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    Cito really surprised me. I expected something much foodier, but what I get is more of a husky honey incense, and it's glorious. It smells a bit dirty on me at first, I think from the ginger, but by the half hour mark, it's one of those fragrances you catch whiffs of, realize is you, and need another hit of - stat. It also lasts all day on me and will probably age wonderfully.
  2. VetchVesper

    Smoke and Lace

    Brazen and beautiful, unconventional and daring. The scent of soft white leather gloves and the sharp crack of a riding crop mingled with tobacco, clove, incense, and opium smoke seeped into sugar-spun vanilla lace, all stained with green cognac, sweet dried red fruits, and wild plum. Lot's of leather in the bottle, and it is indeed that SN Riding Crop leather. Brown but with just a touch of sharpness, with something animalic underneath. Oudh or musk maybe? When it touches my skin though, this becomes a poof of smoke. Very masculine and harsh. This is fresh from Darkdel, so I'm hoping it just needs some rest time and will calm down dramatically. Ok. Smoke and leather relaxing. Now I'm getting some of the soft, glove leather. Something sweet, but unidentifiable starts to peek out, but there's a lot of notes I'm missing. Hmmmmm... Oh dear. I just accidentally put some Miss Forcible on it, thinking I was reapplying Smoke & Lace. 😕 ..... Huh. .... I rather like the combo. Well who'd have thunk it. Reapplying Smoke & Lace on the other arm. ...I'm beginning to get the sense of a metallic clove and tobacco. It smells like cigarette tobacco to me, which goes with the picture, but its a little jarring. This still smells very male and sort of comforting. Like - I could actually see a leather wearing, heavy smoking cowboy smelling like this naturally. I think I might be barely getting a hint of plum in the background, but.... it's a dry plum, if that makes sense. No sweet, fruitiness here. This is like Bensiabel if he was told to shut the f@*k up, climb out of that fairy tale, and toughen up. Maybe a touch of Marquis De Carabas. I ... might... like this? I feel like it needs some revisiting after it's mellowed. I also feel like it could really grow on me. Time will tell. As a side note - There are lyrics from a Joni Mitchel song I've always loved - "He lives in another time/ Ladies in gingham still blush/ While he sings them of wars and wine/ But I in my leather and lace/ I can never become that kind." Smoke & Lace and Crinoline & Lace seem to encapsulate the line for me. Very different scents for very different ladies.
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    Closing the Bamboo Curtain

    Green bamboo reeds, polished labdanum, oakmoss, and white patchouli. Slightly sweet and incredibly fresh and green at first. I almost get a sense of lime and fresh cut grass - that sort of zesty freshness. Then the heavier notes start to come in, grounding the fragrance like a soft bed of moss. It's still very green, like the color the landscape gets after a heavy downpour. After the bamboo, the labdanum is most recognizable, adding its sweetness. The fragrance goes mossier as it dries down, but it stays light and springy. There's a touch of aquatic going on, and Bamboo Curtain begins to go a little soapy on me, but I'm still finding it pleasant. All soapiness is gone after 1/2 an hour. The white patch has made a demure entrance, and now the moss smells gently spiced. Gender neutral, subtle, and beautifully green. Hopefully this one gets some love, b/c it's very nice; think bamboo forest in a rain storm and you've got the gist. Lovely for rainy spring days and the summer.
  4. VetchVesper

    Crinoline and Lace

    Cascades of vanilla cream and voluminous poufs of gleaming coconut with white cognac, adorning a phantasmagoric farthingale of white musk, tobacco leaf, tea roses, and elemi. OOooo..... This is all floofy, froofy, fancy vanilla and coconut on me. It reminds me a bit of the Pickle HG from a few years ago, but it's a little richer and more buttery at first. Just a tad. The tobacco is light and subtle, but I can detect a hint of it in the background. I'm not getting much rose. I think I smell the elemi, which I am only a little familiar with, so correct me if I'm wrong. It's kind of a light, dry, chilly note. It smells a bit ghostly. Crinoline & Lace smells very pale, very cool and airy, with a distinct vanilla vibe that's sweet like the lightest of cakes. This will be very fun for spring and summer.
  5. VetchVesper

