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    Bay Rum,(any booze really, but bay rum just smells great on me), Red musk*, Patchouli(all kids, red especially), Leather, Milk, Baked goods, loam, champa, coffee, Hyacinth, Vegetables!!, Petrichor, Rain, Smoke, Chypre, Wisteria, Carnation, Vanilla, Amber, Tea (mostly black, but really all kinds!) Wine(Spiced and other), Rose(majorly amp this), Spices, dirt(sometimes), dry herbs, Red fruit, neroli, Frankincense(still unsure about this note but I do love blends with it), Sandalwood, tobacco (can sometimes go real sweet), cedar(some times), dust, sand, beeswax, Peppers!!(vegetables and spice), White pepper, red pepper, black pepper, pink pepper, green pepper, saffron, cumin, sage, nutmeg, (sometimes cinnamon but it ravages my skin), Tea Rose, Galbanum, leather**, honey, etc. Oleander Honey (reminds me of my late grandmother, and therefore is one of my favorite BPAL blends) ***Mutant Hot Rodders from Hell High (I want to smell like this FOREVER) Fredric Abduction of Proserpine on Unicorn**** Bright Red Dildo *** Evening Cicadas and Red Peppers**** Ventriloquist's Dummy Alien Invasion Aizen Myoo Faiza Lady of Serpents ** Candy Butcher The Bride * Mad Hatter * John Watson Wilde Alan McMichael * Lucille Sharpe * Elf Crowley *** Picture Books in Winter The Lurid Library * The Host of Air Bram Stoker Do the Dancing Maiden's Sleep Dorian The Instruction Manual *** The Lady in Black - Atmo White Rabbit The Dormouse London Lenore Jazz Funeral Ysabel Wolfsbane Titania Serpent's Kiss Morgause The Reaper and The Flowers The Ifrit Morocco Odin Lucy's Kiss Lucy, Kissed Zombi Catherine MANY, MANY MORE Pretty much anything aside for musty/soapy flowers and lemon. Lemon has become sort of a trigger scent for me and can actually induce vomiting. Especially very astringent or cleaner lemon. In the end it's hard to say what I hate until I've truly gotten to experience it in all forms, but I cannot stand any lemon unless it is EXTREMELY well blended into something. I rarely find bpal scents that I don't like or that don't work with my skin but so far I cant seem to stand some of Bpal's rose notes, berry notes mixed with green notes, some lavender, some cocoa, a lot of 'foresty' and dirt scents can go musty bo one me, I don't grab for much dragon's blood, and basically nothing with lemon will appeal to me form the get go. Still learning! The only oils with a prominent lavender note that I've been able to use from Bpal are in I am Tired of Tears and Laughter, and TKO. Otherwise it's hard for me to really seek lavender dominant blends.

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    Big gamer(Mostly console/handheld/pc), anime and cartoon watcher, can't get enough of old movies and musicals, dabble in cosplay, love all kinds of music and books, and used to be big into art until recently (if you buy from me there is a 3000% chance you will have drawings all over everything, sorry in advance for that!).

    Perfume is important to me, I love the moods and scenes it can capture!
    I pretty much collect perfume, old videogames and videogame systems (I have so much Nintendo..), pokemon cards, yugioh cards, rocks, seashells, fossils, and crystals!
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  1. PersimmonSeeds

    So Judgey Hair Gloss

    A splash of gin, bitter lemon, and spiky juniper berries. One of the friends I attended DragonCon with ended up buying a bottle of this for the name alone and I was pressured into trying it for comparison. (she never got around to trying it with me, though) I am not a fan of lemon, but this in the bottle was really pretty. Kind of a syrupy sweet, clean, sparkling citrus blend on first sniff. I usually do about 4 squirts into my bleached, very short hair but only did 2 of this because I was scared of the lemon note making me nauseous. It went in fine, a very crisp scent. For only a few squirts this had great throw, the fizzy sweetness was at the front. What I assumed was the gin and juniper. There was a green edge to it, more piney than leafy/grassy. Then the lemon started to creep up... It wasn't an unpleasant lemon at all, but edged on more than I could bear. It wasn't very bitter to me, and thankfully not like lemon scented cleaner. It was crisp and light. I didn't get a boozy feel or scent through the wear, but the gin was there. I didn't fall in love with this but I enjoyed wearing it. I especially enjoyed it at the end of the day when it was super light and breezy in my hair. I smelled very clean even though I had been sweating all day at the con. It almost reminded me of dryer sheets at that point, but not at all in a bad way. By the next morning before my shower it was faintly there as a tiny whiff of piney juniper berries.
  2. PersimmonSeeds

    Dragon Smooch

    The notes of this were too good to pass up and a friend was gracious to go back and buy one for us to share! In the bottle it was a very sweet, powdery mint. Immediately upon applying this to my skin, said friend asked from across the room what smelled of baby powder. Oh boy... It went to straight powder on me. Not a light powder, this was REALLY strong.. Like someone threw baby powder into my face. I was kind of shocked by this, the mint was way in the background and the rest was powder. No peach or marshmallowy goodness. It stayed like this on me through nearly the entire wear. I almost washed it off. A few hours later it had dissipated and the remaining whiff of scent was a powdery peach. A second try with a lighter hand and it was still all slightly minty baby powder. On the friend, it wasn't baby powder. It was all minty peach. There was a bit of vanilla and sweetness to it as well. She said it could have been sweeter but was really refreshing. Lucky her! Needless to say, she got to keep the entire bottle.
  3. PersimmonSeeds

