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  1. deadlyves


    I get cereal milk with a bit of very soft florals. Its sweet and rounded out by the cream but not too thick. I think I expected the amber, florals, and maybe the wheat from keeping it from going too foodie, but that's not the case for me. My partner also took one sniff and said "cereal!", its been hard to pick out much else. That being said, it's been sitting for a while and is less foodie than when I first got it, the peony (I think?) is coming out more. As someone who wouldnt go for something described as cereal milk, it is oddly pleasant especially as the floral starts to peek through. It feels very dreamy and feminine to me.
  2. deadlyves

    Burnt Sugar & Blackberry

    I agree with the sense of warm baked something here. A little jammy, the caramlization of the sugar makes me imagine some spices there, too. It starts a bit candied but that goes away and becomes sweet, warm, dark, jammy, almost spiced blackberry.
  3. deadlyves


    A lovely bouquet, most of which I dont recognize, with incense floating on the breeze. Something comes off sweettart sugary at first but that fades pretty early on. I also think there's some carnation in these flowers. The incense is soft and balanced with the rest of the blend. I love this combination. Really pleasant, joyful, and love the painting it is based on.
  4. deadlyves

    High School Hair

    Wet and in the bottle, there can be a bit of a grapey gummy scent that (thankfully for me) doesn't stick around on the skin. Sometimes, the wine note is a bit too fruity on me, but I love the way this plays with the musk and chestnut to make it warm and soft. It's a very smooth, dark red wine with clove adding a nice level of spice. I often have a really bad time with red musk, so I wasnt sure what direction the merlot musk would go. Whatever is going on here, it works for me so if youre not into red musk this may still work for you too. Its a gorgeous wine scent. If I didnt already have a lot of Mulled Wine and Wool Blanket left, I'd definitely go for more of this.
  5. deadlyves

    Summer Rain

    I usually try to stay away from more herbal lavender blends, but im continuously curious about lavender rain scents. This is lavender forward on me with the other notes defining the character of that lavender. Its herbal and lightly mineralic, but its not nearly as sharp or medicinal as some other herbal-leaning lavender blends. I dont get any coconut milk as such, but I think thats probably whats taking the edge off. It is my favorite rain scent so far, aquatic in a way that is reminiscent of the world after a warm rain though I wouldnt say it is a mimic of that smell. Very pleasant, clean, and soothing!
  6. deadlyves

    Mallow Flower, Honeysuckle, and Vanilla Bean

    When I first did a goblin sniff of this, it was ALL mallow flower and vanilla. A proper skin test is bringing out more honeysuckle, but it still starts off hidden behind some fluffy, white sweetness. I know it's mallow flower and not marshmallow, but the sweet vanilla thrown in does make me think of marshmallows a little bit. After a while, it balances out more between the three. The sweetness is toned down a little bit and it becomes more of a soft yellow as opposed to white floofs, it makes me imagine a gentle honeysuckle tea with vanilla cream. Definitely a springtime vibe. Haven't gotten a good sense of the throw yet, but when I did my first goblin test it had a surprising throw. I could smell the tiny dab on my arm through my sweater all night.
  7. deadlyves

    Final Girl

    Im in the same boat as katharina. Im getting vanilla, marshmallow, and the honey. Honey can sometimes be a bit too much for me, and its doing that here. Because of that and the tiny bit of currant showing up, it has a hint of red gummy candy on me that I dont love. The longer it sits, the more that fades which is nice. I wasn't getting much noticeable clove, but I put some more on and its there. Its making things a bit darker. This overall is a wonderful interpretation of the picture it's based on, always amazed at how BPAL can do that. I was really excited for this one, but I think my troubles with honey are getting in the way of loving this. There's still some potential for me, ageing might just do the trick.
  8. deadlyves

    Skeleton Hands

    Starts off strong on the hazelnut and bourbon cream, but the smell gets drier as it dries on the skin. The sandalwood and oak bark start to come out more and the nutty, creamy sweetness that it starts with fades to the back. Im not great at picking our frankincense or myrrh but i think im catching them rounding it out. Im not sure what the tattoo ink is meant to be, so not sure if or where thats showing up, nothing too dark sticking out. Overall its both creamy from the earlier notes and dusty from the woods, a light brown, warm, cozy scent. Its not too foodie on me. I love sandalwood blends so this is a favorite for me. I think folks who like Brown Jenkin or Partridges in the Snow would enjoy this one.
  9. deadlyves

