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  1. Diva Urd

    All Head, All Spine, All Limb, All Loin

    This... this is what I was hoping to get from Snake Skin! ❤️ My skin chemistry seems to adore SO enough to amp it over everything it might be mixed with, so I get only the slightest hint of leather over garden-variety SO from Skin, but this balances out beautifully on me as well as on the hubbo! In the beginning, the SO and darker components war a bit with each other, leading to an almost peanutty note, but after about ten minutes, All Head turns into a very leathery Snake Oil, and stays like this for pretty much ever. I'm a huge fan of this!
  2. Diva Urd


    I personally didn't get anything I'd associate with "swampiness" from it - I'd expect something deep, woody/murky/earthy in that case, but I didn't notice any such notes in there. I'd definitely give a decant a try if you're looking for aquatics!
  3. Diva Urd


    Give the new Swamp Skank a try - it's super-oceany for me!
  4. Diva Urd

    Groom of Frankenstein

    Disclaimer: I've always been a bit wary of ozone, since, in some combinations, my skin forces scents containing it into Dryer Sheet Syndrome. However, I'm also a sucker for BPAL's black leather and have drag-kinged before, so I risked a blind buy from Etsy in the hopes that I'd be able to swap it away if it turned out it wasn't for me. Well, long story short, I'm no longer worried about trying to find a new home for it, because this baby stays right here in my paws. The leather is delicious, and the ozone gives the scent a coolness that makes this the perfect leather blend for summer for me (if I wear other leather blends such as Kroenen or Adam, they tend to make me feel too hot in 93 degree F/33 degree C weather, but this one doesn't!). The throw is good, but not OMG LET ME OVERPOWER THE ENTIRE ROOM from what I can tell, and wear length is well within the 12-hour range (it stays even longer on clothes). tl;dr: Much love for Groom of Frankenstein from me <3
  5. Diva Urd

    Blood Popsicle

    Oh, this is very interesting. In the vial, I get mostly dragon's blood, I think. On me, I believe I detect red musk, and perhaps a variety of lotus? Overall, it's a fairly sweet, light floral, though it doesn't seem to have a ton of waft or staying power on me. I like it, but I'll just keep the decant.
  6. Diva Urd

    Eve (With Sage Fuck Up)

    I bought a full bottle of the sage version since I figured I wouldn't have a problem passing it on if it wasn't my thing, and just the other day, I also received a decant of the original, so it was DEATHMATCHING TIME! I have to say I agree with Silvertree, particularly since I also have difficulties wearing rose. The one in Eve is fairly restrained, so it's probably not necessarily a death note for similarly challenged folks, but it's there on my skin, if not necessarily in the vial (in vitro, so to say, they are very difficult to tell apart for me). As a result, OG Eve is a bit softer than SFU Eve, but also has an ever-so-slightly soapy tinge on me, which is absent in the sage version. tl;dr: I'm really glad I have a bottle of Eve WSFU, and I don't think I'll have to hunt down a bottle of OG Eve, though I will keep the decant for when I'm in a rare "softer" mood.
  7. Diva Urd

    Smoky Rose?

    Although it doesn't have any "true" rose note listed (rose geranium is a different plant species, though it reads as rose to some in the reviews), reading your description made me wonder if Kostnice might be up your alley? It's DC'd, but regularly shows up in sales posts and on the BPAL etsy site: A celebration of the Bone Church of Prague. Frankincense, rosewood, lily, and geranium rose. Here's the review thread: http://www.bpal.org/topic/2609-kostnice/
  8. TRUE! nervous very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? A proclamation of sanity: a dignified bay rum cologne and a hint of respectable lime aftershave, pierced through by glittering shards of madness. Well, since no one has written a review for this yet, I'll give it a try, particularly since I found that I really like this. The primary note is indeed bay rum, given a little zing by the lime. I don't know that this codes as super-masculine for me - I'd call it unisex. As for the "glittering shards of madness," I find myself wondering whether there might be a hint of carnation in here and that's what that refers to. It doesn't scream floral in case you might be worried about that, but the note underneath the two big players mentioned above reminds me a lot of Amaterasu v2 somehow. The overall feeling of this is a bit powdery and a bit "fizzy," not too outrageous to wear while out and about, but also not exactly shy in terms of throw and wear length. Very enjoyable!
  9. Diva Urd

