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  1. Spaztic

    Ode on Melancholy

    This one dries down into a nice pretty, airy floral. It started off threatening to go into soapy territory, which is where Rose tends to go for me, but by some miracle it went perfume floral to airy floral. it quite pretty, I can't pick out the individual notes on this one
  2. Spaztic

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    I put this one on not knowing what the notes were and was instantly like "violet!", which I like. It reminds me a bit of Guerlain's Insolence, it's quite nice
  3. I have a sample of that one! I'll have to re-test it now that it's had time to settle and see if it has the components I like from DNC
  4. Anyone know a BPAL similar to either: Ladyboy: Banana, seaweed, violet, chamomile, labdanum, oakmoss or Devil's Nightcap: oakmoss and oak wood, with orange flower, clary sage and ylang-ylang adding floral and green notes
  5. Spaztic


    Smells like earth-musk, if that was a real thing. It doesn't smell like straight up "dirt" to me but it does have an earth quality to it. I think calling it Mushroom Musk was apt. I like it, it makes me smell like I just came in from the outdoors
  6. Spaztic

    Pa-Pow Hair Gloss

    This one took a while to grow on me, but it has turned into a love! It wasn't what I pictured in my head, so it took me a while to get over that and actually smell the gloss for what it was. Somehow it comes across like red incense, amber and something sweet/sugary. I'm guessing the jellybeans are somehow reading as "red incense and sugar" to me. Over all I really like it and it lasts forever...when I finally go to wash it out of my hair, the heat from the shower + the gloss makes the whole bathroom smell of it at first!
  7. Spaztic

    Dead Leaves and Burnt Marshmallows Hair Gloss

    Unfortunately for me, this one was too much Dead Leaves and too little Burnt Marshmallow. I liked the final end of the drydown, but it took too long to get there for this to be a loved scent
  8. Spaztic

    A Sweet Sleep Hair Gloss

    Mostly I get a gentle soft lavender with with an almost milky vanilla (which I'm guessing is the white sandlewood) The other ingredients I don't really notice, maybe a little bit of the pear. It has a nice calm smell, but still smells like perfume not just straight-up aromatherapy. I like it, I want more of it
  9. Spaztic


    This reminds me a lot of Lush's Ruby Red Slippers (or the Potion scent range I guess) It's mostly a clove-y Carnation on me. I don't get too much patchouli or tea...maybe a little pepper I really like this for winter
  10. Spaztic

    Hunting for the ultimate _____ blend

    Evil from the GC is more complicated than When Nothing Was, but at least on me, the opium note in Evil is the predominant note, and it's that same sweet, smooth, little bit smoky one from WNW. Thank you! I'll have to grab an imp of it with my next order
  11. Spaztic

    Hunting for the ultimate _____ blend

    This thread http://www.bpal.org/topic/20359-bpal-blends-with-opium/?hl=opium may be helpful? I really love Lydia from Bloodmilk, you could give that a shot next time they do a release? Opium tar and sweet patchouli with labdanum, awadh, and inky black myrrh. Yes! Excellent, thank you!
  12. Spaztic

    Hunting for the ultimate _____ blend

    Hunting for an Opium blend...I found out much too late that I love When Nothing Was and now I'm looking for something close that I can actually get my hands on
  13. Spaztic


    Starts off with enough honey that I think I'll need to wash it off (Honey goes dirty dish towels on me) But something this blends makes the honey mellow out on me quickly so it's not a problem and it becomes sweet and powdery (in a way I like) I think I get some of the forals, they way they mix together stops any of them from becoming soapy, screechy or indolic...it just stays "pretty" Surprised how much I'm enjoying this one considering it should have worked on me at all
  14. Spaztic


    I did not get any chocolate from this, only Orange Blossom...and maybe a little bit of cherry Pretty scent
  15. Spaztic

    Oil and Pitch

    It has been known since antiquity that looking directly at an eclipse can cause serious damage to the eyes. Islamic scholar, Al-Biruni, observed that you could minimize the damage by viewing an eclipse reflected in the surface of still water. In his Naturales Quaestiones, Seneca observed, Whenever we want to watch an eclipse of the Sun we set out basins filled with oil or pitch, because the heavy liquid is not easily disturbed and so preserves the images it receives. Amber swirled in opoponax, black labdanum, and poplar tar. Amber + Opoponax are the major players in this scent It's a rather thick feeling resin fragrance and it's rather sweet on me (not sugar sweet), it last ALLL day. I could see people who are a fan of the amber from Haunted and love opoponax really enjoying this one The labdanum is probably in there, I'm not sure what it's supposed to smell like and when I looked it up it said "animalic" and my skin completely drinks up animalic notes...or I'm anosmic to it. The poplar tar seems to add a density to the scent, even if I don't find it to stand out on it's own. While I could wear this scent on a warmish day, I know it'll shine in all it's glory on those cold/brisk days that are coming to Canada soon enough Other note: This one got me complemented a couple times by my boss, she had to know what it was called because it was so lovely. I didn't feel confidant enough to give her the bpal spiel so I told her "Amber and Opoponax"