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BPAL Madness!

Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

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Each bottle of Chaos Theory is truly unique, a fragrant fractal, and exercise in the joy of chance and uncertainty! Each is a one-of-a-kind, utterly random combination of scents, the composition of which is based on whim, mood and gut instinct.

i have an imp of this, and OMG, TO DIE FOR. i MUST get more, holy CRAP.

in the imp it smells musky, tangy, maybe a HINT citrusy? but once you put it on it mellows out into this amaaazzzing vanilla and spices! i think it's got some light musk in there somewhere also. sometimes i smell a bit of woods or resin but woods usually go AWFUL on me so i'm not sure exactly what it is. definitely vanilla, and definitely spices. nothing like cinnamon or spicy though, just, spiced. possibly cardamom, or saffron? those come to mind. it might have some cocoa in it as well, but cocoa usually smells grossly bitter on me and this is sweet, sugary, not overwhelmingly foody, although i'm sure foody scent lovers would adore this. it smells more sugary and foody on my fingers than my wrists.

must.. get... more!

eta: i haven't seen this in this thread yet or in the master list posted on LJ http://community.livejournal.com/bpalanonymous/633615.html

ADDED 9/15/08:

...It's definitely still that good. I finally managed to get more :P and so I am finally allowing myself to wear this. Its very mahogany/woods, very dark, almost chocolatey but it doesn't smell like chocolate, it just reminds me of it. Definitely some vanilla or resins and a lot of spice. It's spicier now than I remember. It sort of reminds me of the dark, rich cousin of Antikythera Mechanism, like aged 100 years or something. Dark woods, not light teak, and very spicy. I get some cassia as it dries, or similar, but not spicy red hots, very smooth. It sits really close to my skin, especially about 4-5 hrs after I applied, but its still just as delicious. I get a whiff of vanilla farther away, and woods up close. Ah, this is definitely my BPAL holy grail. nothing else compares. MMMMMM. Edited by Shollin

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Two bottles to review, ahoy!


CI: This was my original bottle and smelled like a very pretty rose in the bottle, with faint hints of mint and fruit. When I put it on, it immediately became a kind of thin, almost aquatic tea rose with a decent amount of throw and a mild, but not cloying sweetness; the mint, fortunately, went away almost immediately. It was an interesting scent, but I have enough BPAL rose scents that I knew I wouldn't use this one very much. So I swapped it with emzebel for:


CCCXC: This just arrived today, and I almost fainted when I opened the bottle. A mild, green/herby, almost soapy floral - and the sweet green notes smell the same as in Val Sans Retour! Ohhhh, yeah!


On my skin, sadly, this fades quickly and has no throw whatsoever. It clings to my skin for dear life, and someone else would have to be in direct contact with me in order to smell it. (Similar problem with Val, actually.) Having said that, though, this is still a really lovely scent. The florals warm and deepen (I have no idea what flowers), and it smells fresh and clean, like a flower garden after a spring rain. I really like this and will definitely be keeping it, though will probably trade away an imp or two if anyone's curious.


I'm seriously loving the Chaos Theories so far and may have to spring for another bottle before they go away. *praying for civet*


Edit: Heyyyyy! There's a creamy note in here somewhere!! *sniffs wrists* Where did this come from!?


Good lord, this smells even better now.


Previously reviewed by emzebel.

Edited by Shollin

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bottle CLX


the person i bought it from said she smelled caramel popcorn, and someone else told her they smelled pumpkin popcorn.

for me:

sniffed from the bottle, i get slightly burned caramel corn and pumpkin pie

on skin, once dry... it becomes the wierdest, yet truly yummy, combination of Dorian and Cracker Jacks.


Previously reviewed by herdivineshadow.


XCCCVII : this one is simple. banana popsicles, complete with wooden stick


CCXCIV : smells rather like the original Herbal Essence shampoo from the 70's at first, with a berry-green, potpourri-ish, something lavendery or minty in the background. dries down to plastic-strawberry-shortcake-doll-head. which is a scent that isn't as bad as it sounds, to a Strawberry Shortcake freak like me :P


LVIII : sniffed from the bottle i get mostly white musk, but it dries down to a perfect milk-and-honey type scent. not sweet or foody, really, but yummy all the same.