    Birdsong at Twilight Hair Gloss

    Sniff sniff.... Krampus Lace? Or something lighter, but very reminiscent of... That was my first impression of this one, along with, it smells a bit like Portrait of a Young Woman w/a Unicorn. They all belong in the same family to my nose. I think it must be the tobacco, amber, honey blend. I'm also getting a light weight red musk from this, which isn't listed, but I swear my nose says it's here. I went ahead and dabbed on some Krampus, and then I became more aware of the differences in Birdsong at Twilight. Besides being lighter, it's got a delicious creamsicle thing going on underneath the tobacco. Yummy. Whether my loony nose is playing tricks or no, this is very nice. Lighter weight and warm weather appropriate. I'm going to have to call it Creamsicle Krampus.
  6. VetchVesper

    First Fruits

    Got a chance to smell this when a friend bought it. SUPER FRUITY. Smells downright drinkable in the bottle, like a juice or good fruit punch. It darkened a bit on my skin though, which surprised me b/c I'd swear there was some frankincense or amber going on. Maybe the earthiness of the black fig came across as resins on my skin? No idea, but if you want something very fruity, but grown up and complex, this was nice. ETA: I notice the mentions of spice or something herbal from other reviewers. Yeah... that's what I'm getting. I say frankincense b/c it usually goes a bit sharp and dry on my skin, but it could be spice or a bitter green herb. Curiouser and curiouser. 🥝🍋 🍎🍍🍑🍌
  7. VetchVesper

    The Mystery of Giant Testicles on a Brothel Visitor

    Aromatic and foody in the imp. I'm getting something akin to almonds mixed with molasses from the roasted nuts, and I can smell the beeswax. This becomes less sweet as the beeswax overtakes the nuts. I detect sandalwood, but it's subtle and grounding rather than prominent. It or the ti leaf is adding a gentle, woody spice to the beeswax. I don't ever get anything I would associate with bamboo, nothing green. The beeswax teeters on the brink between a woody aromatic and gourmand. I'm ambivalent towards beeswax, but if it's your jam, this is worth a sniff.
  8. VetchVesper

    Pegasus Junk

    Floral white tea that's quickly overtaken by a salty white rice note. It's a similar note to the one in Hungry Ghost Moon, and it's not as buttery and rich as the basmati note. I think the saltiness is coming from the sandalwood which is becoming a little more obvious as the fragrance develops. Aaaaaand now it's a vaguely floral, incense over gentle rice. Like jasmine rice if it was scented with things other than jasmine. It's odd and interesting. I'm enjoying the junk blends. We definitely need more junk, Ted!
  9. VetchVesper

    Unicorn Junk

    So Unicorn Junk immediately brought back childhood memories of some bubble bath I had as a kid, which surprised me b/c I wasn't expecting an aquatic note, but it is there in that "foam" descriptor. Lots of lovely coconut foam. At first, I get a blend of Obatala coconut and the Sea Foams Milk (which I am quite fond of). It's very beach spa. Complicating the fragrance, in the best way, is a thread of golden, marshmellowy vanilla that wafts in and out from the benzoin and mallow. The lilac creeps in towards the dry down as the potent coconut calms, and by this point, it's a very unique and lovely blend. I kind of want a bottle of this for summer, even though aquatics are usually not in my wheelhouse. I shall have to see how long it wears. P.S. Cedar is usually a no go for me, though I took a chance on this one b/c Himalayan cedar seems to be milder and less offensive on my chemistry. I'm not having any cedar issues here. It's just all lovely.
  10. VetchVesper

    The Great Brocade Addressee

    Definitely different, but unfortunately, this goes musty on my skin in a way I don't care for. The smell does have the nuance of heavy fabric, but it's one that's been sitting in a trunk for a while. Still, it's an interesting scent experience. In some ways, this reminds me of the Sacred Talisman bath oil, (perhaps the iris and honey?) but that fragrance worked out better for me. I'm guessing the immortelle is what's most prominent here b/c I'm not recognizing the main note and I don't get a definite sense of the notes I'm familiar with. Powdery, herbal, vaguely sweet, verging on lightly minty. This in no way smells foodie/gourmand on my skin. Interesting, but not for me.
  11. VetchVesper

