn hair and a straw hat on it. So I am not sure what those notes are that were in it, but this is a pleasant scent. Thanks for the throwback to my memory!
  8. Lorna Brigid

    Tarantula Fascinator

    Finally, a chocolate/cocoa bpal that doesn't go wonky on me!!! The cocoa wafts around, sweetened by the hay and nutmeg, and even more by the plum, which comes out in the wet stage on my skin. Oh pretty plum!! I wuvs you!! To keep it from being too cloyingly sweet, the sandalwood comes in and tempers the two heavyweights; cocoa and plum. the sandalwood acts as a buffer between the two, balancing it all out. I love this scent. SO glad I got a bottle of it from a swap!
  9. Lorna Brigid

    Coffee House?

    I second the Pumpkin V and El dia de los Reyes scents!! I've owned them both, and they are the coffeeist bpals I've ever smelled.
  10. Lorna Brigid

    Sin in the Pumpkin Patch

    I'm glad you guys above are pleased. Sadly, all the hype I built myself up with on this....I dreamed about this blend before they were released, so I was sure it was going to be amazeballs on me. I received my bottle a couple days ago..... I can smell the patch and that classic Sin, along with a creamy pumpkin. SEXY PUMPKIN, INDEED! However, it is all covered with a smoggy layer of cinnamon. Now mind you, it is a good cinnamon; no burning or stinging or hurting your skin or nose...this cinnamon plays nice....except that it is there in the first place give me a sad. I didn't want this to smell like a cinnamon roll.
  11. Lorna Brigid

    Signior Dildo

    2013 version: I looked so forward to getting this one. Crystalline musk and I are good friends. However, this is one of those cases where Beth captures the scent of something so perfectly and titles it aptly! Signor Dildo smells exactly like a rubber dildo or a condom covered dick to my nose. *sigh* My perfume is getting more action than I am.
  12. Lorna Brigid

    The Zadok Allen Vineyard

    Plum? Black cherry? Rose petals? Coffee bean? Yes please to all!! These are some of my favorite notes!! Alas, this stuff is 90 proof! Whoah, if I got pulled over wearing this, I'd get a breathalizer for sure. I can't get any of the lovely notes out of this because the wine overpowers all of it. I haz sad face.
  13. Lorna Brigid


    This is a beautiful mix of buttery chestnut, white musk and peppered with soft wildflowers! One of my best friends is named Cristina, spelled exactly the same way, and she was thrilled when I gave her a bottle of this for her birthday one year. She is also Romanian, I might add! Beautiful scent for a beautiful person.
  14. Lorna Brigid


    This is the bpal quintessential holiday apples and cinnamon scent! And to be honest, the only apple or cinnamon scent that actually works on my skin! Neither one is more prominent than the other, and it works and smells more natural than any apple cinnamon at the craft store. That is probably due to the ginger, milk and ale notes to round it out.
  15. Lorna Brigid

    The Lurid Library

    I looked forward to trying the Lurid Library, and finally got my chance with the 2012 Weenies. Honestly, this is all dust and Chanel No. 5 to me!! It is pleasant for sure, but I think all I need is the imp. This is not something I reach for.