MCCCIII : sniffed from the bottle, smells like mexican chocolate with honey and... almondy/cherry?and some spice with a kick.

something reminds me of CB I Hate Perfume's "crushed fig leaves" but something else makes me think raspberry leaves.

this makes the inside of my nose tingle and is all the notes from BPAL that i tend to not like (sans citrus) all in one.


MCCCXXIX : sniffed from the bottle, lemon-grapefruit or maybe bergamot-y ylang ylang. on skin, i get violets, white tea and white musk.


i found a testable sniffy of DCCLXXIII

DCCLXXIII- One of my favorites! Light and gingery. Not a bakery scent like Gingerbread Poppet or Shub, but just very fresh and uplifting. I snagged the rest of the bottle.

and it is very ginger-y. sortof a mix of Shub and Origins' ginger scent. much to ginger-y-spicy and bitter for me, but very interesting! smells like ginger beer!

Edited by TrailerTrashPrincess

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Mine are decants from Lycanthrope's CTIII circle...




In the bottle: Sweet florals. I like this one.


On me: There's this lovely sugary floral in the drydown. A little fizzy, too. The fizziness fades in about 10 minutes, unfortunately. I wish to god I knew what this floral is, since it's a lovely pale yellow in my mind's eye. It's got a very light musk holding it down, I think.


Almost no throw on this one. After about 15 minutes, it's gone creamy and almondy underneath the floral.


ETA: WAIT! This is orange blossom! There was an orange tree outside the post office at my university campus, and I always loved stopping by to sniff it when it bloomed. Oh my oh my. So good.


I love this.





In bottle: Nag champa, floral. Reminds me of Masquerade after it's dried down -- that waxy smoothness.


On me: Patchouli's coming out in the drydown, and it's getting stronger.


After about 15 minutes, it's gone almost all patchouli and is giving me a sinus ache. Bleh.


Off to the swaps with this one.

Edited by lizardling

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CLXXV (175):


In the bottle: A light, pleasant., slightly soapy floral.


Wet: Light sugary musk with the faintest hint of fruit. My mind says citrus but far softer than the usual suspects. A little like sitting next to a fruit bowl and getting a hint of fragrance from the skin.


Dry: Stil a light sugary musk, very reminisent of Enraged Bunny with the barest smidge of an element found in TCP antiseptic, but surprisingly it works well on my skin.


This has very little throw but works perfectly as a really subtle narul fragrance.

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First sniff: Baby aspirin. Maybe with a boozy undertone?

Application point: Left inside elbow.

Wet on skin: Juicy fruit gum. This is definitely a fruit scent, but it has that powdery, baby aspirin undertone.

Early dry down: Sharp and spiky. It's still fruity, but something herbal in it is giving it a high, green undertone. It jumps at my nose and does the meringue. There's a floral note in this that is pretty distinctive, but, unfortunately, since I don't do florals I can't identify it.

Late dry down: As this dried down, almost all the initial juicy sweetness morphed into a green, fresh floral with a slightly peppery tang. It's pretty, but makes me sneeze.



First sniff: Faint cherries and vanilla extract. Something richer too, but I’m not sure what.

Application point: Right inside elbow.

Wet on skin: Cherry cola flavored bottle caps candy.

Early dry down: This is very, very cherry. I think it's an alcoholic cherry as well. It's sweet and boozy. It's what the center of a chocolate covered cherry should be, but never really is. It's not me at this stage, but it's actually fairly mouth watering.

Late dry down: This has stayed amazingly true to itself on me. The cherries have morphed from faint to deep, tart black cherries, and the vanilla has lost of the booziness and become more creamy over time, but it's still definitely a cherry dessert of some kind. There may be some sandalwood grounding this as I'm also getting something woody and powdery at the same time at the back of my throat. It's kind of like a cherry version of Underpants! It's not quite me, but I bet that someone out there wants to horde this one.




First sniff: Boozy, buttery and somehow nutty. Amaretto maybe?

Application point: Left wrist.

Wet on skin: Definitely a top note of something buttered and there's something medicinal underneath.

Early dry down: This is fading very quickly on me. The buttery has retreated and the nut-like smell I first detected is developing. It smells like very faint flavored coffee with a touch of rum.

Late dry down: Gone. Really. This has faded so much that's practically non-existent. There's the faintest hint of botterscotch.