    Wet Fingers

    The sweet mint and herbal green of the thyme share an equal partnership with the champaca at first. The mint starts to drift away early in dry down, and the champaca becomes more prominent, neck and neck with thyme. The thyme wins out on my skin, but just barely. The sandalwood whispers at me in the late dry down. The champaca in this is very nice, and if you like thyme, definitely check this one out. The notes work together to make a unique melange, but I'm not sure if that melange strikes my fancy enough for me to buy a bottle, since I have quite a few beautiful champaca blends already. It is an interesting twist on my beloved champaca though, and I will enjoy having something so different in my imp collection.
  12. VetchVesper

    Elegant Vulvas

    Oh, that's very pretty. It has a similar feel to Enthusiastic Afternoon Liaison. The lotus blossom is right up front, backed by a little hint of the cherry blossom. Then everything is made husky and softly incensed by that amber and teak. The mallow and honey add a thread of light sweetness, but the florals are the main players on my skin.
  13. VetchVesper

    Government Officials at an Orgy

    This really does smell like good, spiced black tea. It's along the lines of a chai b/c of the clove. The vetiver is very mellow. This is not fruity or sweet, and smells very gender neutral. Lovely!
  14. VetchVesper

    Honeyed Champaca Blossom and Basmati Rice

    Beautiful basmati and mellow champaca. I've heard basmati rice's aroma compared to pop corn, and true to form, there's some similarity here. Very unique and foody in an unexpected and lovely way. I definately get the rice pudding comparisons. This is very comforting and whimsical, and I might need a bottle.
  15. VetchVesper

    Recommendations for a single man

    I'd still say Robotic Scarab, Jolly Roger, and possibly Embalming Fluid, but Wilde also has a nice cologne aspect that seems like it would work well in heat. Death on a Pale Horse has some nice, bright citrus, but still has moss and wood to ground it with a touch of warmth. White Chapel might work, but that was all flowers on me. Oh - actually Holy Water is really an interesting one - stone and lavender I think? Very cool feel. Gender neutral.
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    This smells a bit... unwashed to me. I'm thinking it might be the red sandalwood. I get a husky, rose incense. Sort of a rose version of Anne Bonny, which I am also not a fan of either, although I love patchouli. I love the old B&BW Sandalwood and Rose scent, but alas, this ain't it.
  17. VetchVesper

    Lucy's Kiss

    A fruity, tart rose, with a pleasant soapy quality. This smells very prim, and yes - Victorian. This smells like those little hand soaps your mom lays out when guest are coming that you are never allowed to use. Unfortunately, the rose in this goes sour on my skin. Not for me, but probably very appropriate to the time period.
  18. VetchVesper


    The rose is indeed subtle in this. The jasmine is not. Very jasmine heavy floral. Sumptuous smelling. Wicked reminds me of a simpler Obsidian Widow, which I prefer when I do have the occasional urge to wear a heavier floral. This isn't really my type of fragrance, but if you like jasmine, check it out.
  19. VetchVesper


    So my experience with Ice seems to be different from most. I smell everything but the ginger. The eucalyptus blossom definitely has a gentler quality than plain ol' eucalyptus and the mint is light and sweet. This whole fragrance is quite sweet on me in fact, and the musk mellows it and gives it a wispy quality. I get the coconut note others are mentioning, though I'm not sure it's ACTUALLY coconut. It strikes me as a quality of the musk. Ice smells less sharply cold than I expected and very aldehydic. I get no soap, although aquatics often do that on me. I get why people say cologne, but it's too sweet on me to read as masculine. I get more of an androgynous leaning feminine vibe. Tilda Swinton could wear this in a white suit. I actually quite like it, but I don't if I'd have cause to wear it often. It has a polished, modern, professional feel. Not sharp, but slick and synthetic. It reminds me a bit of The First Time I Saw a Ghost and Snow White. Maybe sticking the two together and taking out the floral notes? Glad I got to try it and I'll enjoy having the imp.
  20. VetchVesper


