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  1. sofiaviolet


    I neither smell nor feel much cinnamon. Yay for that. The roses are lovely, and just this side of "so powdery they aggravate my allergies."
  2. sofiaviolet


    I have no clue what's in here. No idea whatsoever. I like the bright green oil and the herbal scent, but I can't be specific because my nose isn't very well trained.
  3. sofiaviolet

    Opium Poppy

    Opium Poppy smells like baby oil. Exactly like I remember it, that is. Erk!
  4. sofiaviolet


    Green herbs slithering through mint, lime and lavender. The lavender in here is made sharp and medicinal by the mint. I don't really smell much lime. This one will need a few more tests before I know whether I like it or not.
  5. sofiaviolet

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    This is such a guy scent! The leather makes me think of cowboys etc. I smell sage, but barely, and only a hint of lavender. The cedar is not at the forefront, but I can easily detect it.
  6. sofiaviolet

    White Rabbit

    I smell tea, honey, and ginger. I bet this would be nice and comforting when you're sick (provided your nose is working). I also smell something akin to Honey Nut Cheerios. Even though this is a honey scent, it's not fading to nothing! Miracles do happen.
  7. sofiaviolet


    I'm confused by this. I definitely smell vanilla, and a scent that's naggingly familiar - almost like root beer, but not as syrupy. Apparently, that's sassafras. I love root beer, but I don't want to smell like it.
  8. sofiaviolet


    Musty BPAL number 117. I wish I knew why my skin does such odd things to so many perfumes. The herbs are fairly strong in Gomorrah, but mustiness wins in the end.
  9. sofiaviolet

    Lady MacBeth

    The berries, wine, and currant make this a very heavy blend. It's wonderful. While I wouldn't say that it smells like Venom, it is similarly mature, sophisticated, and sensual. Lady Macbeth fades quickly on my skin.
  10. sofiaviolet


    This is a sweet, soft floral. Not very substantial, as I expected. It's lovely but on me, it's not anything special. Arachne fades quickly.
  11. sofiaviolet


    Very heavy on the ozone. Smells quite a bit like Sea of Glass, though with less lilac. Awesome!
  12. sofiaviolet


    This is a very dusty and fragile floral, like a sachet found in your grandma's attic. It's also soapy. Yay skin chemistry! Oh well.
  13. sofiaviolet


    I have no idea what's in this, but it smells like a great evil Christmas perfume. I know that's vague, but it makes sense in my head. Unfortunately, there's a faint tinge of plastic once it touches my skin, so no evil Christmas for me.
  14. sofiaviolet

    Trick or Treat

    Burnt sugar. I have no idea what issue my nose has that anything even remotely foody smells scorched, but there you go.
  15. sofiaviolet

    Evening Star

    This is too icy. I think it's the moonflower I loathe, because I have no issues with icy violets. It smells too sweet, as well.