First sniff: Coffee, butter, rum?

Application point: Right wrist.

Wet on skin: This smelled like butterscotch for about a second and then something sweeter and more floral/fruity rose through it to tame the butter.

Early dry down: This has turned into a very light, sweet and slightly fruity floral, but there's something rich and buttery (maybe cream?) at the very base. It reminds me of a creamy version of Litha.

Late dry down: A very faint creamy floral with a slightly powdery spice (maybe saffron?) under it. Pretty, and very young and flirty. I hope this one finds a loving home because I kind of like it.



First sniff: Coconut citrus rum.

Application point: Left wrist.

Wet on skin: Spicy coconut and pineapple. My god, I want to eat my wrist this smells so good.

Early dry down: Damn you skin chemistry! Something green and sappy has risen to the surface to defeat the edible goodness. It smells like pine boughs at Christmas! There's also a touch of something like rose, but very, very faint.

Late dry down: My skin chemistry is now officially nuts. As quickly as the pine emerged, it is gone. Now I smell saffron and powder with a hint of suntan lotion underneath the powder.



First sniff: Butter and cherries. Cherry chip cake!

Application point: Right wrist.

Wet on skin: I don't know what I was smoking when I first sniffed this, but it couldn't be less like cherry chip cake if it tried. There's something smoky and something bitter like myrrh or vetiver and maybe a wood in there. It reminds me of Blood Kiss.

Early dry down: This is drying down to a sweet, powdery musk. It still reminds me of Blood Kiss. I think I'm definitely smelling cloves here, but there's an off-hand chance that scent is coming from the tea across the room from me.

Late dry down: This also faded relatively quickly, but it has left behind a slightly spicy musk that I actually think I rather like. It reminds me just a touch of Blood Moon and more than a touch of Blood Kiss. Of all the imps of CTIII I've tried so far, this is the most "me" of the scents. It's complex, yet dries down to be a skin-like smell.


All scents previously reviewed by Juniperus Intrepidus.

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In bottle: ooo ooo! I smell spices very similar to Snake Oil (but w/o the Vanilla)....ooo! Very herb-y and spicy, yum.


Wet: Clove, for sure, plus some other spices that I can't identify. very warm, definite Autumn feel.


Dry: oddly, not much changes. This is an amazing warm, spicy autumny blend. Sort of like a clove Snake Oil w/o the vanilla (uh didn't I say that already, oops!), if that makes sense. Sooo good. I feel very lucky to have gotten this bottle, cause it is wonderful. I am going to have to use this sparingly so that i have it around for a long time.


thanks, Beth, it's perfect! :P

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DCCXXV (725)


In the bottle: (which was full nearly to the top!) Green floral. They're pale flowers, from what I can tell, and well hidden behind the greenery.


Wet: Still the same, perhaps with a touch of wood peeking out.


Dry: Here come the flowers! I have no idea what they are, but headache, here I come! It's very soft, though.


I am soooo trading this!

Edited by Melantha

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DCLI (651) - Ugh... not the best thing in the world. I immediately get this weird sour note like the pumpkin in pumpkin patch #1. Also a strange incensy wood note. It kind've grows on me though. I'm getting that "note I've sniffed in candle form once" again from this one.


DCLXII (662) - Erm... not sure I like this one. I mean, it doesn't smell like crotch-stain or anything truly bad, just not my type of scent. A very faint hint of a wood of some sort (my skin normally amps these up and I can tell right away what they are but this one is staying hidden)... a spicy undertone (like something I may put into a Middle Eastern/Indian food recipe)... wow, I really wish I was better at picking out scents here. I'm sure this is a scent someone would love... it's very well put together and nicely complex. I'd rate it at a very high score myself because it's so well done, it's just not my kind of scent to wear. I'm just not sure what category I'd put it under for swap purposes... it's not quite a woodsy and it's not a foody or really a spicy. Absolute chaos ftw! I might have to try this one on again later and see if I can pick anything else out.


