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  1. brwnpaperhag

    Osmanthus & Agarwood

    Just received in the mail, and definitely not rested, but I couldn't help myself! Wet, this is very green and bright. The osmanthus is more citrusy than I'm used to, but I really like it. It feels very singular at this stage. As it dries, it stays tart and bright, but it does feel like a bit more woody, with more depth and body. Just a hint though. To be honest, I'm really glad it isn't oud-ier, since I can get that stanky, poopy smell sometimes, and I think this is a good limit. We'll see how it goes as it ages, but if the oud does come out I will be interested to see how my skin takes it, this osmanthus is quite a fighter in comparison. I only did some light dabs to try this out, so I can't tell if this just normally wears close to the skin or if I wasn't generous enough. But I keep huffing myself and it is a mood booster! In general, this is a very simple but interesting scent. It's great for hot days when you want something but can't worry about it fading or doing anything funny as you go about your day.
  2. brwnpaperhag

    Googly Eye Christmas Tree

    When I bought this last year I was so disappointed with how it developed on my skin. It was most of the notes, but all the wrong parts of them, and no cotton candy. However, I decided to give it a whirl today because I wanted a chocolate that didn't stay chocolate, and knew this scent could give that to me. Hoo, boy, I don't know what's happened in the last few months since wearing it, but it is exactly what I always wanted: it starts as a milky sweet chocolate, rounded by cinnamon and a cookie-ish sweetness, but after a few hours it settles into a cotton candy that keeps from being too kiddy by being tinged with some metallic tang. I actually had forgotten that this was a cotton candy scent and had to come here to check the notes. It wears close to the skin and feels so fun but cozy.
  3. brwnpaperhag

    Thirteen (13): July 2018

    13 is significant, whether you consider it lucky, unlucky or just plain odd. Many believe it to be unfortunate because there were 13 present at the Last Supper. Loki crashed a party of 12 at Valhalla, which ended in Baldurs death. Oinomaos killed 13 of Hippodamias suitors before Pelops finally, in his own shady way, defeated the jealous king. In ancient Rome, Hecates witches gathered in groups of 12, the Goddess herself being the 13th in the coven. Concern over the number thirteen echoes back beyond the Christian era. Line 13 was omitted form the Code of Hammurabi. The shivers over Friday the 13th also have some interesting origins: Christ was allegedly crucified on Friday the 13th. On Friday, October 13, 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrests of Jaques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and sixty of his senior knights. In British custom, hangings were held on Fridays, and there were 13 steps on the gallows leading to the noose. To combat the superstition, Robert Ingersoll and the Thirteen Club held thirteen-men dinners during the 19th Century. Successful? Hardly. The number still invokes trepidation to this day. A recent whimsical little serial killer study showed that the following murderers all have names that total thirteen letters: Theodore Bundy Jeffrey Dahmer Albert De Salvo John Wayne Gacy And, with a little stretch of the imagination, you can also fit Jack the Ripper and Charles Manson into that equation. More current-era paranoia: modern schoolchildren stop their memorization of the multiplication tables at 12. There were 13 Plutonium slugs in the atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki. Apollo 13 wasnt exactly the most successful space mission. All of these are things that modern triskaidekaphobes point to when justifying their fears. For some, 13 is an extremely fortuitous and auspicious number In Jewish tradition, God has 13 Attributes of Mercy. Also, there were 13 tribes of Israel, 13 principles of Jewish faith, and 13 is considered the age of maturity. The ancient Egyptians believed that there were 12 stages of spiritual achievement in this lifetime, and a 13th beyond death. The word for thirteen, in Chinese, sounds much like the word which means must be alive. Thirteen, whether you love it or loathe it, is a pretty cool number all around. In some theories of relativity, there are 13 dimensions. It is a prime number, lucky number, star number, Wilson Prime, and Fibonacci number. There are 13 Archimedean solids. AND There were 13 original colonies when the United States were founded. Says a lot about the US, doesnt it? Its been a tough year all around, so this take on 13 utilizes scents geared towards an influx of joy. While we may not always possess good fortune, may we always hold onto the laughter that will bouy us through the tough times. Smoky cacao, with thirteen jubilant, uplifting companions: white carnation, pimento, whiskey, Madagascar vanilla cream, sugar cane, almond, coffee bean, perigord truffle, tea leaf, nutmeg, cardamom, orris butter, and coconut. I couldn't wait. The bottle came in and I think I let this settle for about 20 minutes before diving in In the bottle, I get the Mother Shub fudge note from the Nov 13 a while back--I'll have to compare the drydown on this to that one when I have a moment. EDIT Aug 05 '18--Now that I can compare side-by-side, the fudge note in the Nov 13 is extremely similar, but the notes obviously lift it different ways. Their bases make them feel related. Wet, it is very smoky on me. This isn't surprising because I have found that I tend to amp smoke notes, and it balances the chocolate out nicely, which does not keep much of its fudge-ness on my skin, yay. As it dries, I get a bit...more, but what, I can't say. Everything feels well-blended, but it also could be the fact that this bottle is so fresh. I do get a hint of a sweet creaminess, which could be carnation and sugar cane, or the vanilla cream, but honestly my nose can't detect any of the other notes (yet, I hope). EDIT Aug 05 '18--The carnation is definitely out now, and it is creamy and spicy. I can also make out the cardamom, which makes it brighter. I'm hoping the other notes will come out as it ages, but for now these prominent notes (cacao, smoke, carnation and cardamom) are wonderful. All in all, the impression is a smoky yet happy scent--it makes me feel cozy, safe, and cheerful, even though I'm wearing it in the middle of summer and in 90° weather --maybe like how happy most people get walking into a chocolate shop, even in summer. I can't stop sniffing my elbow crook! This scent also wears fairly close to my skin, and if i do catch a whiff while walking, it has that fudge-y vibe, like it does in the bottle. I really like this.
  4. brwnpaperhag

