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  1. DianesTulpa

    Allen's Big Eared Bat

    Wet: Pale woodiness, some light florals with something...slightly buttery? Dry: Sandalwood!!! Sweet, slightly musky, tobacco flower...There are also some light flowers in the mix (guessing that's rosehips), but they are perfect for someone who isn't THAT into florals, like myself. Overall it does indeed smell fuzzy, warm, and comforting. It's more of a skin scent, but great for wrapping up in a blanket and watching the leaves fall out the window.
  2. DianesTulpa

    Samhain V1: the Original 2002 Prototype

    Just like @monocainsheresy, this is my first time trying Samhain. And I know it's not the standard version, but boyyyy do i love this one. It smells mostly like fresh, juicy apples to me, but there is a lot of sexier, interesting things going on in the background—an Autumn forest, full of damp pinewood and browning leaves, perhaps a distant chimney or campfire burning, the remnants of a pie crust with vanilla and nutmeg, and some dampness in the air from last night's rain. It smells just like Autumn should—sweet, spicy and robust. I can't stop sniffing my wrist. I have a feeling I'd like newer Samhain as well, but i can't imagine enjoying it as much as this one tbh!
  3. DianesTulpa

    Kinda Sorta Snake Oil Cream Soda

    Like a lot of people on this thread, I too smell a cream soda when i sniff the bottle. And maybe a little bit when I apply it. But also like some have said already, the cream soda dissipates quickly and all i get is basically snake oil with cinnamon. I am starting to think I amp cinnamon, which is fine because i love that note. This is just not exactly what I'd been hoping for. This dries to a powdery SO with cinnamon and some vanilla in the background, but I'm not getting any cream soda after the the first minute or so.
  4. DianesTulpa

    All Hallows Chaos: Dead Leaves

    I have #27 In the bottle and wet on skin, it is very strongly dead leaves, but also something very tart...fruity tart. Too strong. But as it dries, this totally morphs into something unusual and exquisite. The tartness is definitely from a fruit, i'm thinking orange or grapefruit here, but I could be way off. The DL stays strong but is kept in check by this fruity element, which goes from sharp and pungent to a soft and sweet. Within an hour, the blend is basically sweetened DL with what seems like a sugared grapefruit, with perhaps a little vanilla and something fuzzy and warm thrown in, like myrrh. It sounds like an odd mix, but it works! EDIT: I don't know if my nose was "off" or if this has really changed since settling more, but now that I've had htis about a week, it opens up with what I can only describe as something very peppery. Almost a green pepper (a little bitter) but spicier than that, like black or pink pepper as well. The tarty fruit is less tart-y now, and this dries to a powdery, peppery, sweet pile of dead leaves. I am not sure I like it as much anymore, but going to test it a couple more times.
  5. DianesTulpa

    The Red Death

    This one was a surprise for me. Wet: Mostly violet and something...peppery? Not dry pepper but fresh vegetable peppers, from the garden (assuming this is the pimentos) Dry: Still loads of feminine, sweet violet, but the peppery pimentos give this an unexpected edge. The red musk starts to strengthen over time and add a powdery, but dark backdrop. I like this more than I thought, but it is unusual. Throw is decent but it fades on me after several hours, leaving mostly some sweet muskiness behind.
  6. DianesTulpa

    Pumpkin Musk and Black Oudh

    Wet: mostly spice! and perhaps a little bit of sweet pumpkin Dry: This smells mostly like Pumpkin Spice to me. And the spice is mostly cinnamon, with perhaps some nutmeg thrown in.The oudh grows over time giving it some depth and woodiness. Not a soft wood though, more of a pine (as Juushika mentioned above). Overall this is a solid autumn spice scent, but I prefer Samhain and the Pumpkin Spices of last year so I likely won't require a full bottle.
  7. DianesTulpa

    Inside the Golden Amber of Her Eyeballs

    Wet: I get mostly black tea, some warm amber, and a smudge of something musky Dry: The ti leaf is still in the forefront, but the amber is right behind it...and myrrh has emerged, adding that hard-to-describe "furry" element to this. I woild mostly describe this as a feminine, fuzzy black tea blend with a little "bite" to it. I think it definitely evokes a black cat, gleaming amber eyes in the dark, and Autumn itself. While I do like it, I'm not totally in love. I would prefer it either amped up the amber, or reduced the tea, as it seems these elements aren't playing nicely together on my skin.
  8. DianesTulpa

    Zoe and the Goat

    Wet: This has a lot of promise. I get mostly patchouli, some sweetness, and a dollop of cream in the background Dry: THIS IS ACTUALLY WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. It was originally Silky Bat that turned me onto BPAL, with Banshee Beat ending up my all-time fave. The patch in this blend is reminds me of both of these scents, but the caramelization and honey keep the earthiness in check and add even more sweetness...and in a way, almost a bit of nuttiness, like in toffee candy. The cream rounds it out and gives it softness and dimension. Overall it is well-blended, but I can still pick out the notes, and the patch remains in the forefront. This also has a good amount of throw and lasts all day. Honestly this is in my top 5 now and I had to order a BU bottle right away....
  9. DianesTulpa

    Dalliances by Candlelight

    In the bottle: sweet honey and beeswax On skin: mostly beeswax with a hint of warm honey in the background. Not getting any Patchouli yet. Dry down: still mostly beeswax, which I dont mind...reminds me of birthday candles that were blown out a few minutes ago. As it continues to settle, honey is coming out more and more to play, and its soft and amber-y, not too sweet. The Patchouli is not strong, but its presence is faintly grounding this scent and adding a smidge of earthiness. Thiis really pretty, reminds me of a warmer, less floral Hanerot Halalu. Glad I opted for a bottle. I think this will be a nice scent for the evening. Its cozy. It will also likely blend well with vanillas and light florals.
  10. DianesTulpa

    Fortuna Muliebris

    The Fortunes of Women A hymn for stability, health, strength, and fecundity: French lavender, white pear, and patchouli with clary sage, white tea, and sandalwood. I got this scent in a delivery last night, and was hoping to find some reviews on this but I guess I am the first so here goes... In the bottle: Sharp and clean...definitely getting a hefty dose of lavender and a ghostly background scent of fruit which I am guessing is the pear. Wet on skin: Stronger fruit, but not getting pear to my nose..more of an overall fruitiness that I would've weirdly guessed is berries. The patchouli is adding some earthy depth, but it's more of a clean patchouli than a "dirty" vibe version. Not picking up any tea, but there is a still a clean, soapiness to this brew that could be in part to the clary sage and/or lavender. Dry down: This is morphing...The fruit still smells oddly "berryish" to me, but it's retreating to the background. The patchouli is also taking a backseat. I am getting more of the lavender and clary sage mixing with the freshness of sandalwood... Overall this is beautiful but smells more like an interesting soap or body lotion than perfume to me...If you are a big lavender or sandalwood fan, you may enjoy though. This has medium throw but faded on my skin within about 45 mins...