    Dead Leaves And Horchata

    Not what I expected, but still rather good! I was hoping for a strong rice milk and cinnamon, but I can't say I would pick out rice milk here. At first, this smells strongly of the lemony sugar note similar to whats in the March 13 or Wellerman but with some dry spice. The dead leaves aren't as recognizable as past years, but I think they're bringing some of the brightness that is making it seem like that lemon sugar. That fades after a few minutes on the skin and it becomes more about the soft, dry cinnamon and some sort of creamy something, though still wouldn't pick it out as rice milk based on the few times I've tried it. What I assume are the leaves settle in at the base and still bring a gentle touch of brightness. This is a good blend for a sunnier fall day when the colors are vibrant and changing. It's light, not too sweet, and comfy.
  10. deadlyves

    Dead Leaves, Praline, and Sheer Vanilla

    I had hoped that this would be in a similar family as Dead Leaves, Marshmallow, Pistachio Cream. I wouldn't say it is, though. Initially, the vanilla (and possibly how it's playing with the pecan) was going plasticky on me. After a few days of sitting, its already less plastic so I'm hopeful that it will go away entirely soon enough. This is pretty dry, the vanilla is very thin so its not getting too creamy. I primarily get the nutty scent of the praline, but no brown sugar which I expected to be there. It's not as sweet as I expected, and lighter, too. I'm not getting dead leaves as I know it, so I'm not sure how that's playing together here, but it does seem similar to the DL in the horchata blend from this year. It might be adding to the dryness. This smells much nicer as it wafts around than it does when I sniff my wrist directly, which in the past has been a good sign that it will age well. I'm on the fence on this blend right now and very curious where it'll go from here. I think there's potential for it to become very pleasant!
  11. deadlyves

    Gooped Familiar

    Right off the bat I get a big goop of black musk backed by amber with a layer of spice on top. As it settles, it becomes less goopy, I think because the hay and catnip are coming out, soaking it up, and adding a layer that is reminiscent of dry fall grass. It doesn't dry out completely, though, and in fact maintains a bit of a duality to it between the rounder, sweeter notes and the dryer notes. The spices are gorgeous and the way it all plays together gives it a smoky feel. BPAL's cinnamon bark is always a winner for me. I can't pick out cedarwood in particular, but I bet that is also playing a role in creating this woodsmoke vibe. It is in the same family as other cat blends like Small Brown Cat and It Was Just a Cat, but it is darker- definitely a black cat here. I havent tried a lot of weenies from this year yet, but I think this will be my favorite. Its the kind of atmospheric fall scent that reminds me of a late October evening, always my favorite blends.
  12. deadlyves

    Mulled Wine and a Wool Blanket

    So so good. It starts out a bit grapey on me, which had me worrying, but that quickly fades into a darker, deeper wine. Theres a bit of spiced warmth and smoke that blends really well with what has come to be the expected "wool blanket" or sweater smell. A tiny bit laundry-ish (not a bad thing for me) but probably the least so out of all the similar blends Ive tried. I absolutely love this one and I cant stop sniffing it!
  13. deadlyves

    White Clover, Elderflower, and Apple

    A crisp green apple, some floral, and a but of a sort of sweet grassy smell that I assume is the floral. At first, it reminded me a lot of Green, but then the elderflower and clover came out a bit more making it a warmer blend. Its a very pretty spring/summer choice!
  14. A solid blend of all three notes. It's warm, spicy, and deep. I dont get any particular associations with this, just exactly what it says it is and I love it!
  15. deadlyves

    Budding Realization

    A dusty, dry, gently spiced rose blend. It has a strong throw for such a soft scent, i could smell it through my sweater and caught it on the air as I went about my day. I get an even distribution of rose and the other notes, clearly a rose scent but also clearly sandalwood and clove in particular. Hours later, when its more faded, it sweetens up just a bit. Very nice, delicate, and well suited for the concept of "budding realizations." I feel like this would be a great perfume for moments when mindfulness and purpose are the goal. Editing to add that a few weeks later that sweetness comes forth a bit earlier. Everything I said above is still true, but an additional layer of a creamy sweetness comes out. Probably the honey amber showing up a bit more, though not more prominent than the rest.