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  1. foxroses

    My Little Grotesque

    Cardamom! It's not as sweet as I thought it might be, nor as spicy and intense as some other spice/food blends. Kind of carefree and light actually. Love.
  2. foxroses

    Connecting Flight

    Did I get the wrong thing? This smells nothing like coffee to me, nothing at all like the coffee in Misk U. It smells kinda... funky and rancid. Gonna have to give this one another try because for whatever reason my skin HATES this today.
  3. foxroses

    Third Charm

    I am really confused about this. I put a tiny bit on to test last night. First it smelled too much like incense, then cat pee? Now (next morning) I can barely smell where I applied it. However, I keep getting the most amazing whiff of something when I am typing, and this is the only thing I applied??
  4. foxroses

    Black Lace or Snake Charmer?

    I went with Black Lace I've tried SC in the past, but I feel like my tastes and skin are pretty different now, and I've never tried BL, so here we go!
  5. foxroses

    The Zadok Allen Vineyard

    Got a bottle of this in a swap! In the bottle: omg wine! also very fruity. Pretty intense. Wet: plums! cherries! omg! Interestingly, now it's getting spicy. I don't really get coffee, incense, or oak in particular, as in it it doesn't smell LIKE coffee/oak/incense, but i am getting a creaminess or smokiness that makes me think OF them, particularly incense and coffee. It doesn't smell floral to me, because florals usually get funky, but there's a sweet/creamy part to this that really smoothes it out, which I suspect is the rose. Rose used to be awful on me, but I just got Khajuraho and it has some rose in it and it's lovely, and this I suspect is doing the same thing. As it dries, I definitely get more oak/incense. Way less fruit than I was smelling before, but it's just divine. I just smelled the bottle to compare and PHWOAR wine, but on my arm it is a smokey, smooth, just a bit fruit/wine to round it out. Oh man, this was a long shot purchase but it's paying off BIG TIME. I LOVE this. ~10 min later: oh.. blood. well hey. Suddenly there's a dried/dark, almost tobacco-y blood. Maybe tobacco = black incense? There's none of the cherry fruit I was getting before but it's still really delicious. A hint of rose, too, at least I can smell it, instead of just suspecting it's there. Will report back after a full day's wear
  6. foxroses


    So I guess I really wanted to like this but didn't, because I swapped it away. I just got a bottle in a swap though, because it stayed on my wishlist regardless. And this time I love it! I'm attributing the change to a few years worth of skin chemistry change and aging the bottle. In the bottle I get dates and amber, now. I can tell there's sandalwood but it's not overwhelming like in my previous review. When applied and wet, I do still get roses, but amazingly, they're not "nasty, yucky, smelly rose" anymore. It's more floral than I'd like, and a bit honeyish. More sandalwood now, and I think 'white' is appropriate—it's lighter than what I think of sandalwood as being. Has that smooth ambery note too. As it dries it gets date-y! I love that. The floral is still there, and I like that, because most florals I can't stand. I wanted this because of the amber/vanilla/date/sandalwood, and it's very different than I want it to be like, but this time I really like it. Later: mmmm... vanilla. There's almost something incensy coming out, which is just lovely. Actually, maybe it's the honey? It's sweet and creamy, and it's tempering the florals I was getting before. After a few hours: Now I get that creamy, vanilla honey. I can still get the sandalwood/date/incensy note, but not too much. I can see how it could go powdery on some people. It's very close to my skin now. Can I bathe in this? In my previous review when I wrote it had quite a bit of throw, I must have been out of my mind. This is warm and sexy without being sexual. It's more romantic sexy than dirty sexy. Like snuggling. Definite keeper. So good!
  7. foxroses

    Lilium Inter Spinas

    Got a frimp of this last night. In the bottle and wet it's very green! I can tell there's some florals in here but it isn't being horrible to me. I don't get fig at all. Oh wait... soap. wah-waaah. but it's a nice soap! oh well. Will give it another shot, as the idea of fig sounds lovely, but I am betting the flowers in this are just going to give me soap every time.
  8. foxroses

    Black Lace or Snake Charmer?

    Yes, definitely can swap. But tobacco sounds yummy to me!
  9. foxroses

    Black Lace or Snake Charmer?

    Thanks everyone! Seems pretty unanimous!
  10. foxroses

    Black Lace or Snake Charmer?

    Thanks Sophie! Considering I just broke up with my BF and my Chaos Theory is my super-sexy scent for me (plus I have a decant of Smut and some other similars coming in swaps).. I think you might be right
  11. I have the opportunity to swap a bottle of mine for either Black Lace or Snake Charmer. Which one!? I love vanilla-y, musky, amber-y, wood, spicy notes, so Snake Charmer seems a good pick, but Mme. Moriarty was just OK on me, and Snake Oil.. I like it, but I never picked to wear it. So between that and more fruity/coconutty, I'm not sure. I sniffed an old version of SC back in the day but never got to try it on. I have never tried Black Lace. I love the idea of it but I am not sure of how it'll be on me. MMM, tobacco and cognac.. yum. White Rabbit just smelled like pepper on me, though, so, that's worrisome. My faves right now are this vanilla/wood/spicy Chaos Theory, Antikythera Mechanism, Misk U, Harvest Moon 06, Perversion, Coral Snake, Western Diamondback, Lady Lilith, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale. I like but never quite loved Crowley, Buggre Alle This Bible, Illustrated Woman, Grindhouse, Cockaigne. Thoughts??
  12. foxroses

    Tokyo Milk to BPAL comparisons

    Thanks! I think I have an imp of Schwarzer Mond somewhere that I should dig out. I LOVE the antikythera mechanism, not sure why it didn't occur to me that they were similar. I will definitely try Habu also. yum!
  13. Has anyone tried Tokyo Milk Dark's Bulletproof? http://www.tokyo-milk.com/products/bulletproof-no-45-parfum "Smoked Tea, Coconut Milk, Crushed Cedar, Ebony Woods" I don't know how to describe it, but this stuff is DIVINE. Would love to have a similar BPAL instead though.
  14. yes, Huesos de Santos is a very lovely anise background note. It's not the strongest but it's SO delicious.
  15. foxroses

    Lady Lilith

    Lady Lilith, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Climbing rose, vanilla cream, vanilla flower, white tea, mandarin, red and white musks, opium poppy, Parma violet, and opoponax. In the Bottle: This is SO nice. Floral, but I typically don't do floral, yet this is delicious. I'm not sure what I'm getting other than lots of white tea but it's very, very nice. Wet: Ooh, soo nice. Lots of tea, and definitely some opium poppy and mandarin. The musk is tying it all together, it's very nicely blended, I don't smell one thing over another very much. I think the rose or violet is coming out, something more floral, but again, it's not doing that sour thing that some florals (jasmine, gardenia, carnation) do on me. This is sweet, soft, very clean and fresh. It actually reminds me a lot of Kumiho with the white tea, but more floral and sweet. Dry: It's a little sharper as it dries - the opoponax maybe? It doesn't smell like opoponax in any of the other blends I've tried but it's something a little sharper, less floral. I think I get a lot of rose, too, but its white and clean; lots of tea, definitely some mandarin. This is truly delicious, I should have gotten two bottles Yum!!