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  1. Vanilla

    Updating the FAQ.

    Hi Beth, Pray tell how to go about doing [money orders] the most cost-effective way for BPAL. Am exhausting all avenues to buy from Malaysia. Thanks. Vanilla [merged with relevant topic ~qs]
  2. Vanilla

    Site update in progress. Good & bad news.

    Hi Elizabeth I'll make this short. Perked up when reading a post in reply to your good news / bad news thread. Will you accept either of the above payment method [check/money order] for your goodies? Your ever anticipating, PayPal-deficient, BPAL-deprived, Vanilla p/s: my real name is Melati and am soooooo stoked to see 'melati' listed in the ingredients for Rage. Melati is jasmine btw. [merged with good news/bad news thread ~qs]
  3. Vanilla

    International Orders from the Website

    I wish it's as simple as that cj . I live in Malaysia and guess what... PayPal doesn't service my country. Pathetic
  4. Vanilla

    International Orders from the Website

    Yes Elizabeth. I am also looking out as to when this will come about. I can't use PayPal. Credit card is my only option. So, please I am grovelling on my knees. Please activate your credit card option. I don't quite care how long you take to ship out. I simply want to know that I can actually start placing orders. Plretty pleeeeeeeease
  5. Vanilla

    International Orders

    OMG!! Elizabeth, did you include Malaysia (or the Asian region) to be to be oversea-ordering enabled? Please say you did. I'll die otherwise Vanilla
  6. Hello ladies. I hope I don't come across as unfair by asking this. But its a fact that most of those here started out from the Lush forum and drifted over because we love the types of fragrances only these two fabulous companies make. So, I wonder if any of you lovely people who already has access to the many amazing BPAL scents can identify ones that smell similar to some of Lush's products? I know there might not be exact matches but a strong resemblance should suffice. Desdemona has been likend to Potion. Are there others? Phantasm to Avobath. Any more? What about my all time favourite Lush shower gel, Tramp? Any similarities? Anything with the jasmine/vanilla combo like in Naked Underwear & Alkmaar? In all my crazy hoarding of Lush stuff I know its the amazing smell that's doing me in. If I could only wear half these scents, I'd be the among happiest people in the world. Thanks peeps.