    The Moon Reflected in Every Rice Paddy Hair Gloss

    So, confession time: I'm not usually a vanilla fiend - I like it as a component in scents, but I'm not in favor of it if it's super-foody. A decant of this HG only wandered into my order belatedly, because I was curious about its combination with rice, musk, and orris root and I did have the money to spare. At first, I liked it, but didn't love it. However, then, I found myself reaching for it again... and again... and again... By now, it's probably my favorite of the Luper hair glosses. As others have mentioned above, it's not overly sweet or foody, unobtrusive, and goes with a wide range of other scents, but even when I'm only wearing it by itself, I can't stop sniffing my hair. I've just ordered a full bottle.
  10. Diva Urd

    Rubber Chicken Bath Bomb

    These bath bombs were crafted by Porcelain Wolf exclusively for Black Phoenix Trading Post. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab crafted a ludicrous scent for the project: a radiant, ridiculous blend of banana, sweet orange, ambrette seed, and neroli. Well, this baby was certainly super-fruity~ The banana and orange are front and center, making this smell all bubbly and tropical, almost mango-y. it wouldn't usually be my style and I don't know if I'd have sprung for it if it hadn't been a one-off bath bomb, but, say, a bath oil, but taking a bath with it was, for lack of a better word, fun! The water turned a deep orange and felt almost velvety after the bath bomb had completely dissolved. The scent was energizing and uplifting, and I'd say "ridiculous" would also be a good way to describe it I emerged from the tub with a smile on my face, and my skin well-moisturized. Would definitely buy more bath bombs coming out of a Porcelain Wolf x BPTP collaboration! *is keeping the miniature rubber chicken in her purse for luck from now on*
  11. Diva Urd


    This is very light, but it's an incredibly comforting scent. It's like "It Sifts From Leaden Sieves" and "Goblin" had the cutest love child together! The patch anchors the coconut, vanilla and tonka, there's only the slightest whiff of leather here and there, and while it's definitely a skin scent, it lasts long enough on me that I can justify a bottle. Beautiful!
  12. Diva Urd

    Initiation Sentimentale

    This is a gorgeous spring floral with a hint of spice in the backdrop. Initially on, this and "Consoling Pussy" smell quite similar due to the first wisteria waft, but where "Consoling Pussy" gets deeper and a little smoky from the incense, this one turns lighter and zippier. This is beautiful! I ordered myself a bottle. If you like florals that aren't all about rose, lily, or jasmine, give this one a try!
  13. Diva Urd

    Incense Chaos Theory Hair Gloss

    LXVI: I really like this one! It's hard to tell what all might be in here, but I think I smell opium and nag champa. Very incense-y, good throw, definitely my thing!
  14. Diva Urd

    Uncertain Horror Hair Gloss

    I took a chance on this as I'm a lover of most things patchouli and sandalwood, but unfortunately, either due to my hair or because my nose is broken, I'm not getting either from this. Instead, the tobacco and the sage seem to combine into something that leaves me with the impression that I'm smelling a mixture of antifreeze and marijuana fumes at first. When the DH physically recoiled from the lock of hair I tested it on, I went to take a shower right away. I'll rehome this decant - it wasn't meant to be my friend.
  15. Diva Urd

    Zombie Green Hair Gloss

    I absolutely *adore* this. It's so very intensely green - all moss and dandelion with some musk to anchor it. It also lasts a long time, and plays well with the musk- and patch-heavy oils I like to wear (and is dead-on matched with "Road House"). I had to get a full bottle of this, because I never want to be without it again.