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  1. LizziesLuck

    My Little Pop Star

    Anything with vanilla and honey is pretty much instant blind bottle.... Wet: Wow, that's instantly gorgeous. I was expecting something like O with leather, but this is a totally different honey note, more floral, and it blends with the sugar note to create something really special. The leather is soft, well worn, the exact leather note I love. This is exactly what I had hoped so far. It's feminine and sexy. Dry: LOVE this. Leather, sugar, and soft floral honey. Gorgeous. It's simple and sexy and super wearable. Really glad I snagged this.
  2. LizziesLuck

    No DNA Test Required

    The combination of Dorian and Snake Oil pretty much assures a blind bottle purchase for me, though I have to admit I hesitated a bit with the addition of Slime Queen, which I confused with the guava one and thought would not be my jam. Now I see Slime Queen is Dorian and Cotton Candy and I am extra stoked about this! Wet: WHOA. Patchouli. A big old hippie slap in the face. I never find the patch very strong in Snake Oil, on me at least, so this is surprising. I also get lots of slightly fruity cotton candy. This is....different. Not what I expected. I can't detect any Dorian at all. Dry: Not sure how I feel about this! The intense patchouli calmed down a lot. Now it's like fresh Snake Oil with candy. I think I'll age it before I make any decisions.
  3. LizziesLuck

    Puppet Kitty

    I am super behind on reviews. My computer crashed, taking my ability to access my spreadsheet with it (new computer doesn't have excel yet, so while I had the spreadsheet backed up, it's useless. Awesome.) and that has made me lose my enthusiasm for testing properly and documenting like I have always done. *sigh* This was a blind bottle Wet: Sweet musky lavender. Very comforting. Dry: Not much of a morpher. The musk note is unexpected, but so pretty and soft and sweet. It really does remind me of the smell of a much loved stuffed animal that's been sprayed in lavender. This is a new bedtime fave.
  4. LizziesLuck

    Blue Blankie

    What I have come to call "Lilith Lavender" scents are my fave for bedtime. Hoping this will be a good edition to that collection! Wet: Lots of strong herbal lavender, and some sugary musk. Really great. Very simple. Good throw. Pretty much what I hoped for! Dry: This is totally perfect for bedtime. Really herbal lavender (which I love) and hints of sugary musk. The rose never shows up on me, but that's OK. I wanted this to be all about the lavender, and it is.
  5. LizziesLuck

    Bubbles and Unicorns

    This was the scent I was most drawn to from this whole collection. All these notes are faves! Wet: Oooooh that is good! Big whiff on fresh dandelion backed by shimmery white musk. Lovely. Hints of something slightly floral - I think I was expecting blackcurrant fruit, but this is more like the flower (makes sense, as it was described as "bud"). Dry: Really lovely. Soft dandelion, slightly sweet fruity/floral blackcurrant notes and a light musk. A gorgeous spring scent.
  6. LizziesLuck

    Lifestyle Blogger Dragon

    Wet: Smells quite a bit like Dragon Mlerm to me, but with a rich almost buttery undertone. Very gourmand. I don't get any coconut or vanilla really. Or marshmallow, actually. It's mostly sweet fruit and something I can't really identify other than a yummy "baked goods" kind of smell. Dry: Wow, once dry this is totally Mlerm on me. I haven't done a side by side, but smells just like the HG from my memory. Slightly powdery marshmallowy apricot. It's nice and light, but not wowing me. I already have a ton of scents that are "nice and light and work appropriate' so I may let this go to someone who is dying to try it.
  7. LizziesLuck

    Fair Maiden Side-Eye

    Wet: I immediately really like this. It's fruity and beachy and summery. It's also very unique, I don't have another scent that smells like this. Ugh it's good! The ambergris is salty and mixes really interestingly with the slightly aquatic skin musk. Hints of fruit. A background of gentle sweetness. Overall a really lovely summery skin scent. Dry: The skin musk amps up quite a bit, and dominates the scent. I'm a bit sad about that, as I really liked the beachy aspect of this, and it is now there only faintly on me. The hints of fruit are still there. I do like it, and will get lots of wear out of it, as skin musk scents are what I often wear to work to be "incognito" with my scent. It's just not as magnificent as I thought it was going to be when it was wet. Or as unique. Now I would call it a "slightly different skin musk" on my chemistry, at least.
  8. LizziesLuck

    Horn of Plenty

    I feel like this is one of those frimps I have received a million times, and kept thinking I must have already tried it, and passing it on...but eventually I realized I never did try it. And then of course I didn't get one for ages. LOL. Wet: Some kind of familiar candy...or maybe fruit punch? It's just on the tip of my tongue, exactly what it reminds me of...that's frustrating. Sweet, fruity, slightly herbal undertones. Interesting! Maybe a hint of spice too. Dry: Powdery fruit candy! Like make sweet tarts? It has gone back and forth between that and fruit punch. Sweet, fruity and fun! I like it but it's not something I would wear. Unless I all of a sudden come into some money tomorrow, and then I will slather it daily forever! LOL
  9. LizziesLuck


    Wet: The paper note is really strong in this on me, and I really like it! I was expecting cologne, but this is really nice. It's somehow warm and clean at the same time, and has an ineffable quality I am having a hard time describing. I can't really pick up the leather or coffee. It's mostly just paper with hints of an almost green or herbal sort of cologne. It does smell kind of like an office, the more I sniff at it. It's different, and interesting. Not completely masculine so far, I would say more unisex leaning a bit masculine. I don't think it would be particularly wearable on me. but I am enjoying it all the same. Dry: Dries to a skin scent, still mostly paper but now a hint of smoky leather comes through too. It's actually kind of great. I can't see myself wearing it, at this point I just have too many amazing perfumes to choose from, but I am really glad I tried this, it was not what I expected. Lovers of paper/book scents should give it a shot!
  10. LizziesLuck