Hmm... back. Now, I'm getting something like I smelled in a candle shop. It's not wax, but a scent that I have smelled in candle form before. What the hell is it? It's driving me nuts. These Chaos Theories may end up being detrimental to my mental state. Okay, so I'm going back to sniffing straight from the bottle in hopes of figuring this out. I get a very strong dark berry fruity scent... perhaps a plum? It smells sort of raisin-ish. And now I'm starting to get a headache from all the inhaling trying to figure this out... lol. Am I sniffing cinnamon? It can't be, but there's something very faint in the background that has that spicy sweetness of cinnamon. I think that "candle scent" I picked up is a definite spice (I just couldn't tell you which one). It's sort of an autumnal spicy scent. I give up... lol. I know I don't like it as a blend for myself so if I end up swapping/selling it, this is the best description you're gonna get because I can't do any better. :lol


ETA - I'm back yet again. I know... this *one* review might just kill me or you... wait till I get my other 5 bottles.... :D


Well, I tried it on again last night and it's *much* more easier to tell what it is (might be TMI but I guess that shows me to try to test things when it's that time o' the month). It's definitely FLORAL... and I'm pretty sure it's violets. It dries down to a creamy powdery scent. I still get that note that I've smelled in Yankee Tart/Candle form before... just can't figure out what it is though. Maybe I'll go sniff some of the Yankee tarts at the BX today to see if anything pops out at me.


So... yeah... scratch all that spicy wood nonesense... it's total bunk. :D Once I get some decanting supplies I will send an imp off to my best friend because she's *much* more practised at picking out notes than I am. < nods >


ETA2 - Figured out that that raisiny note I pick up from the bottle smells just like the plum in Oya... so yay! I've finally narrowed it down to Plum and Violets! :P


DCLXIV (664) - Ick... another strange incensy note. Wow... I really *SUCK* at describing these things. >_< This *could* be a foody blend but it's not sweet and it's giving me a headache now.


DCXCII (692) - Hmm... almost citrussy. A fresh clear aquatic-type scent. A faint hint of floral.... perhaps a lily.


MCCCXXVI - Definitely catching a citrus in here... or actually, it's more like an herbal... perhaps lemongrass or lemon verbena, or maybe even both. This is a somewhat bright and cheerful scent. Might actually end up being my favorite of all my CTs. If only for the reason that I can actually tell you the main note in it... :D


MCCCXIII/ - There's a "clean" note in this one... almost an herbal tea-like scent. I think also perhaps a faint faint fruit... maybe a plum? There's a note that keeps tickling my memory but I don't know what it is... A sweet clean scent. Quite possibly that tea I mentioned before.

Edited by PilotKitten

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In the spirit of Chaos (and my v. v. small bank account) I decided on only one bottle of Chaos Theory to let the chips fall where they may.


What landed today was blend DCCXIII (713 I believe?). I only wish it had arrived two weeks ago when it was 95 degrees out. It reminds me a bit of Dublin, a bit of Envy. Verrrrrrry green, very light, very fresh - with a hint of astringency that I think is pine. I'm pretty sure there is also mint. (I'm terrible at this, can you tell?) Maybe some lemon as well? In any case, I think it's lovely, and fantastico for hot weather.



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DCLXI - 661


In the bottle: Wow, it's an olfactory cacophony - talk about a mish-mash of notes! I think I'm getting...tea? Definitely something sweet or fruity, maybe a touch of ginger?


On wet: Pretty much the same impression as above - like a bunch of crazy notes are battling it out on my skin. Kinda smells...strange. That initial hint of tea is gone (maybe it never existed), and now I'm mostly getting what I think is ginger and something sweet.


Drydown: Spicy sweetness, now underscored by a drier, peppery smokiness similar to something that I smelled in Laudanum - maybe the nutmeg? I think the tea might be back, too, though it's so soft I could be imagining it...again. :P


Overall: Started out as something appropriately chaotic, and dried down into this spicy, somewhat smoky, strangely sweet scent that I would definitely classify as an upscale Oriental blend. It's a wonderfully warm skin scent for the colder months, and a beautiful and unique addition to my collection. :D

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This one smells like gummy worms! It becomes powdery but no less sweet on my skin. A dusting of confectioner's sugar, maybe. Mmmmm. I want to eat my hand now.


CDLXX (470)

My mother said this smelled like Jeeves fluid and my brother thought it smelled like a store that sells "useless crap and candy." On me, there's a really weird note that was a component of the burnt apple pie smell of a Chaos Theory II decant I tested a while ago. Ick.


