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  1. deadlyves

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Is there anything similar to Bath and Body Works "A Thousand Wishes" (Pink Prosecco, Sparkling Quince, Crystal Peonies, Gilded Amber, Amaretto Crème)?
  2. deadlyves

    Juke Joint

    I am pleasantly surprised. I didn't think I would like it and I thought I didn't like mint, but this is making me question that! I got this as a frimp when I bought Resistance and Theoi Nomioi, and funny enough when I first smelled it I recognized the bourbon from Resistance and what must be the bit of mint/snow in Theoi Nomioi. As others have said, the mint in this is herby. It is quickly followed and complimented by the sugar and as it dries down I get more of a smoky bourbon. It does get a little powdery on me, but not much. I expected the bourbon/mint combo to come across a lot more boozy or alcohol-y, but it is not at all on me. Instead it is warm, kind of bright, kind of sweet, and a happy surprise! I don't know that I like it enough to buy a full size, but I will definitely enjoy this imp. EDIT: I spoke too soon. About an hour later it's turned into a boozy mint and lost the herby mint and smoky bourbon
  3. deadlyves

    Snow Scents!

    I don't have an answer, but would be interested in knowing as well since that one comes up a lot!
  4. deadlyves

    Snow Scents!

    Thank you! I just read some of the reviews, and it definitely seems like a contender for what I'm looking for!
  5. deadlyves

    Snow Scents!

    A revival as I anticipate my first possible Yule purchase(s)! I'm from the Chicago area and looking for something that reminds me of dusk on a chilly snowy day in the middle of winter, but isnt piney (I'm from the suburbs, no woods!) or super minty. I do want a bit of sharp/chilly air type smell, though. I know Snowflakes Are Delicious is inspired by snow in Chicago, but I don't feel like coconut is fitting. I'm new to BPAL and havent tried anything with a snow note and I'm not really sure what BPAL snow will smell like. Any recommendations?