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  1. jfrisby

    A Little More Tea

    Seems like there is enough variation for me to leave a note. (my first review!) In the imp, I get very strong sugary Earl Grey, with cream. It was almost off-putting at first, but after a few days I tried again and liked it. Then the cookies do come out, and it all sort of melds into a creamy-cookie thing with a hint of tea. At the last, I get only Earl Grey, almost a little bitter, but it is almost... refreshing. I have to say I like this a lot. It reminds me of Jack, which I also really like, but is sometimes too sweet and gives me a headache. If you find the same, you would probably like this. It's not really a perfume smell, but I am considering getting a full bottle to have on hand. I now find it really comforting.