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    I bought my bottle based on the assumption the almond would be like in Bite Me, and also the fact that I've always liked Snake Oil but have never been able to wear it. The almond is wonderful in here just like in Bite Me, but its interaction with Snake Oil, cotton blossom and the milky bit gives off a cookie/bakery vibe. I definitely understand the connection with Dana O'Shee, which personally, I don't like because it's so...fuzzy. I don't know how to describe it. For me, Snake Oil and Dana O'Shee have the same 'fuzziness'. So TLDR this is fuzzy, like Snake Oil, but bareable. The almond comes right back in and keeps it sharp for the majority, and by the time it settles hours later it's quite rounded out and mellow. It wears very close to the skin on me with little wafts of almond/Snake Oil whenever I move. I really wish I got more of the Snow White in here; I can only hope it'll come out as it all ages. I don't experience any soapyness, but I also tend to amp any sweet--namely vanilla, honey, chocolate (basically RICH) scents, so that could be why.
  5. brwnpaperhag

    Lawn Gnome

    I wore this today and kept getting wafts of it, putting a smile on face. I really thought I had put a review of this up before, but nope! Lawn Gnome is always gives me a metallic vibe at first--I think it's the cream and the moss mixing on me. It opens very sweet, very loud--thats from the molasses and red currant, no doubt. I've had cream go bad on me before (like Love's Philosophy) but the moss keeps it from doing so here. On the one hand, it gets metallic-y if I'm not paying attention. On the other hand, I welcome that much more than the doughy, plasticky note from Love's Philosophy. Whenever I catch a bit of it while walking I'm very aware that there is a green note that keeps it from being too much. It's a very well-blended fragrance, and I only get patchouli if I huff at it on my skin. It's there, lurking at the bottom, keeping the cream and fruit and sugar from being sickly. It's my favorite kind of scent: gourmand without being too one-dimensionally sweet.
  6. brwnpaperhag

    Traveling with BPAL

    I took my 30ish bottle collection overseas, and I used plumber's tape and bubble wrap to make sure the 20+ hr journey was going to be okay. Since you don't have time, technicallly, packing everything in securely with foam or something should be okay, but I would definitely recommend taping up any bottles whose oil you'd miss. If I recall, the plumber's tape was an easy find at Wal*Mart. Take care travelling!
  7. brwnpaperhag


    This is my first review in a looooong while, apologies in adavnce, but hopefully it's like riding a bike! I honestly have no idea why I never bought this sooner, especially since people have been comparing it to Gucci Rush, my one and only, for at least 10 years now. It opens with fresh, green orange--so sharp and clean! The bitterness and the zest are wonderfully surprising. It takes a bit to round out; on me, that's about 40 minutes. It slowly warms up into this gorgeous heady fragrance of plumeria (gentle, not at all loud like b&bw) and (I'm guessing) Copal. The fresh bit from the orange keeps it from going too floral, but the copal confuses my nose and makes me think I'm smelling something gourmand. If I keep inhaling like an addict, I almost get a popcorn vibe? Like, all buttery in the back of my throat. I read in one of the very early reviews that someone got chocolate from this, and I can definitely understand that--it's so warm. I don't get much smoke from this, and I can't tell if it's because I've only just opened my lab-fresh bottle or if that's just me--I've never really worn a scent with smoke in it. It wears close to the skin on me, but sometimes when I turn my head I get a nice waft and it's sooooo comforting. A slatherer would definitely be noticed if they chose this scent. I can't stop huffing my arm--it's exactly the same reactrion I had with Rush. I know people have said it before, but oh man--if you love heady but soft, big/loud/bright fragrances, this is definitely for you. I could roll in this forever.
  8. brwnpaperhag


    While wearing Lawn Gnome today I decided I needed a little more masculinity to the scent and opened my bottle of Olisbos. After two and a half months of sitting in my bottle box, the olive oil has blossomed into some amazing orangy citrus, completely balancing out the heavy leather and lightening the wood. While it dries down into some dry, warm leather (I want to say the it would be white leather, not black or brown), the overall feeling is warm and supple, and the wood and orange in here are amazing and completely unlike any other scent I've experienced with bpal (or any other scent, for that matter.) The orange is perfectly bright and juicy, giving life to the wood/leather combo, which is both masculine and gentle at the same time. It's perfect for when I need to butch up a light fruity scent or darken a sweet foody scent. I am in love with its overall smoothness (huzzah to dildo inspirations!) and I'm so glad my waiting has given me such awesome results.
  9. brwnpaperhag

