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    tonka & pink pepper
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    slightly sweet, lush scents... patchouli, true jasmine, tonka, saffron, tobacco, carnation... song of hope, fake news, caramel & patchouli hg

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    nature, luxurious baths, and scent. usually cats. warm sunshine. watching plants grow. music, dance, and art. books!
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  1. Exquise-moi

    BPAL Scents Similar to Nefertiti?

    Have you tried Black Pearl? They both feature iris and (at least on my unique skin chemistry) do smell related.
  2. Exquise-moi

    Tonka Bean & Pink Pepper

    A skin hugging slightly sweet (not too sweet) fusion of joyful pink scents giving me vibes from LUSH's discontinued tonka-forward Think Pink bath bomb.
  3. Exquise-moi

    The Peacock Queen

    Reviewing the 2013 edition, received as a frottle from the lab... kismet! an enticing true rose in a bottle, richer than rosewater, ripe, lush, and boldly holding forth -sweetening slightly- as it dries.
  4. Exquise-moi

    Leave Her, Jonny

    A crave-worthy savory, summery, ruggedly tropical spiced oud blend perfect for bringing an adventurous seafaring vibe to indoor, air conditioned, landlocked environments.
  5. Exquise-moi

    The Unicorn 2021

    Delicious opalescent gourmand lettuce torte sprinkled with delicate flowers and dappled by the light of the full moon.
  6. Exquise-moi

    Muddy Armadillo

    This armadillo is curled up in a nest of chocolate-flavored tobacco on the wooden plank floor of a saloon.
  7. Exquise-moi

    LOVE The Antikythera Mechanism, any suggestions?

    I've now learned from @Lucchesa that there's a pumpkin spice version of antikythera mechanism. May be worth checking out for you @coffin.baby!
  8. Exquise-moi

    LOVE The Antikythera Mechanism, any suggestions?

    Lurking and listening!! I love this one too.
  9. Exquise-moi

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    On the reviews, @RoseThornAndOak had issues with that one. Maybe you can mind meld?
  10. Exquise-moi

    Gebirgsschlucht Im Winter

    A stroll through a beautiful chilled blackberry-laced pine forest with complexity from other scents wafting in along the journey. Long lasting, gently sweet.
  11. Exquise-moi


    A goblin has stolen your cake, and brought it deep into an ancient forest that is shaded and cool and earthy and full of gnarled roots.