    I always love catching up on testing some GC imps while on vacation! I know I have tried this years ago, but forgot to review it. My tastes have changed a lot, so I like retrying things occasionally, and I do adore the combo of rose and Myrrh. Wet: Jasmine - heady and sweet, but NOT indolic like it usually is on me. No cat pee! Instead I get popcorn and the plastic bowl it was served in....whaaa? This smells slightly like popcorn and burning plastic, and I don't know why. No idea the age of this imp, and I wonder if it has gone off. Dry: The throw is lots of jasmine, somewhat nice since it's not indolic, but still not a fave note of mine. Nose to skin, smells like burnt plastic and popcorn. SO. WEIRD. Not for me!
  11. LizziesLuck

    Mary Read

    Catching up on some imp testing while on vacation! Wet: A soft, woody, salty aquatic that I actually instantly enjoy! Reminds me a bit of Snake Can with the salt mixed with lovely musk (Just in the same vein, not a dupe or anything). I LOVE sarsaparilla, and it comes through nicely here. I don't like aquatics, and was not expecting to like this, but it's not a typical aquatic at all, and I am really digging it. It actually feels perfect for vacation! It's slightly beachy, slighty "hot tropical night", a bit sexy-gritty. It's kind of a bit of everything! I am loving it more and more. Dry: This is really great. Sea salt, warm woody patchouli, a hint of sarsaparilla and musk. I think if the musk and sarsaparilla came through more once dried this would be an instant bottle buy for me, but as it is there is just a touch more patchouli than I want, and the whole scent is just a bit drier and not as sweet as I would want. I may try a whole day full slather - maybe to the beach! I sometimes wish for a beachy scent that isn't coconut, despite how much I love coconut.
  12. LizziesLuck

    Seven Word Story: Greed

    The subject of our latest #BPAL7wordstory contest was Greed. The winning entry was submitted by Melanie C: Killed the last rhino for its horn. Ambergris accord, orris root, and carrot seed. Wow, no one has reviewed this yet?? I ADORE carrot seed and I love ambergris, so I had to give this a go, despite orris almost always smelling terrible on me. Wet: Gorgeous glittering carrot seed (Don't ask me why it smells glittery, I don't know). With musky, slightly watery ambergris and powdery orris. The orris isn't too terrible here yet, somehow the powderiness kind of works? But really I would much prefer it without it. I want a carrot seed single note. Dry: This settles and comes together beautifully and is really pretty stunning. The carrot seed is dominant but backed nicely by the ambergris, which becomes really smooth and mellow. The orris just adds some vague slightly powdery, slightly creamy sweetness. I only got a decant in a bottle of this, and will likely want more, so I am glad these seem to be GC for the meantime! LOVE that carrot seed!
  13. LizziesLuck

    The Squishy Cushions

    Not gonna lie, I wanted to try this mainly because of the name, because neither oudh nor jasmine typically work for me. Wet: OMG so much jasmine and oudh, aka cat pee and feces. This was a stupid stupid idea for my skin chem. I have much regret. I smell like a perfumey outhouse. Dry: The oudh settles and fades out, but the jasmine is still somewhat "pissy". That's just how it rolls on my skin....Anyway, the perfumey part of this scent that I can smell past the outhouse is lovely, so if you don't have my skin chem issues, give this a go!
  14. LizziesLuck

    Our Hearts Condemn Us

    I had been on a BPAL hiatus and came back shortly after the OLLA's were released - the really popular ones had already sold out. I tried to track most of them down to try, but there were a few I missed, so I was really stoked when they came back (and of course to snag back-ups of all my faves!) Wet: Immediately that gorgeous teak note comes to the forefront - like the teak from Antikythera. But then the cedar comes and stomps all over it. I was hoping a few months would be enough aging to take the edge of the cedar - it wasn't. I do like cedar, but I have learned the hard way it's gotta age quite a while before it's good on me. I can't even smell the rose in this at all, and the teak is only barely detectable beneath all that cedar. Maybe it will dry better? Dry: It does settle a bit, and some syrupy rose comes out, which is nice. The teak is there, and it's gorgeous. But that cedar...it really just needs to age. It's hovering somewhere between pencil shavings and BO and the wonderful warm woody scent it wants to be. I'll keep the decant and age it and see what happens!
  15. LizziesLuck

    Bread-and-Butterfly - Resurrected

    I wasn't able to try this before it got discon'd. I bought a bottle of it once (aftermarket) and received a bottle of fractionated coconut oil and was super mad and stopped looking for it. So I was excited that it made a comeback! Not sure why I think I will like it, these are not typical notes I go for.... Wet: Lots of warm brown sugar. I know it says white in the description, but I swear this is caramelly brown sugar! It's yummy. Some lemony tea is coming out a bit too. Overall this is a warm, comforting, snugly scent so far. It makes me want a cup of tea and some sort of baked good, and I feel like it'll be super comforting in the winter. Dry: This doesn't morph much. I never get the bread, the butter, much of the tea, or anything much really other than sugar. A bit of cream. But mostly brown sugar. It's cozy and comforting. I don't love it, but I think it has a place in my collection. I don't own many scents like this anymore, as I have moved away from gourmands, but I still get nostalgic for one once in a while.