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  1. RasAlgethi


    Oooh, I like it. In the bottle the cedar does give a dusty impression. I definitely get the vanilla and sassafras under that though. However, for me personally, it's just barely too masculine.
  2. RasAlgethi


    Oak, tonka, vanilla, white sandalwood, lily of the valley, white ginger, amber, and apricot. Could this be?.... is it.. love? I was a little wary right out of the bottle. The vanilla and sandalwood was all good but I wondered about the masculine oak and tonka. On my skin it warmed into a beautiful sweet vanilla that doesn't scream VANILLA at you. Reminds me of a darkly lit library. Oh I love!!!!
  3. RasAlgethi


    This is a unique scent, not like any bpal I've tried! And the color is outrageous and beautiful. I'm not surprised that it's a little polarizing here on the reviews. I'm getting no dragon's blood at all. Instead this is all cinnamon on me, reminding me of big red gum and a dentists office. Or wallgreens. Doesn't read as "wrath" at all to me. To the trade pile.
  4. RasAlgethi

    Hollywood Babylon

    Someone earlier said, "evil fruit punch" and I have to agree. Love it in the bottle. Smells like walking into lush, but not my style.
  5. RasAlgethi

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    Lovely in the bottle, very regal. Sadly on me it's just gardenia all the way. Very sickly sweet. Kinda old lady. A real shame because the notes are beautiful. I'll just have to chalk it up to skin chemistry.
  6. RasAlgethi

    Aristocratic Couple

    Apricot! Loud and upfront. Even on the dry down all I'm getting is mostly apricot. Later on, smelling some vanilla on my wrist but no cardamom. While I wish it were a little more complex on me, I really like it.
  7. RasAlgethi

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    Quite nice in the bottle. I'm getting jergans hand creme, which I always like (definitely the almonds). A creaminess. Sadly, on the skin I am amp-ing something powdery. Still love the vanilla almond underneath but just a little too soft of a scent for me.
  8. RasAlgethi

    The Fox Sisters

    Very green and clean right out of the bottle. Not picking up on anything but geranium. Deeper scents coming out on the skin of course. On me at least, worryingly beginning to smell like powder (that must be the rose). I'm not sure about the apple everyone else seems to be getting. On the dry down, not getting any better. Sadly the rose seems to be dominant on me. There is a little of the incense-y smell underneath that I really like but it's just a tad too faint. I am trying to go a little more feminine with my style but this one just isn't working for me.
  9. RasAlgethi

    Windward Passage

    Oooh, I love it. Completely marine. Dry: Loving it less. I can't quite put my finger on it. It seems a little too fresh maybe. A little too one note.
  10. RasAlgethi


    Ozone all the way. Very clean and light. Dry: Soaping up on me, which I don't hate. Doesn't quite live up to the name I think.
  11. RasAlgethi


    This is my all time favorite scent. I'm getting peppery plum. And it gets even deeper on the dry down. It's actually quite difficult to review. I've had it for years and now the smell has so many associations with it. I don't know if I tried it for the first time today that I like it. But that's how smell goes.
  12. RasAlgethi

    Statistically Favorite Scent

    Nekan: You're right, I don't see a lot in common there! Except maybe a little bit of floral? But with balance. Overall a sense of freshness perhaps There are some scents that I love that have no business being in there but, as you all know, smell is incredibly powerful. One sniff can transport you back to a certain time and place. It's amazing. Sometimes I just get certain feelings from notes. It doesn't necessarily have to be tied with nostalgia. I don't especially love Loup Garou but when I smell it for some reason it signals to my brain, "you're going out tonight and getting wild." That's another topic for another thread though. So maybe they don't have common notes. It could just be that your brain gets activated in different ways for each.
  13. RasAlgethi

    Statistically Favorite Scent

    Love Dorian! Tried Morocco, and I remember that it didn't work for me. Maybe it was the dry down. A little too woodsy without anything to balance (on my skin at least). Baruch's Phoenix sounds excellent, I'll add it to my wishlist <3
  14. RasAlgethi

    Statistically Favorite Scent

    Lady_Pandora: Do you have a favorite Vanilla/Sandalwood? I love that combo too!
  15. RasAlgethi

    Statistically Favorite Scent

    Oh, you're making me wish I had that "already tried" list. It feels like it might be a bit too late at this point. It's a very good point about the vanilla. I wonder about that sometimes.. it must be difficult to create so many scents. You have to make things that aren't to your taste and still trust that they're good. Otherwise everything would be the same notes.