    STRONGLY floral and sweet. I get lots of orange and orange blossom and heady jasmine at first. The jasmine is intense, but it's nice. Sometimes the note goes chemical on me. I'm not getting a distinct rose smell, but I think its obscured by the other notes, mainly the orange which is still very potent. I'm getting the smell of the peel. The rose does become detectable once the orange calms down, but jasmine is the floral that reigns. The myrrh and musk serve more to bind the other notes, and don't smell prominent to me. I'd have to be in a very specific mood to wear this one. It's so unapologetically heady - like Jezebel on steroids. That orange is very nice up front though, and if you if you really like jasmine ....
  21. VetchVesper

    Sacred Talisman Bath Oil

    Wildflower honey, broom flower absolute, iris concrete, and gardenia. Just got this and decided to take it to the tub fresh from the mail. I have very dry skin, and I really love the feel of the lab's bath oils, so I'm a little more forgiving with the scent than I would be for a strait perfume. If this were a perfume, I probably wouldn't keep it, but as an oil, I'm pretty happy. Overall, this is a musky/musty floral on me. I'm getting very little gardenia, maybe just a bit of lushness in the opening, but this doesn't smell "white floral" to me. I don't get a lot of honey either. I am not super familiar with the lab's wildflower note, and I know nothing about broom flower, but I suspect that's what I'm getting the most. It's almost a warm, brown herbal smell. The iris is a bit dusty, and I can smell it blending with a softer gardenia in the background, but they aren't the prominent notes to me. This isn't overly sweet, and it's not a standard or grandiose floral. It does have sort of a vaguely musty, sweet skin smell that I haven't smelled in anything else. I'm almost getting a chamomile vibe. Anywho, I'm curious to see how this smells once it's had time to settle in, and I'm curious to see other's reviews. ETA: I read up on broom flower, and the fragrance is described as reminiscent of orange blossoms and grape. Now that the oil has has time to sit, I AM getting a less musty, more fruity smelling concoction that I am quite happy with. It actually reminds me a bit of a gentler, less sweet Fairy Wine. Quite lovely for spring.
  22. VetchVesper

    Dumb Cake

    So - 2018 version. This one is really odd and hard for me to describe. What's most prominent to me is a green grass note, followed by a powdery note that could be cake flour or powdery ash. I get no yellow cake. I get no Dorian. I might be getting some herbs. I find this a truly odd and offputting malange of notes that don't seem to work together. However... 3 or 4 hours later, I smelled something pleasant, and realized it was this. I could swear I was getting a wispy, slightly soapy champaca. I got no clue, man..... 😕
  23. VetchVesper


    Dwarf smells mellow and herbal to me at first. There's a vaguely floral smell, but it's like clover or wild flowers rather than full on FLOWERS. It doesn't make me think of beer, but that's probably a good thing, since I'm not a fan of what I think of as "beer" smell. Thinking about it further though, I could see a mellow IPA smelling like this, so..... there be your hops. It's an interesting and pleasant blend, though not one I'd wear much. The thing that really kills it for me though, is something turns into wet dog on my skin after about ten minutes. After about an hour, this becomes a really unusual leather blend that I like, but it's just not worth the wait time for me.
  24. VetchVesper


    Ok guys. Did anyone else get something very similar to a plum sufganiyot... caaaause.... that's what I got, and I am pretty much in love. There's definitely a hint of spice in here, with a light, sweet plum, but NOT a candy plum. Just sugared. Nut notes seem to work well for me, but I don't really get a strong, nutty vibe from this. I'm guessing it's just lending the fragrance some warmth. My mom took one sniff of my decant and ordered a bottle. I'm considering following suit. Lovely, and not super foody... but just foody enough to be delicous.
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    Recommendations for a single man

    Satyr is one of my fave's and is super sexy, resinous. Dee is fantastic. Lear if you are a big fan of cedar. Jolly Roger is a good choice for aquatic. Old Scratch is great if you like genteel and old fashioned. The Robotic Scarab has a cool, mint cologne feel. El Dorado, Coyote, and White Rider are all beautiful. Aelopile and Azathoth are nice citrus and wood combos. Ranger is my husband's favorite. It's dark and foresty, as is Troll. Embalming Fluid is a clean, lemony fragrance that is a BPAL classic and is unisex. Pro tip - Order 12. The lab is lovely and frimps every six decants, plus - they give you a discount when your order in groups of six.