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  1. Jeena

    Black Forest

    My Black Forest imp is at least a few years old. When I first tried it, I think I got weird medicinal vibes from it? Now though, it's pleasant. I get pine wood more than pine needles, and I mean heavy on the wood. This scent is dry and woody, and as the day goes on, it get's a little sweeter and creamier. I can still faintly smell it after eight hours, but the throw isn't amazing. I've placed it on my wrists and neck, so I'm really smelling what's on my neck most, all throughout the day. I'd like to get the full bottle, but i'm a little afraid that what I have now just happens to be perfectly aged for me, and a new bottle might be too sharp still.
  2. Jeena

    Burying Point

    This reminds me of the Billie Eilish lyrics from Bad Guy: You said she's scared of me? I mean, I don't see what she sees But maybe it's 'cause I'm wearing your cologne. Burying Point is more on the masculine side, and I love it. I feel like I just stepped out of an underground concert. It's dark, sharp, and kind of reminds me of my grandpa's barbershop-- there's a suggestion of something powdery that doesn't turn to baby powder on me at all, thank god. That happens with so many smells and ruins a lot of them for me. Very herbal, and now that I'm smelling it again, that powderyness is more of a dusty note. Underneath that, I almost get a damp rock/ petrichor smell that's very background, but lovely (the brown patchouli, possibly?). Over it all, of course, is that sharp note that I'm tempted to say is the spikenard, but I've never smelled that by itself so I can't say for sure. The Black Sage, maybe? This is the kind of scent that goes great with a leather jacket. A little goes a long way. Or, do what I did, and accidentally spill too much on your arm and offend your entire poetry class. That class still smelled great when I left, though.
  3. Jeena

    Long Lasting Patchouli?

    My skin has a habit of eating up oils. Does anyone know of a nice, LONG lasting, warm (and mostly soil like) patchouli blend with (dare I say) obnoxious throw? I'm the type of person that loves to smell my perfume... all day. If it helps, my fav patchouli blend from BPAL is the La Roue de Malhuer Hair Gloss with a "blackened patcouli" note. I love it, but I need something less... fruity? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  4. Jeena

    The Mummies of Mexico City

    Definitely a sweet, soft incense scent. I don't really get resin (is resin piney? I feel like most resin scents are piney) so much as I get a dry warmth, which I'm assuming is the dust note. Lasts a good few hours on my skin, and at the end of the day, I can still smell it faintly on me and my clothes. This has become my favorite, every day signature scent, I really just love how warm it is!
  5. I just bought Jareth, and at first I thought "oh my God, it's Twilight!" But when I compare it to my Sleepy lotion from Lush (which I believe is supposed to be Twilight but lotion form?) Jareth is slightly more fresh and linen-y. The sweetness of twilight is still there, but, yeah, it's just ever so slightly more fresh instead of that warmth you get from Twilight. I still like it though! Maybe since it's fresher, it won't make me sleepy when I wear it during the day lol.
  6. Jeena

    Songs of Autumn III

    In the bottle: Gunpowder? This is a slightly diluted version of a bottle of gunpowder oil I have from way back when I fancied myself a perfumer. Dry on skin: oh wow that's REALLY mellowed down. I almost can't smell anything except a musky/ leather smell. Very very close to the skin. Sillage is almost nonexistent. Tried a few hours after delivery. Not really my thing. In my swaps pile : (
  7. Jeena


    In the imp: WOW. VERY piney, and clovey, and wet? Maybe the vetiver ... Very strong, almost off putting. Dry on the skin- Soo much better. Its a mellow, sweet clove, with the same dusty note from Lear, but more toned down. I don't really smell musk, vetiver or basil at all in the drydown. Overall- I used to be very put off by this scent, but it's been aged a few months now, and I think that's helped to make it a warmer scent. I LEFT it on my wrist all night, and I could still get a small whiff of it when I woke up, so definitely at least 8-10 hours of wear! I love wearing it in the fall, or whenever I wanna smell like a spellcaster from some fantasy movie
  8. Jeena

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    "A man’s scent. Bay rum, spiked with graveyard dirt, gunpowder, a touch of leather and a ring of salt, with an overtone of masculine musk." I discovered this perfume through a friend, and they graciously gave me half their small amount of perfume! I fell in love with this soft manly perfume, and have been looking for it's equivalent for AGES, to no avail. Unfortunately, the perfumer who used to make this perfume closed their shop for good. If anyone knows of a good BPAL scent that could possible be its equivalent, please let me know! I'm begging you! The notes to this perfume are quoted above, but I find that when I smell it, it also has a slight minty/eucalyptus smell as well. IT could be because it's been aged at least a year or two. . . The rum leather and salt seem to be the most prominent notes however. Thank you for reading and thank you if you can help!