DCXXIV (624)

My brother thought this smelled like CDLXX but mintier. Mint is definitely a dominant note. It smells kind of like cinnamint candy, or maybe wintergreen. Not bad, but not me.



Decay. Like Hades, kind of. It calms down quite a bit on me, but I still don't like it. Too musty.



This has a slightly soapy gardenia type smell. On me, rather than the plastic I'm used to with gardenia, or the play doh I occasionally get, it's old sweat over gardenia.

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Ok, these are very short reviews for the ones I received in a decant circle, because I suck in identifying notes, especially when I don't have a description to hold on to :P


LVIII: it smells clean and powdery, a little like laundry detergent- not sharp, only very clean. It reminds me a little of Enraged Bunny Musk (at least how that turned out on me, and I have a feeling that's not how it was intended).


CVIII: lemony or lemongrass; it's fresh and unfortunately reminds me of cleansers (which usually most of the scents with lemon do, so it's not necessarily a bad thing for others people who smell this) (Previously reviewed by GypsyRoseRed.)


CXXXV: it's sharp and fresh and reminds me of something, but I can't pinpoint it.. not much help there :D (Previously reviewed by GypsyRoseRed.)


CLXXXVII: sweet, a little foody, and citrus again.. on me this smells like lemon-frosting on a cake (Last reviewed by phedre.)


CCLXXIV: again sweet, I get cherry and there's something more creamy underneath.. I think it's vanilla. Nice in the beginning, but unfortunately it doesn't work out with my skin chemistry. (Previously reviewed by GypsyRoseRed.)


edited because of the review for LVIII- I came to realize I've been completely wrong with this one when I tried it again today.

Edited by Shollin

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CT3: XXXVI, a fortuitous swap

In the bottle gypsy coffee and myrrh.

On me a woody muskiness pops out with the undercurrent of sweet, very strong coffee lending it wings, as it were. It could just be dark and earthy and musky (not that I'd complain), but this softens those edges...it's as if this were made just for me. Oh, the tragedy that this was a Chaos Theory!!! I'd horde many more bottles if I could!

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Chaos Theory 3: CCCLIII - This reminds me strongly of Snowblind, although the friend I split the bottle with says it reminds her more of Tulzscha or Bombshell Bath's Snow Monkey. Either way, to me, it's entirely vanilla and mint, and whatever mint is used, it's the only kind I like. It's sweet and crisp without being sharp and biting. I was very excited the first time I tried this, because after a couple of hours of wear, it hadn't taken on a Play-Doh scent and it had a really nice level of throw. Sadly, however, the two times I've worn it since, it's taken on the Play-Doh note within 60 minutes of application. It's still so pretty that I will try it in a scent locket and if that fails, in my oil burner.



Chaos Theory 3: CCCLXVII - This is one of the most amazingly gorgeous BPAL blends I have ever encountered. I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have received this particular bottle. It's so lovely. It's basically like Storyville with vanilla instead of ginger, and much stronger. It's hard to describe -- vanilla, a touch of cocoa, lightly boozy and some light musk in the background. It's such a pretty fragrance, and every time I wear it, I can smell it wafting around me for hours afterward, and I just breath it in as deeply as I can to enjoy the pleasurable experience that is this amazing scent. I can't believe I only have one bottle -- and will only ever have one bottle. This one's not going anywhere. I'm keeping it close. Gorgeous!

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Chaos Theory 3: LXV


In the bottle: fruit and booze. Smells almost like sangria!


Once on, the fruit becomes candied and just slightly boozy. I want to say it's raspberries, with a bit of violet in the background. Sweet, soft, with good throw, but ultimately not for me.

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CCVI (56):


A very sunny, kind of sweet floral...maybe mimosa in there? I'm not sure. I keep thinking I'm getting something of a bubble gum note, but not really. I don't really smell anything but flowers in this bottle.


On my skin, it goes very sweet and very floral, but dries down a bit more mellow. And it lasts for hours on my skin.


It's very nice, but not for me.


Previously reviewed by Arylkin.

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First sniff out of the bottle: A light soapy smell, not offensive.


Left wrist: Pleasant light fragrance with minimal throw


Right wrist: Still light with a little sharper tone


Note: This is the beginning of my Shark Week, so things may very well be off with my chemistry. I'll also want to try this in the scent locket and see how it behaves there.

