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  1. XanthVamp

    Elizabeth’s Imps

    It's funny. I'm not a big amber fan usually. But the description of this scent makes me so intrigued. Molasses and cinnamon are favorites of mine. In the bottle it's all molasses to me. But on my skin it blossoms into this complex, deep scent. The amber comes out front and center, sweetened by this heavenly whiff of molasses. The cinnamon is in the background for me, a subtle warm glow. But thanks to the heady hit of sticky sweet amber I can't stop huffing my wrists. This isn't as gourmand on me, which is my usual fair. But I'm not mad. The amber almost has an incense quality to it that I'm really enjoying. The molasses grounds it for me. I'm in love. Eta: There's something in this that's making me think of The Phantom Calliope, but I'd have to dig my bottle up to actually compare the 2. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  2. I miss you lady!! 🤩

    1. VetchVesper


      Aw.  😊 Heya, how ya doin?  I'd be happy to get a p.m.  I'm thinking I might decant the Weenies.  I have to see how my schedule and sanity are looking when they hit.  

  3. XanthVamp

    The Witches

    In the bottle it smells nice, sweet and creamy and I really wanted this to be a win. But for some reason any scent this year with some kind of vanilla in it just turns REALLY powdery on me. So much so that I sadly had to wash this off. Very strange. So I'm going to keep my imp and try again in a year, but for now just an imp it is.
  4. XanthVamp

    Frosted Pumpkin Spice Cookie

    I'm fairly new at reviewing, so please bear with me. This perfume smells HEAVENLY. It's like a perfect cookie. The frosted sugar note is sweet without being too (to me) cloying, and the pumpkin is deliciously foodie. I can smell the spice in the bottle, but when I apply it, the spice seems to wander away. Which is SUPER weird as I used to amp spice, but this isn't the only perfume this holiday season(s) that this happened with. So either my skin chemistry changed or Beth is using a different "spice" oil that I eat instead of amp now. The cookie is still pumpkiny and sweet, but that's it. I loved it enough for a bottle, and for now I wear it with Pumpkin Spice Everything. It's not a perfect answer for the wandering spice, but it'll do for now. Maybe as the bottle ages the spice will wander back?