    Dragon with a Jaunty Cap

    This was the DragonCon scent for me! I knew it as soon as the line up was posted. Red Musk and Strawberry?? Best combination I have ever placed onto my skin since discovering my love for red musk. I'm not familiar with chypre but from what I've experienced with it I assumed this would brighten the blend. In the bottle, this smells of strawberry juice. It has a bit of a green note grit or 'texture' to it (not in a bad way) that gives it a true strawberry feel. This could be the chypre, but it's very light. Typically Bpal's strawberry note gets gobbled up on my skin if there's not something supporting it. In this case the red musk is there to help it along like in other blends I have. The red musk would typically amp on my skin but this isn't heavy at all. It's a very refreshing play on a red musk and strawberry combo. This is absolutely gorgeous and definitely going to be a go-to for me for a long time. It's a more refreshing red musk blend, where as a few of my favorites can be a bit strong. It has great wear length, the strawberry sticks around a lot longer than usual on my skin too. Throw is great! I got a few compliments on it in the office. Thanks for yet another favorite red musk blend!
  4. PersimmonSeeds

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I have a friend that I just got into bpal a few weeks ago asking if there is a perfume similar to the Bath & Body Works American Girl LE perfume, Truly Me? The star bottle if anyone remembers! The notes are: vibrant blend of fresh gardenia, sparkling pear, and sweet jasmine.
  5. PersimmonSeeds

    Job Interview Recommendations

    Currently I have one job and need more money, so I applied to GameStop. If they call me in for an interview (I hope!) I think i'm going to wear Technical Boy. It's soft and unassuming and suits the atmosphere lol
  6. PersimmonSeeds

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Lamia sounds amazing! It sounds up my ally so I'll have to give it a try! Thanks Lizzie! By heat I do mean like pepper/spice and fire, but steamy works as well!
  7. PersimmonSeeds

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Any beachy, tropical scents that aren't too aquatic? Something with heat?
  8. PersimmonSeeds

    The Moon Reflected in Every Rice Paddy Hair Gloss

    This is so perfect it's almost hard for me to describe. Fresh, powdery, vanillic? The notes seem simple but this is anything but. It's just perfect, I have to say that again and again. So light and soft. Just when you start thinking you cant smell it, you turn your head and get a nice whiff. Not overpowering or overly sweet, but not so light that it disappears. I have never gotten so many compliments from a hair gloss before. I don't think 1 bottle is enough.
  9. PersimmonSeeds


    Can anyone compare the leather in Riding crop to the leathers in Dead Leaves, Raw Leather, Bourbon Vanilla, and Clove and/or Mutant Hot Rodders From Hell High?
  10. PersimmonSeeds

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Slyvanestra - I vaguely remember my cousin having the prettiest bottles of the Amy Brown Faery perfumes! That's a throw back I wasn't expecting today. I don't rememebr Fire dance specifically but if you're looking to add some heat to it I would totally try to layer it with Bengal! (skin musk with honey, peppers, clove, cinnamon bark and ginger) Also! To anyone that may be looking: Bathing in Cold Water Atmosphere Spray smells very similar Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture. They both have a gorgeous, strong, musky Tunerose note! Side by side there is an obvious difference as the wisteria in Bathing In Cold Water is prominent and Juicy Couture has a bit of sweetness to it. Otherwise they are pretty much sisters!
  11. PersimmonSeeds

    Peppermint Cream Cupcake

    I was really taken by surprise by this. The peppermint is pretty strong at first and had a slight cooling sensation when applied. Nothing burny or stingy on my sensitive skin, though! Sometimes the lab's vanilla and cake notes go a bit plastic or waxy on me. This one did that immediately and stayed that way for about the first hour. It's not awful, it's just not what I'd like cake or vanilla to smell like. The peppermint calmed down after it a few minutes but remained there. This is very sweet, but not in a cloying or headachey way for me. After that first hour it mellowed out to something absolutely decadent. It was a foody delight! Super duper smooth and creamy dreamy. The vanilla and peppermint were at the front, but the cake note was in the back reminding you it was definitely a cupcake. I see the similarity to some of the Lick it perfumes but it does have a very obvious cake note. It was realistic enough to make me crave it! What really got me was how long this lasted. I don't usually get a lot of wear time from these sort of scents and this not only powered through my work day with one application, I could still clearly smell it the next morning. Amazing throw and wear time! Big winner for me!
  12. PersimmonSeeds

    Crumpled Wrapping Paper

    This is very true to the name. Paper and ink. It's spot on the smell of the after math of Christmas morning when you're surrounded by loads of wrapping paper. It is very reminiscent of The Manuscript on me. Though in the vial it smells similar to cheese cloth ghosts it is a bit heavier and has a strong inky note. I enjoyed this one but it didn't have great longevity or throw on me. I'll definitely look forward to layering this with other oils!
  13. ^thanks so much! I feel so dumb. I've posted here before and must have forgotten about this thread! I could not find it anywhere when I was on mobile! In topic: I've fallen in absolute love with Portrait of a Young woman with Unicorn. Are there any perfume oils similar to it? Notes: Vanilla crepe de chine, ruby musk, golden amber, frankincense, honeyed saffron, smoked cardamom, sweet orange, star anise, and bronze fennel. I love it but really, I don't know what exactly it is about this (aside from the red musk, which I already love) but it has become a solid favorite for me. I suspect it's the Vanilla crepe de chine note?
  14. Is there a hair gloss to perfume thread out there? I am having trouble searching and sifting on mobile.
  15. PersimmonSeeds

    I want a BPAL that smells like Bath & Body Works...

    I am suddenly enamored with the foaming hand soap Frosted Coconut Snowball. I'm sort of shocked by the notes it has on the site because I smell coconut in it but it's not listed? Notes on website: The perfect wintry treat of vanilla spun sugar, snowy jasmine & winter white amber. I smell zero jasmine in it, but it is just handsoap. Anything like that? (I have elegba and love it but hoping for something a little creamier and brighter)