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    Favorite BPAL blends, no particular order (newer stuff tends to get stuck at the beginning thougWh): Ava, Clockwork Couture F, Molly, the Reaper of Justice, Sweets to the Sweet, White Rose, The Girl, Dreadful Lies, Metal Phoenix, Glühwein, Day of the Skulls, Katrina Van Tassel, The Emathides, Boomslang, Mead Moon, Pisces 2007, La Primavera, L'Estate, Clemence, Hellion, The Maltese Cross of Sanctus Germanus, Aeronwen, The Torture Queen, Judith & Holofernes, Hanami, Svadhinaopatika, Pinched With Four Aces, Bakeneko, Cheshire Moon, A Great Cry In Egypt, Monsterbait: BiggerCritters, The Oval Portrait, The Ecstasy of Passion, Chrysanthemum Moon, Jacob's Ladder, Dolce Stil Nuovo, The Mouse's Long Sad Tale, Storyville, Lyonesse, Devil's Night, Pumpkin King, Spirits of the Dead, The Haunted Palace, Snake Charmer, Silk Road, Ace of Hearts, Bengal, Honey Moon, Kali, 13 (the original's my fave), White Rabbit, Sin, Jezebel, Snow White, Sudha Segara, Hetairae, The Lion, Dana O'Shee, Alice, Chimera, Formula 54, Le Serpent Qui Danse, Dia de los Muertos 04, Rose Red, Euphrosyne, Versailles, Three Witches, Ingenue, Whippoorwill, Kumiho, Queen Mab This list NEVER seems to get shorter, by the way!) Favorite notes: Amber, tea, ginger, honey, vanilla, clove, fig (the darker kind works better than the green kind), cinnamon, cardamom, ambergris, carnation, lilac, peony, magnolia, gardenia, chocolate (especially white chocolate), sandalwood, benzoin, patchouli, white and light musks, pepper, tangerine, pink grapefruit, lime, narcissus, orchid, linden blossom, freesia, tuberose, daffodil, sweet pea, lilies of all types, dandelion, sweetgrass, ivy, pear, cognac Notes that depend on their varietal, their strength &/or their companions in the blend: Rose (white is my favorite), jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, lotus, coconut, plum, lemon, blackberry, currants, wine, smoke, tobacco and tobacco flower, tonka, darker musks (the darker, the riskier), pumpkin, most tropical fruits, acai berry, hibiscus, oakmoss and other mosses, opium, ylang-ylang, violet, verbena, teak, rosewood, juniper, pine, poppies, wisteria Notes that work rarely, mostly never, especially if they dominate a blend: aquatics, civet, cedar, cherry, caramel, peach, almond, anise, dragon's blood, apricot, "butter" notes, ozone, metallic notes, leather, earth/soil, raspberry, strawberry, geranium, mints, vetiver, mimosa, sarsparilla, leather, apple blossom & apple peel (although plain ole apple often works just fine!), sage, melon, nag champa, rum Notes I don't think I've figured out, even after all this time! Myrtle, amaranth, hazel, elemi, yarrow, hyssop

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    Smelling pretty and hoarding pretty-smelling things. Bull Terriers and Bull Terrier Rescue. Reading. Bathing. Reading while bathing. Playing piano. Shoes, buying shoes, thinking about shoes. Tomatoes and black-capped chickadees.
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