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Dana O'Shee went all wheaty dust on me, The Hesperides was too chemical, and March Hare too tarty strong. However, Egg Nog 07, Bread and Butterfly, Bite Me, Boo!, White Chocolate and Strawberry, and July 07's 13 are all amazing on me. Also, if you like Caramely-Coffeeish scents, try the Salon's Homage to the Sabbath. It is a little more sweet where Misk U isn't, but I think they're in the same scent family. Also, if you can get your hands on some Dorian V3, give it a go---it's Dorian's tea with coconut.
  10. brwnpaperhag

    Traveling with BPAL

    So I moved my 25 bottle collection from California to Russia about three months ago, and at first, I was super paranoid that a) my bottles would break and/or b ) my suitcase would be lost. The lost suitcase situation was out of my hands, but I did try my best to make sure nothing could leak or break: I wrapped each bottle in thin packing foam/plumber's tape, then put it in my bottle box. Then, I wrapped my box in the packing foam, and nestled the box against an edge in my suitcase, with a layer of shirts to protect it. I kept three of my favorite oils with me, wrapped in tape and foam and tucked in a ziplock. All of my bottles made the journey, and last week, I went back to CA to visit the fam. I had ten bottles waiting for me, and this time, I didn't have all of the proper packaging with me, so I took a small usps box and wrapped my bottles in tissue paper--no tape, just paper, and when I closed the box I made sure nothing could move. This was definitely a more lax, cavalier way of doing things, but it got the job done, and my bottles were fine again. So really, it's up to you. I didn't even consider temperature because either way, it would be on the plane with me and planes are usually cold, be it in the cabin or in the cargo area. Hope my success stories help!
  11. brwnpaperhag

    Thirteen (13), November 2009

    I've spent this entire time trying to age my bottle, since I was sort of iffy when I first tested it oh so long ago--everything was so sharp and bitter then. That said, I am SO GLAD I kept my bottle. This is amazing! It starts out fudgy and dark...there's no mistaking what kind of chocolate this is. It's rich and dark, and with the incense and slight boozyness, it's wonderfully heady and delicious. Then, as it dries down, the raw vanilla appears. With the darkness from the fudge and herbs, it's reminiscent of XCDL13, but only just a little. I can't stop sniffing myself. The fudge definitely takes a backseat after the wet stage, which is awesome, because as much as I love wearing the chocolate note, sometimes I don't want to smell like a melted candy bar. haha. God, this is amazing. There's enough fruit and sweetness in here to keep it light and not musty, but the herbs/vanilla/incense combo keeps it amazingly perfumy and sexy. If I sniff too much at too close a distance, the herbal part of it makes me want to sneeze, but I just won't do that. Time has definitely helped out the herbs here, as they're much tamer now. And the fudge on the back burner just smoothes it all out. It's perfection!
  12. brwnpaperhag

    Where is this scent?

    There's actually a thread here: http://www.bpal.org/index.php?showtopic=50003 that's made specifically to find scents! Dragon Pecker was a proto released during one of the trunk shows last year. You can find it under the event exclusive scents, I believe. Update: Oh, also, since it was a proto, there aren't any official note listings, but the reviews say there's dragon's blood resin with some woodsy sweetness to it. http://www.bpal.org/index.php?showtopic=62884&hl=Dragon
  13. brwnpaperhag

    What should I expect at Will-Call?

    you should be able to find the information you're looking for here: http://www.bpal.org/index.php?showtopic=63964 You can place an order for pick up, however, if you have a friend going for you, she's going to have to place the order herself, since they don't allow third party pick ups. There's a paypal address specifically for will call, listed in the link, and the deadline for those orders is the 29th. I'm not entirely sure if there's a limit, as I've never been to a WC before, so hopefully someone else can help with that. hope this all helps!
  14. brwnpaperhag

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh, rereading this, I think I misunderstood. Nevermind!
  15. brwnpaperhag


    Wet, this smells like a cherry tootsie pop--sweet, almost too sweet, but something else lurking underneath. In tootsie pops, it's the chocolate tootsie roll, but with Hearth, it's the leather. As it dries, the leather becomes more prominent on me-I'm definitely getting strong, new, tough leather, rather than soft worn leather. However, with the cherry sweetness, it works wonderfully. Wow, this is good. Had it just been the cherry scent itself, I (a foodie and sugar lover) would have found it too cloying, but with the leather note, this is fantastic. There's a hint of the smoke here, just to connect the cherry and leather, and overall, it works very well; I can't stop sniffing myself, because the morphing is awesome! Sweet candy cherry hits the nose, warming to smoke and leather. Complex and intriguing. A definite love.