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  1. Exquise-moi

    La Prostitution et la Folie Dominent le Monde

    A jasmine vanilla rootbeer float, with extra jasmine. Lovely!
  2. Exquise-moi

    Marshmallow and Black Plum

    This was a disaster with my skin chemistry. Perhaps the plum is a musky one, which doesn't read as fruit to me, and overpowered the marshmallow entirely? Not for me!
  3. Exquise-moi

    Floral Sheet Ghost

    After a few weeks of resting: Lovely, juicy pineapple rose, drying to an airy, slightly powdery sweet rose tinged with fresh pineapple. On my unique skin chemistry the drydown brings to mind a gentler, more delicate Poinsettia Gown, with airy pineapple instead of creamy vanilla.
  4. Exquise-moi

    Creamy Tonka Bean Scents?

    Tonka Bean + Pink Pepper is delicious! Very tonka forward. https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/a-little-lunacy-limited-edition/duets-2021/tonka-bean-pink-pepper-perfume-oil/ Judgemental Longhorn has both tonka and cacao as notes and is also a lovely scent. https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/activism/lone-star-fundraiser/judgmental-longhorn-perfume-oil/
  5. Thank you for weighing in. Sounds like it's really a class of its own but that the two you suggest could take it in different directions. And, to add an LE / GC comparison, Perversion is sweeter and missing the cardamom, but otherwise reminiscent of Cafe Mille et Une Nuits.
  6. Bumping this request... anyone?
  7. Exquise-moi

    Café Mille et une Nuits

    Gorgeous thick, initially strong (but short-lived) warm haze of spiced shisha and Turkish cardamom-laced coffee.
  8. Exquise-moi

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    You might like Resistance from the Activism line. Very autumnal, and benefits the ACLU. "It is an autumn scent, swirled with fall leaves, huddled against the cold winds of November... Bourbon vanilla and vintage champaca absolute with sweet patchouli, dried red fruits, leather accord, pumpkin rind, and a splash of bourbon." Also Jack from the General Catalog if you haven't tried it yet ("The scent of warm, glowing jack o’lanterns on a warm autumn night: true Halloween pumpkin, spiced with nutmeg, glowing peach and murky clove.") and hopefully someone can weigh in on recommendations from the current Halloween collection!
  9. I recall this scent as a creamy sweet citrus dessert, and it was popular enough they made it into a body spray. Bergamot and litsea cubeba are listed as some of the essential oils adding citrusy vibe to the underlying perfume blend. https://www.lushusa.com/fragrances/body-sprays/avocado-co-wash/09212.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIs-DJ2ezi8wIVDuTICh38QAEPEAQYAiABEgIEdvD_BwE Not the same, but I get very sweet citrus (plus patchouli) from Silkybat (not everyone does, but may be worth sampling). Shub would mix well with Yog Nog.
  10. Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains from last fall -- reviews recommend this for fans of Antique Lace
  11. Exquise-moi

    I've tried 20+ scents and only liked 2. Help!

    Since you love lavender, and Twilight/Sleepy, you should try TKO Since you love Rose Jam, you might enjoy Peacock Queen or Jezebel Since you like poisoned apple, and So White/Once Upon a Time, perhaps try Sjöfn Other recommendations: Bon Vivant (fruity & fizzy) and Morocco (sweet) ETA: just realized this thread was revived after over a year in dormancy!
  12. Exquise-moi

    BPAL Scents Similar to Nefertiti?

    Have you tried Black Pearl? They both feature iris and (at least on my unique skin chemistry) do smell related.
  13. Exquise-moi

    Tonka Bean & Pink Pepper

    A skin hugging slightly sweet (not too sweet) fusion of joyful pink scents giving me vibes from LUSH's discontinued tonka-forward Think Pink bath bomb.
  14. Exquise-moi

    The Peacock Queen

    Reviewing the 2013 edition, received as a frottle from the lab... kismet! an enticing true rose in a bottle, richer than rosewater, ripe, lush, and boldly holding forth -sweetening slightly- as it dries.
  15. Exquise-moi

    Leave Her, Jonny

    A crave-worthy savory, summery, ruggedly tropical spiced oud blend perfect for bringing an adventurous seafaring vibe to indoor, air conditioned, landlocked environments.