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  1. deadlyves

    Mulled Wine and a Wool Blanket

    So so good. It starts out a bit grapey on me, which had me worrying, but that quickly fades into a darker, deeper wine. Theres a bit of spiced warmth and smoke that blends really well with what has come to be the expected "wool blanket" or sweater smell. A tiny bit laundry-ish (not a bad thing for me) but probably the least so out of all the similar blends Ive tried. I absolutely love this one and I cant stop sniffing it!
  2. deadlyves

    White Clover, Elderflower, and Apple

    A crisp green apple, some floral, and a but of a sort of sweet grassy smell that I assume is the floral. At first, it reminded me a lot of Green, but then the elderflower and clover came out a bit more making it a warmer blend. Its a very pretty spring/summer choice!
  3. A solid blend of all three notes. It's warm, spicy, and deep. I dont get any particular associations with this, just exactly what it says it is and I love it!
  4. deadlyves

    Budding Realization

    A dusty, dry, gently spiced rose blend. It has a strong throw for such a soft scent, i could smell it through my sweater and caught it on the air as I went about my day. I get an even distribution of rose and the other notes, clearly a rose scent but also clearly sandalwood and clove in particular. Hours later, when its more faded, it sweetens up just a bit. Very nice, delicate, and well suited for the concept of "budding realizations." I feel like this would be a great perfume for moments when mindfulness and purpose are the goal. Editing to add that a few weeks later that sweetness comes forth a bit earlier. Everything I said above is still true, but an additional layer of a creamy sweetness comes out. Probably the honey amber showing up a bit more, though not more prominent than the rest.
  5. deadlyves

    The Poinsettia Gown

    Like rose and jasmine marshmallows. Thick, sweet, not as red as I expected. It is indeed very floral. Not much else to say! A lovely sweet cream floral blend.
  6. deadlyves

    Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning

    This is mostly hay, a gentle (not candy) peach, and a light musk on me. Theres a tiny touch of orris and a floral sweet that may be the carnation (not sure how rooibos smells) that unerlie the scent. Its very soft other than a bit of scratchy hay. I kept thinking I wanted a peaches and cream scent, but when I tried the dragon con peaches they were too sweet for frequent wear (dont get me wrong, theyre still great). This is like a non-gourmand interpretation of peaches and cream. Not a ton of throw or wear time on me, but its great for a day that just needs something gentle.
  7. deadlyves


    In the imp, its all super sugary buttercream. When it dries, its more smoky stick dipped in buttercream! Not much chai, but still warm and comforting. Some extra spice would have really set this over the top, but I still really like this and it hits the niche I was hoping for. I should also note that the smoke note often goes too strong on me, but this stays in check. Honey can also go bad on me pretty easily, but theres only a hint of honey here.
  8. deadlyves

    Thirteen: LVB

    Lots of strawberry, cotton candy, and baked goods on first application. Strawberry and cotton candy fades and a bit of popcorn and bread comes out still backed by other baked goods. As you might expect, this morphs a lot. Theres persistently some baked goods but the florals and the strawberry which came back add to it. This is really fun! Its a lot more wearable than I expected, too. If the majority of the list sounds good to you, you'll probably like it.
  9. deadlyves

    A Place of Seeing

    A Place of Seeing is my favorite lilith this year so far. Gorgeous! In the imp, its all vanilla cream flowers, but the sandalwood comes out a lot once on. Its soft, sweet, woody, and full but not loud. The florals arent as individually recognizable on because it all blends so well, though it comes and goes as it morphs. (As for bergamot, I've never been good at picking it out and this is no exception.) Im not sure what else to say about this one other than I love it!
  10. deadlyves

    My Wise Beauty

    My Wise Beauty is exactly what it claims to be. I get more amber than sandalwood, but they're both clearly there. Warm, dry, dusty, comforting, and dark golden.
  11. deadlyves

    The Empress and Their Heckhound

    Mostly vanilla, sandalwood, and hazelnut. I think the sandalwood is what is bringing it back from being foody and giving it a perfumey/candle quality (not in a bad way, just a fragrance vs a treat). Not getting much coconut, but that could easily be mixed in with the vanilla. Theres a period where i can maybe pick out lavender, but not easily. This is a sweet, warm blend that is somehow fun and upbeat. The hazelnut/sandalwood combo reminds me of partridges in the snow.
  12. deadlyves

    Winds of Autumn

    I dont often blind bottle anymore, but I did order a bottle of this right off the bat and I do not regret it! My favorite weenie from this year so far, though I still have some testing to do. Winds of Autumn reminds me of a mix between Dead Leaves on Fire (the leaves and smoke), Apple Butter Rum (dark spiced apple), and Falling Leaves Moon (specifically the cinnamon and DL combo). Its warm, thick, spiced apple with smoke and sandalwood pulling it out of the gourmand. No burn from the cinnamon, though I never react too strongly to it. Smoke can often go to a weird maple place on me, but it's really nice in this blend. The DL are there in the background as a pairing, not sharp or cologney up front. This is warm and comforting and fall, very thick and rounded, mostly apple/smoke/cinnamon up front. I love it!
  13. deadlyves

    Ivy Twining Around Discarded Skull

    Ivy Twining is much more fresh than I expected based on the dark adjectives in the description. Its hard for me to pick out the particular notes. It's very herbacious and green. The petals come across adding a floral note. No incense, a touch of sandalwood in drydown, ivy but without the berries, and no leaves as I know them. Im going to give this some extra time to settle and come back to it. I'm hoping it darkens up some, or that some of those other notes come out more. Ill update this when i test it again. Edit: OKAY so a few months later, I get some smoky incense that darkens it up some. Its still very ivy heavy, very green, but not as much of the "fresh" feeling that it had. Now it has more of the depth and mix of notes that I'd hoped for. I like this much better now than I did when I first got it!
  14. deadlyves

    Floral Sheet Ghost

    Floral Sheet Ghost is all sharp pineapple in the imp. The rose and peony come out on the skin and soften it. This smells like someone cut up a pineapple near a bouquet of flowers, but even though the pineapple mess has since been cleaned up, you can still smell it. Florals with just a drop of pineapple juice. There's maybe a tiiiiny bit of carnation underneath it all lending a bit of warmth, but I wouldn't have picked it (or strawberry) out without reading the notes. The rose is fairly sweet comparing to other rose blends, though, so that might be the strawberry stained part. Overall, this is a soft, bright, and happy sugary floral. Editing to add that the carnation does come out some more as it sits.
  15. deadlyves

    Vanilla Wafers and Peach Cream

    This smells very different when I first put it on vs after it sits a bit. At first, it's very peach with some darker tone that I cant really identify. It starts off much more gourmand. Then that candy peach smell is still there but it's not syrupy or sticky, so the cream part must be coming through. This doesnt actually read as overly gourmand or foodie to me once it dries down. Perhaps it's just because I expected it to be a little over the top in that direction. The vanilla wafers are adding a foundation of warm, thick, only slightly vanilla toastiness.