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CT III - Strange Attractors (from Lycanthrope's CT III circle)


DLXII (562)

Ooh, this reminds me a bit of Black Lily, with something cool (menthol?) and dark (musk?) slithering beneath. Must do a side-by-side comparison

Previously reviewed by Juniperus Intrepidus


DLVI (556)

Smells like rum while still inside the barrel. There's something salty in the back, like celery only not as sharp on me. There's also hint of peachy sweetness on the drydown. Definitely unusual.

Previously reviewed by Juniperus Intrepidus


DXXIX (529)

Starts out syrupy sweet with a bit of fruit. The sweetness mellows on my skin. Morphs into a fresh-smelling sweet fruity/floral with a hint of water (but not quite aquatic).

Last reviewed by kakiphony.


DXV (515)

In the imp, buttery sugar sweetness. On my skin, is it fig? Peaches? With a bit of booziness beneath. And then a cool hint of menthol.

Previously reviewed by Juniperus Intrepidus


DLXXIX (579)

This is rich-smelling sweet butter with a slightly salty tang underneath (that celery thing, not as sharp). And then poof, it's gone. Only a hint of saltiness is left (like dried tears on cheeks).

Last reviewed by kakiphony.

Edited by Shollin

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CTIII number CLV


In Bottle: Cherry, chocolate and mint


On Skin: This translates to 155. This smells like a chocolate covered Halls cough drop. Very, very menthol with a sweet cherry or berry note. The chocolate is lighter than the other two notes but sweetens it up a bit and makes it slightly creamy. The chocolate note fades the quickest and the menthol remains the strongest note. Interesting… but not really me. Strong throw and long wearlength.



CTIII bottle number CLXV


In Bottle: Water, dirt and floral


On Skin: This translates to 165. I get an aquatic note right off the bat, followed by a moist dirt/earth note. And a very strong floral, maybe orchid? This smells like a greenhouse or garden. Very alive and fresh. Quite pretty but not in an elegant way, more in a natural earthy way. Like someone who is prettier without makeup and completely in their own unique element. I really like this since it is so original and makes me feel freaking beautiful even though I’m sitting here in my pajamas. I can sense a few other notes in this but am having trouble pinning them down… something sweet for sure. I also think I might smell shea butter because it seems like a note in Obatala and that might just be the one. I’d love to see other reviews on this scent. Good throw and great wearlength.

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DCCV (705)


At first sniff I was mildly offended and pretty sure this wasnt going to be 'my' scent. (I'm a heavy musk/incense/foody junkie)Floral lovers would really like this I'm assuming..its got some slight citrus accents & an ozone/aquatic accords thrown in. It has dried down to a nice relaxing spa-ish smell..it might make a good sleepy scent if I dont swap it away. :P

Edited by Astburygrrl

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My first review, please be kind :P


DCCCIII (803) or as I call it D thriple C three!


Super short review = orangey rose


In the bottle this is a sharp citrus like orange rind, with a sweet tart smell and something green in the background.


On this is orange, but a really tangy orange, which may be blood orange as it reminds me of Kunstkammer.


The green smell makes itself known as rose, which is the note I avoid at all costs, but when mixed with the citrus, it gives it more of of a green stem of the rose smell which makes it a bit more palatable.


There is also a slightly soapy floral scent in the background that I can't quite place, perhaps a lily of some kind, it reminds me of lily of the valley anyway. But it morphs from time to time and I think I smell something like lavender as well.


I also sense some kind of amber or light musk on the drydown as it becomes lightly powdery and stays close to the skin.

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Chaos Theory CCLXXV


On wet - Tropical fruit! Coconut strawberry papaya pineapple fruit salad with little marshamallows mixed in.


Drying down – Strawberry pineapple and mango, floating in vanilla cream and topped with a tiny umbrella. Similar to Pink Phoenix but without honeycomb and only a smidge of vanilla. I’m not sure how this can be so fruity and yet not foody.

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The remainder of my circle reviews...



First sniff: Lemon and something bright white floral.

In the imp: Butter and lemons. Again, I think I was on crack during my initial sniff.

Application point: Left elbow crook.

