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  1. gangstaknitta

    Ol' Roswell Cemetery

    My father was kind enough to schlep to Harry's for will call and snag me some ORC. This is exactly what I was expecting it to be...magnolias and dirt, springtime in Georgia. Definitely the same dirt as Graveyard Dirt (another of my faves) to my nose. Wet, it smells like moist, freshly overturned dirt, with a slightly sweet/slightly musky floral in the background. When it dries, it is the perfect balance of earth and floral. I normally don't like florals, but this one doesn't make my nose tingle (also has great staying power!). I used to blend GD and Kindly Moon together for a similar effect...for comparison, ORC is similar, but the florals aren't as sweet. I really hope that ORC becomes available again, because I will snatch it UP.
  2. gangstaknitta

    Thirteen (13): October 2006

    This round of 13 was very different from the last one! In the bottle, I get sweet oranges...almost like an orange sponge cake. To my nose, this is a very foody blend. On my skin, the orange is very much a bakery-type orange, rather than a tart citrusy orange. Definitely orange sponge cake. It's very warm. As it dries, the yummy vanilla comes out. I can't smell the cocoa distinctly, but I do think that it "darkens" the blend a good bit. It's very lovely, but it's a bit too orangey on me and doesn't feel very, well, me.
  3. gangstaknitta

    Carnaval Diabolique

    In the bottle, it's very floral. Floral, floral, floral. On my skin, the "lemon flower" takes over and I get a pledge-y kind of scent, backed up by florals. It's very clean, but not nose-tickling-ly so. The scent morphs over the next few hours, with the apricot coming out, settling into a nice mild vanilla with a hint of apricot at the end. This last stage lasts for a good amount of time (3-4 hours on my skin) with absolutely no hint of florals.
  4. gangstaknitta

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    Wow, this one is complex. In the bottle, it's very floral to my nose...but then, in the background, sugar...cotton candy? Not so much with the incense. Once on my skin, some dryer-sheety note comes out and overwhelms everything else for about 10-20 min. It then fades to a very-close-to-the-skin scent. Ahhh....there's the incense...and a touch of sugar, but not syrupy sweet. It's very mellow and comforting on the dry-down. I love it towards the end, but the dryer sheet thing kinda gets my nose a-twitchin'.
  5. gangstaknitta

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    Tasty!! In the bottle, I don't get so much of the cocoa. It's a very warm sweetness, foody and slightly candyish, but not very sugary. It's a very warm and comforting scent, with an dark edge to it. On my skin, the cocoa comes out more, but not a sweet milk chocolate...more like a luscious dark cocoa, with maybe a touch of sweetness...somewhere in between honey and sugar. It lasts a long time (6+ hours on my "pms-skin" which tends to swallow most blends--ha ha, sorry for the overshare) and stays somewhat close to the skin--very sultry. I'm really diggin' this one. I can't stop wearing it long enough to try the other CD blends!
  6. gangstaknitta

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CCVI (56): A very sunny, kind of sweet floral...maybe mimosa in there? I'm not sure. I keep thinking I'm getting something of a bubble gum note, but not really. I don't really smell anything but flowers in this bottle. On my skin, it goes very sweet and very floral, but dries down a bit more mellow. And it lasts for hours on my skin. It's very nice, but not for me. Previously reviewed by Arylkin.
  7. gangstaknitta

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CCCXVI (316) In bottle: OMG!! Sugar Cookie and Sugar Skull combined! Wet: yummy, carmel, sugar...something a bit nutty, not as boozy as Sugar Skull is (to my nose, at least) Dry: What is that? It smells like cassia/cinnamon, but I know Beth left those out. It's very subtly nutty/spicy. The sugary note goes plasticky on me (as per usual--I can only use stuff w/sugar notes in oil burners), but then a nice warm musk emerges. It's lovely...but better in the bottle than on my skin.
  8. gangstaknitta

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CCCVII (307) In bottle: a soapy floral blend Wet: usually soapy=lily, but I'm not getting any lily out of this. It smells squeaky-clean in a feminine way, kind of like dove soap with some sort of heady flower Dry: wow, it had good throw at first, then stayed close to the skin. Very soapy smelling, but still nice. It's fresh without being cloying.
  9. gangstaknitta

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CCCVI In bottle: dryer sheets + Water of Notre Dame. Interesting combo--very clean and aquatic. I'm pretty sure there are some lilies in there. Wet: pure Bounce on my skin, very strong with lots of throw Dry: the blend calms down a lot after an hour or two and it smells like clean fresh white sheets. It's a lovely scent, I just don't know if I would like to smell like it. CCCIII In bottle: soapy floral--but then, there's a sweet floral in there. To my nose, it smells like plumeria and lily, normally a bit too much, but this floral is very soft. Wet: okay, this is definitely a floral, it's a mixture of "clean" flowers with sweeter/tropical flowers, all very light. Perhpas there is magnolia or gardenia in there? Dry: this one sticks close to your skin and is very mild, but my skin tends to swallow florals (but not lily oddly, so I don't know). It didn't last very long on me and I'm not hooked enough to re-apply.
  10. gangstaknitta

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CTIII: CCCIV (304) In the bottle: just like cola! It even smells..."fizzy"! Wet: fizzy, fizzy cola Dry: how odd...the cola has toned down and a lovely warm vanilla note has emerged. Basically it smells like vanilla coke, but the cola scent is not that strong. It doesn't have much throw, but it lasts for hours and hours, even after I bathe. CCCVIII (308) In the bottle: Straight up sandalwood...with something else in the background which keeps it from getting too woodsy Wet: maybe this is white sandalwood? It's lovely and mild. There's a light note that smells very clean, but not cloying. Dry: Sandalwood, with an undercurrent of zest--or a clean, very light soapy smell underneath.
  11. gangstaknitta

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    In the bottle, the grapefruit/lime combo smells like melon to my nose. It doesn't smell as "woodsy" as I thought it would. I think that the sandalwood tones down the fruitiness of the other notes. On my skin, it smells like melon--not sweet, though. It's very mild and has little throw, but it lasted all day on me (6+ hours). Normally my skin amps up fruit notes, but this one stayed pretty mellow and mild. It's a lovely scent, just not one that I think I'll wear a lot.
  12. gangstaknitta


    I heart Mandrake. It's very rooty, earthy and sweet. The oil itself is really thick and viscous. It stays close to the skin, but lasts a several hours. This is one that I need to reapply once or twice (for the long days), but I love it. It reminds me of playing in the dirt when I was little.
  13. gangstaknitta

    Death Cap

    Death Cap is amazing. A mildy sweet earthiness greets the nostrils, with a note that smells similar to almond to me in the bottle. On my skin, it turns into lovely sweet, sweet earth with a touch of...that almondy note, but almond normally turns to play doh on me, so I dont' know. It's very warm and earthy, yet light.
  14. gangstaknitta

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    Woah, plum and spicy carnations...all the way through. On my skin, I get nothing but cloying carnations with the plums lurking beneath. Much too floral to me, but anyone who likes carnations should check this one out.
  15. gangstaknitta


    This blend was very clean and watery, with a touch of a darker, almost smoky note--almost like a darker version of City in the Sea. On my skin, it turns into fresh laundry and antiseptic. Yech.