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  1. Hadewig

    What Scent Is This?

    If you still need a picture:
  2. Hadewig

    Treasure Ship Coming In

    When applied, I smelled the mint and also the peel of a mandarin or orange. Not really the fruit itself. The mint I could almost feel on the tip of my tongue if that makes sense to anyone. After a while the mint moves to the background and a strong powdery feel starts to appear. After an hour, all I could smell was the Batiste Dry Shampoo with the Blush scent. Treasure Ship Coming In smells exactly like that after the dry down...
  3. Hadewig

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    No, it probably is still in the sorting facility. Sometimes I did get no response at all and the box would show up on my door after 3 to 4 weeks without no notification what so ever. Tracking sadly doesn't say much, it shows when it leaves the US and it says when it arrives in NL. When it arrives in NL you still have a chance you have to wait for more then a week, and sometimes it shows up after 2 day's. Mail is a fickle thing...
  4. Hadewig

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I don't know how it works in other countries, but in the Netherlands, as soon as a international package or envelope enters the country, it gets an other tracking or item number. Those numbers are picked randomly I think and the only way to find out what number it became, is to constantly harass the postal headquarters asking for it. The problem with that is sadly, that if you let them look for your package new tracking number, it seems to get more attention, thus the risk of paying extra VAT gets higher.
  5. Hadewig

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I use toothpicks. A quick dip and a swoosh on the wrist and other zones. I use a new toothpick for every new dip in the bottle because I am scared of getting skin cells in my oils. Luckily those only cost a few cents for a tube of 100.
  6. Hadewig

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Yesh! Order before the 7th if you want them to be X-mas pressies.
  7. I am not a fan of jasmine, but maybe it isn't noticeable in The Night-Raven. I will try to get an imp! Thanks for the advice!
  8. I am looking for something that smells like White Moon. Been hunting a decant of this for ever and it just isn't there. These are the notes: Lilac, calla lily, wisteria, white sandalwood, moonflower, night musk, phlox, and violet. Also looking for a general catalog scent that actually smells like a single note freesia. Maybe even from an other company that hasnt to much shipping to the Netherlands? I know Demeter has a freesia scent but they don't ship to Europe and their retailers ask way to much for shipping just for one sample.
  9. Hadewig

    Once an order is placed, it is final.

    I have a question about shipping. I placed an order twice and that means I also paid for shipping twice. Since I am from Europe, shipping is $25,00 every time I place an order. I now got a notification in where they combined the order. If it was only a few dollars, I wouldn't mind so much but in this case it's a lot. I do think I should get $25,00 back for shipping that wasn't used. Does anyone else had the same problem?
  10. I am looking for scents that smell like rose hip instead of roses. I can't stand the smell of roses in perfume. They make me nauseous and give me headaches. My mother used to have roses that smelled like rose hip in full blossom so I would like to find a scent with that. It doesn't have to be BPAL but I do prefer oils instead of alcohol based perfumes. Anyone got an idea?
  11. Hadewig


    I bought a bottle of Spider in 2009 straight from the Lab. I can send you a decant if you like? To me it smells mostly as a man's aftershave or cologne. Also a very faint citrus scent but way in the back. I can't detect any ginger or bergamot. It gives me a headache if I smell it to long.
  12. Hadewig

    India Ink

    To me it doesn't smell anything like India Ink. I have several jars of India Ink and they all smell sweeter, less peppery/burned. It reminds me more of ecoline, gouache paint and charcoal to be honest. I dapped a bit on my hand and after a few minutes I started to feel really nauseous and had to rinse that smell away.
  13. Hadewig

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    I don't think there are any authorized sellers outside the US. Personally I would die and go to heaven if BPAL ever decides to set up a shop in Europe!
  14. Anyone that can recommend me a GC that resembles of The Gibbous Moon? I got a decant but it's almost empty *sobs*.
  15. Hadewig

    Punkie Night

    I bought this one from ebay and I am glad I did! It was a bit of a risk because apples tend to go sour on my skin. But this doesn't! Fresh green apples with a bit of a bite! I don't really smell the cranberries in this. After a while the smell on my skin gets more sweet and soft. Very lovely. I am very glad I took that risk. However, I am a bit confused about the label. It doesn't have the Halloweenie 2006 label. Instead it has a brownish color with a man bending towards a round object. It also has the text "Vintage 2006". The seller told me it was from the Dark Delicacies Event: Cleaning Out The Cobwebs III in July 2009. And that the label is the generic one for all Vintage bottles sold at Cleaning Out The Cobwebs III. I haven't been able to find that one here on the forums. Can anyone tell me more about this?