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    HONEY!!! I adore anything honey-scented. Honey Moon, Dorian, and Snow White are my top three BPAL. I love Old Glasgow and Phantom Queen, and any meadowy scent. I also love sandalwood + vanilla (as long as there isn't any patchouli). Wishing for something that combines coffee and rain.

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  1. The rest of the tidbit of Pumpkin Queen that I have. Perfect day for it!
  2. Something pumpkiny, to go with the pumpkin pasties I'll serve that day. Woo hoo!
  3. sh1mm3r

    Green Tree Viper

    I really like this one, but it doesn't last long enough at all, no matter how much I put on. I'll try it in a scent locket and report back.
  4. sh1mm3r

    Melon scents?

    I get cantaloupe from Freak Show sometimes (it changes every time I wear it)
  5. sh1mm3r

    The Oblation

    Wow. The only other blend I've tried with blackberry is Glasgow, and it is one of my top 5, particularly for summer. This takes that blackberry and makes it much more grown up. The sweetness is replaced by the wildness of blackberries growing where other plants can't. I would almost venture a guess that blackberry leaf is in this as well, but that might just be the lavender. Of course I adore honey so how I missed this when it came out is beyond me. I need to track down my own bottle now.
  6. sh1mm3r

    Black Hellebore

    I don't get a lot of rose from this, mainly peony. And I never thought you could have a root note, but there it is. It's the distinct scent of working in a garden, not the dirt but just the freshness of everything - the verdant life around you as you weed or water.
  7. sh1mm3r

    Al Azif

    Wow this is not what I expected. The incense mixing with the sweet syrup is very strange to me. Like a pancake breakfast during a high church service. Or eating caramels by a campfire. On me, the smoky smells including incense just magnify with increasing intensity until I wash them off. Yikes.
  8. sh1mm3r


    When I first put this on, it is very soapy, sour, and strong. 30 seconds later, it disappears. All that's left is a faint ozoney scent. Not what I expected at all, but it's too dark to run after it (it's midnight after all).
  9. sh1mm3r


    At first, citrus cough drops, but dries quickly to a very strong lavender. This has the sharpness of alcohol in the background too (I think that is the rosemary). It has the impression of a purpose (as in, I wouldn't wear this just for a scent).
  10. sh1mm3r


    I usually avoid rose notes for two reasons - one, florals aren't great on me. Two - my Mom's perfume my entire life was Joy, and as much as I adore her, I don't want to smell like her. What I like about this blend is that the rose is not very heady - it is as if you can smell the green parts too, and it really is like a fresh rose. I do like the rose in Dublin more (it is greener to me), and I will probably swap it, but I appreciate getting this as a frimp to finally try.
  11. sh1mm3r


    This is very medicinal smelling - must be the lemon verbena type scent most are smelling. Back when I was struggling with sleep apnea I tried putting this on my pillowcase, and it helped me focus on sleeping, if that makes sense. I woudln't wear it as an everyday scent, in an attempt to train my brain into somnus=sleep.
  12. sh1mm3r


    The wicked, malicious dark side of the Court of Faerie, Unseelie literally translates to ‘Unholy’. The Unseelie Court is ruled by Titania’s corrupted twin sister, the Queen of Air and Darkness. The Court rides the nighttime winds spreading chaos and miscief; woe be to any mortal that crosses its path. A misty, otherworldly scent laced with ethereal florals, crushed herbs and soft, dew-covered grasses. I received a mysterious package of BPAL from someone in Georgia, and included was an imp of Unseelie. From the description I wasn't expecting to like it, because typically the word floral is a huge sign of disaster. I'm just not sure I have the words. For me, who wears Snow White and SnowFlakes almost exclusively all winter, this is like if Snow White were an icecream that you eat outside in the summer. The same grassy elements, and definitely some vanilla in there, but it is all much fresher and warm somehow. It does go powdery but not in a bad way.
  13. sh1mm3r


    I keep trying floral blends in an attempt to find a true lily smell. This turns sickly sweet like carnation blends do, and it is STRONG. At the same time aquatic. I will probably wash this one off. I only put a tiny swipe and I can smell my wrist from here (and it's busy typing!)
  14. sh1mm3r

    Fire Pig

    In the bottle this reminds me completely of Fruit Moon, a scent I loved but ultimately traded because I didn't want to SMELL like a fruit bowl. On, this has some of the perfumey note I get from Et Lux Fuit and The Living Flame - I'm not sure what note does this, but it definitely adds a dimension Fruit Moon doesn't have - probably a combo of the blossoms and the resin. As it dries, I am struck that this would layer nicely with a lot of the BBW scents that are sweet + fruity at the same time - Sweet Pea, Moonlight Path, the cherry blossom line, and others. This was purchased for my sister's birthday anyway, but it's been sitting on my dresser begging me to try it, so I did. I'm glad I bought it for someone else, and hopefully it isn't too floral for her!
  15. sh1mm3r


    Warm, comforting, incensey spices. No citrus or lemon in sight, although I wish it was in there a little. At first this is heady and thick, and then goes in the background, but then I'll catch whiffs of it. I put it on after using a lemon + gingerbread scrub this morning - yum! I like this more than gingerbread poppet - it is not as cloying, and it lingers longer.