Wet on skin: Gently buttery with lemon and some other crisp fruit. Faintly sweet floral. REALLY pretty.

Early dry down: Hmm. Now the floral is back, along with something a little skunk-like. I'm giving this one some more time to see how it turns out, but so far, I am not impressed with how my chemistry treats it.

Late dry down: The butter is gone. The lemons are gone. What I have left is a creamy floral. I think it's white florals (as was my initial impression). It's pretty, but not me.

Last reviewed by mandragora.



First sniff: Floral. Sneezy.

In the imp: Grape nehi and florals. I think I'm smelling ylang ylang and lilies, but as always, you'd be well served to doubt my floral identifications.

Application point: Right elbow crook.

Wet on skin: Much more floral than in the imp. I think it's lily. It's an herbal, only slightly sweet floral, and reminds me of the church at Easter and my mother's flower garden against the side fence (hence the identification of lilies).

Early dry down: Floral, floral, floral. Like a florist's shop. Makes my nose sun like a faucet. This may not make it on my skin much longer.

Make. It. Go. Away. Want. To. Rip. My. Running. Itchy. Nose. Off. My. Face.

Last reviewed by mandragora.



First sniff: Apple blossom and woods.

In the imp: Fruity in an unidentifiable way. Kind of like baby aspirin, which seems to be how I register most sweet, high fruits. I don't get apple blossoms now. I think my nose was overloaded during that first sniffing session.

Application point: Left wrist.

Early dry down: I do think there's a slightly spicy wood underneath the fruit in this blend. As it is drying down it's becoming more of what I think of as traditionally perfumey. There's a floral element (again, I don't do florals, so I'm bad at identifying them), and some traditional perfume spice. I smell a bit of carnation, which is one floral I can usually pick out.

Late dry down: Sweet florals with a bit of fruit, and maybe a soft wood grounding it. Maybe sweet pea? Pretty, but very not me. Much too soft and feminine without the spicy edge I like. I'll probably frimp this out unless someone reading this wants it. (Just ask!)

Previously reviewed by Juniperus Intrepidus.



First sniff: Grape nehi (ylang ylang) and other florals. Maybe with a little citrus.

In the imp;: Deep, dark, rich grapes and a some spice.

Application point: Right wrist.

Wet on skin: Sweeter than in the imp. Grape (again, could be ylang ylang) mixed with something bright and herbal.

Early dry down: This is interesting. The grape has deepened again, and I'm getting something not unlike mulled wine. I think we can rule out the ylang ylang being the grape note and conclude that it's a wine note. There are some pleasantly foody spices. Overall, this is warm and rich. I like it.

Late dry down: Finally, one I like! Wine and spices with something sweet in the back. There may be some floral notes in there, but they are non-offensive to my nose and just provide sweet, pretty body to the scent. There is something really rich at the very base of this. Tonka? In any case, in my opinion, this is the best of the 10 imp lot. I will wear this. Really. I will. In fact, I'm going into the bathroom to wash everything else off and apply this as my scent for the day.

Last reviewed by mandragora.

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Chaos Theory III: DCCLXIX (769)


In Bottle: Whoa! CITRUS. Is it lime? Smells like lime. With a bit of the white pith....


On: WHOA! CITRUS! Definite pith. This is like lime singlenote. Whoa. Limey. I keep thinking it's lime because it's both a touch floral like limes are, as well as having the bitterness limes do. I can smell the white pith though that clings to the inside of the rind...


5 minutes: Maybe it's not lime. Maybe it's like Meyer Lemon or something. I mean, it's limey, but a touch like kuzu or kumquat -- but not sweet like those are. It reminds me a bit of of pink grapefruit too. That floral and that bitter together. This is like the Skyy Citrus Vodka of CTs! :D


20 minutes: The *tiniest* hint of pepper. Possibly white or pink peppercorns. I'll say pink cause I love them :P


30 minutes: Huh. Now it smells a touch like the merengue on key lime pie. The lime is mostly gone. It reminds me a bit of the marshmallow drydown of Snow Angel. Hmmmm.


40 minutes: Gone.


Too fleeting for me to wear as a perfume, this is *stimulating* and lovely. Perfect for bath bombs, my morning shower wash, and the like. The bottle is way full. I'll get several uses out of this one.


Lovely work, lab!



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