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    The Torture Queen, Kindly Moon, Tamamo-no-mae, Blue Moon 07, Green Phoenix, Black Moon, Vasakassaja, Hony Mone, Scherezade, The Illustrated Woman, Lyonesse. Clean, fresh scents, most of the time (light fruity/florals, some aquatic/ozone, light musk). Notes: moonflower, honeysuckle, sweet pea, stargazer lily, mandarin, pear, peach, skin musk, blue musk, peruvian amber, golden vanilla, french vanilla.


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  1. mandragora


    Love this scent. This is a less-dirty Snake Oil but has the same sexy feel. Vanilla amber goodness with just whiffs of orange blossoms. Khrysee is Snake Oil's younger sister. She's all sexy flirtation and teasing while her older sister is already in the backroom having wild, sweaty sex with some uber-hot guy they just met . Soo good, can't stop huffing my wrists
  2. Any recs for any GC scent that is similar to The Illustrated Woman ... minus the pine note?
  3. mandragora


    Initial application: Holy sweet caramel Batman! Rich, sticky, uber-sweet caramel. Dry on the skin: Caramel and apple blossoms. Further dry: Caramel and wood shavings. Too sweet and foody for my personal taste, and then the teak further ruined the scent for me. Oh well, more for others right?
  4. mandragora

    Mead Moon

    Mead moon starts out gingery honey-lemon. Warm, golden spiced honey with just a sliver of lemon. Mmm As it dries, it slightly turns powdery (as most BPAL honeys tend to do on my skin, I'm looking at you O). Further dry, it turns to ... Harikata????? Huh?! Do I have a weird nose or what? Maybe a lighter, sweeter, less perfumey version of Harikata, but Harikata nonetheless. Good thing too, as I like Harikata. 3.5 out 5 stars.
  5. mandragora


    Used after I've taken a shower using the L'Estate Bath Oil. Ooo, sunshine-y flowers. Pale golden yellow. I can definitely smell the sunflower and hints of amber and a bit of honey. It also smells fresh and clean. Very pretty .
  6. mandragora

    L'Estate Bath Oil

    This is an initial sniff from a leaked bottle review. Haven't used it in a bath/shower yet. Initial sniff is amber and peaches. It does remind me a bit of Tamamo-no-mae but not as fruity and a bit deeper. Hints of florals to tease, a dollop of vanilla orchid and honey to sweeten, cardamom to give it some spice and the amber to give it a nice golden warmth. A perfect summer day in a bottle. Can't wait to use it in the shower. EDIT: Just showered with the bath oil this morning (2 days later). On my skin it is predominantly carnation, slightly sweet and still very much golden. Here it does not smell like Tamamo at all. Like the peach has retreated all the way to the back to let the other notes play. Either way, it is very lovely and the bath oil left my skin feeling baby soft. Layered with the perfume oil .
  7. mandragora

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I posted a picture of Chesire Moon along with the Jan/Feb lunacy in the gallery. I also posted some Lupercalia 08: Love Poems bottles, for anyone who's interested. On both pictures, the Shojo Beat Calendar serves as background .
  8. mandragora

    Night Thoughts

    This is a mixed review. I'm undecided whether I like it or not. In the bottle, this is reminiscent of Black Moon which I . Very sexy and sultry. Perfect for a night out. Wet and initial drydown however, ruined this for me. There's this sharp dryer sheets scent that wafts about. I don't smell it if I sniff directly on my skin, however. It's a bit disappointing. Later drydown (which is 3 or so hours later) is much better. The dryer sheets scent is gone replaced by a musky nighttime floral scent that is quite elegant. I'm torn, the end result is great but I don't know if I can stand the 3-hour wait to get there.
  9. mandragora

    Love's Philosophy

    Wet, this is uber-sweet. It's like the vanilla-swirled cream reached out from the bottle and smacked me in the face . Dry, it reminds me a bit of Underpants without the dusty note (sandalwood, maybe). The sweetness tapers off on further drydown, making it a lovely, creamy skin scent. It's pretty, I'm glad I have a bottle.
  10. mandragora

    Hony Mone

    I can't believe I've ignored this scent for 2-3 months. At that time, I sniffed it from the bottle and thought 'foody' and promptly put it away. Fast forward to yesterday when I decided to finally do a skin test and Oh.My.Word. <-- *awed in a good way* In the bottle, its all sweet almond on me (thus the initial foody perception). So I gingerly swiped a bit on my wrist and the jasmine and honeysuckle blooms . It stays that way 'til drydown, that's when the honey and fruits step forward and embraces the almondy florals. Later on, as the almond fades, there's a hint of saltiness that is reminiscent of clean-smelling sweat (or dried tears). But it's lovely, beyond lovely even. Not a lot of throw on me, more of a skin scent actually. But by golly, my skin has never smelled sooooo good. Hony Mone is .
  11. mandragora

    Long Night Moon

    That's exactly what I smell in Long Night Moon. I'm fortunate that it does not turn plastic on me (sorry Ladybird). It's elegant and perfume-y, in a very good way .
  12. mandragora

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I also posted some pictures of the Yules as well (Mirror, mirror, Noche Buena, Angeronalia and Midwinter's Eve).
  13. mandragora

    Scent for Halloween?

    I didn't have a costume, but my BPTP Treat shirt smelled of Vampire Tears .
  14. mandragora

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I don't have Beatrice, but I do remember that there's one pic in the gallery. And the label looks like regular GC. Yes, the Come and See series in Sin & Salvation have different labels from the regular GC line as well.
  15. mandragora

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    The whole Rapaccini's Garden and A Picnic in Arkham categories are differently labeled than the regular GC as well. Due to popular demand, here's Schrodinger's Cat accompanied by Aeaea and Dian's Bud (from Rapaccini's Garden).