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  1. deadlyves

    The Things We Do Make Echoes

    I adore this and need to get my hands on more. Its a big, rich, creamy smoothie with mango up front and what Ive recently learned to identify as blackcurrant. I dont get any of the cool sharpness of eucalyptus or mint, instead theres something that is really grounding this and giving it a darker tone in the background. Still, it really is a bright orange scent, tropical but not citrusy. On a hot day, it opens up and im able to pick out some honey and maybe some ginger? But overall this just blends so smoothly into one cohesive bundle of joy.
  2. deadlyves

    Soft Reboot

    This is my first TAL. It starts off kind of sharp on me due to the lavender and salt coming through. That sharpness lasts a while and then it settles into soft sandalwood, frankincense, and palo santo, made more complex with the other additional notes (though the others dont come out in a way that I would be able to identify them). I find that, in terms of intent, it works much better for me in this settled state than it does when it is fresh and holding on to that sharpness. Since this is my first TAL, im still sorting out how exactly I want to use it, but overall I am happy to have a bottle of this.
  3. deadlyves

    Roll the Old Chariot

    Pretty much agree with what's been said. There's the nice woody oak with some metallic tang of iron and some lightly spiced sweetness from the brandy and rum. It blends really well and gives a masculine beach vibe.
  4. deadlyves

    The Wellerman

    This starts very strong on the sugar for me, but not lemony sugar which I'm grateful for. It's reminding me a lot of the sugar 13. The rum makes this a bit darker. I can't pick out the tea, it might be blending with the sugar. Overall this makes me think brown sugar with a hint of booziness that fades as it settles. After the booziness, it warms up a bit. This stays in the same sugary family as 13 for me and similar to that blend i think this would be fun to layer with, especially with what the rum is adding to it. ETA: there's a softer note that comes out after about an hour of wear that I'm attributing to the tea. This is just getting better as it goes.
  5. deadlyves

    Amber & Cardamom

    Soft, creamy, almost dry but not powdery amber blended evenly with gently spicy cardamom. Exactly the warm spicy winter scent it claims to be. Neither note dominates for me, it just depends what I focus on. Usually cardamom gives me a baked goods vibe, this one happily did not.
  6. deadlyves

    Marshmallow Snow

    I know for some this disappointed, but I really love it! I was hoping for something in the same family as NYC Snowball Fight and that's what I got. It does start strong on the piney sharp snow, but it didn't take long for that to settle for me and become sweeter, creamier, and vanilla-y. This isn't as sweet or vanilla forward as Snowball Fight, but I'm very happy with the balance in this blend. It's simple and soft, giving me a sense of pure joy and comfort. I also think it will be great for layering. I couldn't judge the wear time well, but it has lasted all day in my scent locket.
  7. deadlyves

    LOVE The Antikythera Mechanism, any suggestions?

    Disclaimer: I don't have Antikythera Mechanism on hand, so I can't test to compare. That being said, I remember Antikythera Mechanism reminding me a bit of Lyonesse. Different, but in a similar broad family to my nose. Lyonesse is more vanilla forward than AM though from what I remember. I get a sweet woodsy blend from Odin, too, but I don't know how old my imp is and how that's influencing the smell. If you want to look for some of the notes in AM specifically and haven't checked out the directory on the website yet, I suggest poking around. Great way to find perfumes that have specific notes that you're looking for! There's plenty of tobacco, woods, and vanilla throughout the catalogue.
  8. deadlyves

    Beeswax, Cedarwood & Bourbon Vanilla

    In the bottle, I get gentle vanilla and a strong beeswax. On the skin, the cedar comes out much stronger than the other two notes, but those two do round it out so it's not a sharp cedar, but soft and sweet. The longer its on, the more the cedar fades and it returns to beeswax with soft vanilla. Good throw, medium wear time.
  9. deadlyves

    An Open Grave Underneath the Heavy Leaves

    Grasses, hay, and herbs all come through. The grasses seem only partially dried, there is still a fresh greenness there. Somewhat sweet, more than I expected. This is fresh and pleasant. I kind of expected something darker to be hidden in there, but this is earlier fall or a sunny day or something. It's giving me a similar vibe of the tomato leaf menage but later in the year (not to say they smell similar, just a similar feel).
  10. deadlyves

    Please Scream Inside Your Pumpkin Patch

    I can see the french toast comparison, it feels more like that than funnel cake on me (for which I'm grateful) though there is still a hint of fried. Definitely pumpkin, but not pumpkin spice. Actually, this is probably my favorite pumpkin thing I've tried. It's a dark, comforting, sweet smell with a bit of freshness mixed in that might be the hay. Fairly good throw and wear time. While I don't think I'd reach for it enough to get a bottle, it is a decant I will thoroughly enjoy
  11. deadlyves

    It Was Just a Cat

    I get a fuzzy, soft, gently spiced brown. It's powdery in the sense that it comes across dry and, again, soft, but not like smelling baby powdery. Something is combining to smell like a gentle, baked cinnamon or some other warm spice. I wasn't sure about this at first, but it is really nice. Oddly has very little throw on me, but much stronger the next day on the clothes I was wearing and in my scent locket. I keep getting the image of a long haired cat, clean until it knocked over a spice rack and even though it shook most of the spices off, it still has a touch of the smell mixed in it's fur.
  12. deadlyves

    Dead Leaves on Fire

    On point, exactly what it says it'll be. Well balanced between the dead leaves and the smoky note. Kind of woodsy, smoky, dark, with the bit of sharpness of the dead leaves. I have a weird relationship with the smoke note that tends to go to an odd maple sweet place on me, but not this one! This is up there with October for what best encapsulates the feeling of fall for me. Very nice. Also not as strong of a throw as I expected which I think is a good thing, I had half expected it to be super overpowering but it's just right.
  13. deadlyves

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    Here to add absolutely nothing new, but... This is a lovely, softly sweet vanilla with a hint of a warmer smoky feel. It's light but creamy. It's a sugared sweet, but only lightly dusted. Who knew light and shadows dancing on a flowing white curtain had a smell. Surprisingly good throw for such a soft scent, and with good wear. This would make a perfect vanilla staple in a collection and I could see how this would layer well with a thousand different things.
  14. deadlyves

    Tomato Leaf, Black Pepper & Hay Absolute

    I didn't love this when I first got it. Now, a few months later, it's much more what I was hoping for. Though I think it might have just been me, because what I get now matches up a lot more with what folks have described above. It's a fresh, green tomato leaf with a gentle spice of pepper that really just accentuates the fresh feeling, but then there is an added warm underlayer of hay that really makes this shine for me. I think the hay is coming out more now than when I first got it, it seems a bit softer and less sharp. All in all, just fresh and herby with fairly good throw.
  15. deadlyves


    This shifts a bit on me at first but settles into a sweet, clean scent without getting too sweet. There's a bit more body from the musk and honey, a warm bright glow with a soft vanilla. The sugar is there adding a crystally sweetness, but again it never gets syrupy or overwhelming. It's calm, sweet, and nice. I've layered it with a few other RPGs, and I agree it goes well with Chaotic. I'll have to retest some of the other combos because I can't remember what stuck out. I've also layered it with High John the Conqueror which was wonderful, and I'm looking forward to layering this with other things.