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  1. White sandalwood, sweet incense, cypress, ambrette seed, champaca, and lotus pods. This is a close to the skin scent. The star of the show is the Lotus and every component adds to it. Very feminine and soft perfume. If you like soft floral scents then this is for you.
  2. DJ Sin

    John Watson

    I didn't think this would work for me but surprisingly my adored it. It was like sexy tweed and lime!
  3. DJ Sin

    Jiggery Pokery

    I get upscale bubblegum with a back note of orange creamsicles. This one is fun! Not something I'd pick on my own but I had to get a decant to try it!
  4. DJ Sin

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    # 249 I am guessing lavender, tonka and orchid. Very floral!
  5. DJ Sin

    Chaos Theory VII: Animalic

    # 79 first impression ambergris and vanilla!
  6. DJ Sin

    Chaos Theory VII: Gourmand

    I got decant #248 I am getting caramel, vanilla and sage from this one. on my skin is just sweet and sexy! I love it
  7. DJ Sin

    Laura Belle McDaniel

    Beth artistry outshines itself with Laura Belle McDaniel and this is a really complex and beautiful blend. The best way to summarize this blend is gunsmoke spicy florals. It dries down to a spicy vanilla floral on me. The vetiver is gritty and smoky and reads as gunpowder to me. It brings up memories of gun shooting with my father in Colorado Mountains. My biggest regret is not hoarding another bottle of two of this. (Sorry Midnight Aeval!)
  8. DJ Sin

    Upon Man and Upon Beast

    This is almost a single note of patch with a cherry top note that fades away. I am love with this one!
  9. DJ Sin

    Smite All Thy Borders with Frogges

    Reminds me of Karme. So if you're a fan of Karme, run to buy this. Otherwise if you're not a fan of Karme, well then, you may not like this one. sadly, not a fan of this one.
  10. DJ Sin

    Revenant Rhythm Hair Gloss

    This is the longest lasting smelling HG EVAR!!!!!!! OMG hoard worthy.....no, NO NOT hoard worthy. You don't wan't this HG I swear, it the devil!!!!!! *snicker* this is divine!
  11. DJ Sin

    Chaos Theory Hair Gloss

    After swapping decants I ended up with Scapula HG and Chaos Theory XXX V|| Scapula is dark fruits plums and black currants with vanilla cake. Its sooooo gorgeous! Chaos Theory XXX V|| is the hairgloss equivalent to Mare Nectaris! Its starts off pretty boozy but then calms down to a gorgeous peach. Perfect for summer hair!!!
  12. DJ Sin

    Aspen-Leaves and Fears Hair Gloss

    This is my second favorite HG from the Lupers this year. Very close to number one. It is heavy on the red musk and saffron with a touch of honey. Honey is soft and light and is overshadowed by the musk. This bares a strong resemblance to the Red Shirt Diaries HG that came out a few months ago.
  13. DJ Sin

    Black Vanilla and Cardamom Hair Gloss

    This is my favorite from this years Lupers and the one I was most hesitate to try because I am not a tobacco fan. Its a spicy vanilla on me! Love!!!!! After trying my decant, I ordered a full bottle immediately. This will layer really with Aristocratic Couple.
  14. DJ Sin

    Tanuki No Hikifune

    The drydown is amazing! Straight from the decant it was in your face fruity. Its a bit overpowering, however the drydown is sweet and yummy.
  15. DJ Sin

    Bourbon Vanilla Bath Oil

    It has a root beer smell to it when first applied to my skin. After that I get vanilla extract. I am a fan of this bath oil. Its rich and lovely.