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BPAL Madness!

Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

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For Devil's Nightcap, give Kinoko a try. It's sweeter but the minute I put it on I thought "oh, this is Devil's Nightcap! But better!"


I have a sample of that one!

I'll have to re-test it now that it's had time to settle and see if it has the components I like from DNC

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I just bought Jareth, and at first I thought "oh my God, it's Twilight!" But when I compare it to my Sleepy lotion from Lush (which I believe is supposed to be Twilight but lotion form?) Jareth is slightly more fresh and linen-y. The sweetness of twilight is still there, but, yeah, it's just ever so slightly more fresh instead of that warmth you get from Twilight. I still like it though! Maybe since it's fresher, it won't make me sleepy when I wear it during the day lol.

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I came here to ask about two, and one of them (Jungle) had some responses throughout this thread already, but does anyone have suggestions for something that smells like Lush's Sleepy soap? 


I had never tried their products until I got those two this Christmas and I love them. I've been on a lavender kick lately and I know BPAL has a number of lavender blends, but I struggle breaking down the particulars of a smell based on descriptions. Any help?


Edit to add: I just realized twilight is = to sleepy so the comment two up has one solution! Any others?



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