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    I *LOVE* BPAL's roses... probably why my favorite blends are the ones with rose in them. Also drawn to ozones, moonflower, fruits, foody, cinnamon, lilies, and others. Absolutely must stay away from most woods, cassia, and usually frankincense and myrrh. My current blends with perfect scores are: Black Moon, Endymion, Eris, Evening Star, Fruit Moon, Harlot, Harvest Moon 2005, The Haunted Palace, Hollywood Babylon, Jailbait, Kindly Moon, Marie, Marquise de Mertueil, Othello, Parlement of Foules, The Peacock Queen, Rapture, Shango, Theodosius, Versailles, Villain and Whip.


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  1. PilotKitten

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    For me I think it would be Rose Cross. The spices tone it down so it's not so "floral" for lack of a better term.
  2. PilotKitten

    Bad Luck Woman Blues

    None of the notes in this blend seem to go together very well. Maybe it's just me. The super-sweet, heavy caramel just doesn't work well with the green sage and moss. It starts off that overwhelming caramel note and mismatched greenery, then dries down to a strong, perfumey musk and very dry woods and dust.
  3. PilotKitten

    New Year's Eve in Dogville

    Ick. I agree with the cheap drugstore perfume comparisons. I expected this to be elegant and bubbly, but this is a very sharp, overwhelming, bad musk.
  4. PilotKitten

    Licorice Bark

    I hate black licorice, but this at least isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It does smell just like black licorice gummis, but it's softer and more sugary sweet than I was expecting. It doesn't last long either, which is good in my case.
  5. PilotKitten

    Taurus 2007

    I figured this would be a rich, earthy scent, being that it's a “fixed earth” sign... but it's all fresh florals and herbal notes. Weird. It doesn't seem like a Taurus blend to me. Mainly this blend is a light, herbal mint on my skin. In the drydown it's sort of powdery like spearmint gum. I was hoping the rose and apple blossom would be stronger as they're some of my favorite BPAL notes but this is just... kinda bland and boring in the end.
  6. PilotKitten

    Poisson d'Avril

    I've only had one out of the hundreds of BPAL scents I've tried go straight to soap on me but Poisson d'Avril is insane about it. Normally florals do so great on me too. In the bottle, it smelled sooo good too. Like a light sugary floral and like the other posters said, "springtime!" But on me... soap. Pure soap. Not a floral soap either (like the other BPAL blend that went to soap on me)... just the sudz. It's awful I was sooo hoping to have a pretty springtime scent (already have the other seasons covered but am still seeking out a good floral) too. I can't help but think what's the point of taking a shower and getting all soapy clean only to put on a perfume worth $17.50 that makes you smell like you just got out of the shower and smell all soapy clean? I guess this is another one to test out in the oil burner... < sigh >
  7. PilotKitten

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary starts out on me with this odd soured note. I'm not entirely sure what it is... maybe the cream has gone bad. Either way, it's pretty horrific until the drydown. After the drydown the black cherry takes the fore and goes to straight up, over-sweetened cough syrup. Which isn't *too* bad I suppose if the sugaryness was toned down a bit. Perhaps mixing this with a calmer floral scent would help a bit. As it is, I'm not sure I could wear this without someone thinking I was taking sips of NyQuil at work just to make it through the day till my AA meeting. After about 15 minutes, this smells like a Glade scented room freshner plug-in I had once (IIRC, it was some holiday Christmassy scent). Maybe the oil burner would be better off with this one than my wrists.... Final thought: If you're a big fan of black cherry and sugar than go for it. As for me, oil burner it is.
  8. PilotKitten


    Yup. This starts off sweet and herbal and then quickly dries down to something very reminiscent of cloves and black musk to me. A little masculine and musky, but mostly spicy. Not really a note I would wear unless it was blended with something better as a balance.
  9. PilotKitten

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oooh... those are gorgeous! I wish I had some I could decant my favored scents into. They look sturdier than the EXTREMELY delicate glass ones I currently have (seriously, you eyeball these things and they crack) and more unique than just regular ole bottles everyone uses. I have a small mirrored 'podium' type thing that I showcase my favorites on. So far, the coolest BPAL thing I have on it is my beloved first bottle of Whip with the Sub Rosa cap.
  10. PilotKitten

    Voodoo Lily

    Honeyed, perfumey lilies smothered in a spicy something and with a background of something slightly sharp and smoky. This isn't the soft sweetness that I like from lily fragrances. This is bold and sharp and overpowering. I'll have to pass along my imp of Voodoo Lily.
  11. PilotKitten


    Huh? This *does* smell like Clinique Happy. Clean, aquatic, with a nondescript sweetness. It's not bad, but there's nothing really interesting or catching about this one either.
  12. PilotKitten

    Queen Alice

    This is a weird fragrance. It's hard to pick out any one note but it's warm, slightly powdery, and slightly spicy on my skin. The spice is light fromt the cider and I'm guessing the amber is where I'm getting that warm, powdery scent from. It dries down to a faint, sugary cider and baby powder after a while. It's okay but nothing awesome.
  13. PilotKitten


    There is a quick burst of citrus with this at first but it quickly dries down to soapy florals and a heavy, bitter musk on me. Perfumey and unremarkable. I expected more from this one
  14. PilotKitten

    The Dodo

    I was so looking forward to this one since cinnamon is one of my preferred scents (both to wear and smell around the house) and I just adore Whip and a few other cinnamon blends. The Dodo was such a disappointment though... nothing but cinnamon/cassia and an allergic reaction. It made my skin itchy, blotchy and red and was just overwhelmingly spicy.
  15. PilotKitten

    Calico Jack

    I got an imp of this for my husband to try out, but neither of us has wound up liking it. Drat. Mainly Calico Jack is a strong, musky leather with a sharp, verrry salty aquatic layered over it.