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  1. TheIceMaiden

    Gingerbread Hot Cocoa

    In the wet stage, this is all gingerbread cookies. As it dries, the scent of hot cocoa powder comes out to mingle with the gingerbread. The marshmallow comes out in the drydown, it smells like the little dehydrated marshmallows in powdered cocoa mix, rather than the usual fluffy marshmallow note. This is a plate of fresh-baked gingerbread next to a cup of cocoa, yum!
  2. TheIceMaiden

    Lavender Brownie

    This starts off with a ton of lavender - sweet and not-too-herbal - and a whiff of chocolate. As it dries, the chocolate and lavender balance out. The drydown is pure brownie, similar to Lump of Coal, but with a hint of lavender. This is YUM!
  3. TheIceMaiden

    Puff Pastry Apple Roses

    This starts off with fresh apples with a tiny hint of rosewater and lemon. The rose & lemon fade and next I get sugar & cinnamon with the apple note. The drydown is a light pastry scent. The throw is moderate-to-light and the staying power isn't very long, that should hopefully improve with aging. This is a lovely, yummy foodie scent.
  4. TheIceMaiden

    Pumpkin Spice Pina Colada

    This is very much a pina colada scent with lots of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut, and very light on the rum and pumpkin spice. It's lovely and refreshing, but I am hoping that aging will bring out the pumpkin!
  5. TheIceMaiden

    Pumpkin Spice Cranberry Vodka

    This starts off with a lot of vodka (which smells like seltzer water without the bubbles) and a subtle pumpkin spice note. The cranberry comes in next, the pumpkin stays subtle, and the vodka fades out. It dries down to a lightly-spiced cranberry. The throw is medium-to-light and it lasted a few hours on my skin. I am generally not a fan of boozy scents, but the vodka doesn't smell boozy whatsoever. I do love cranberry and pumpkin, so I am very happy with this!
  6. TheIceMaiden

    Floral Still Life With Cat

    This is a fresh-from-the-mailbox review. I get mostly peony, gentle and graceful, with a little rose on the drydown. There is another note underneath these, very soft and almost dusty-smelling, I think may be the porcelain? Overall, this is a gorgeous, light floral scent that I like very much.
  7. TheIceMaiden

    Fudge Marshmallow

    This is exactly as advertised - rich dark fudgy chocolate (it reminds me of the Yule scent Lump of Coal) with soft fluffy marshmallows underneath. This is close to the skin with a light throw. YUM!
  8. TheIceMaiden

    Sugar Cookie Snow White

    This is pretty much an even mix of cookies and Snow White. It's an unusual combination, but it works beautifully and is absolutely delicious!
  9. TheIceMaiden

    Sugar Cookie Peacock Queen

    This starts off with the heady red rose of The Peacock Queen softened by a little sugar. It stays sugary red rose for a while, then dries down to cookies with rose. This has moderate throw and longevity. It's quite pretty!
  10. TheIceMaiden

    Cranberry Mango Pumpkin Floss

    I get a nice balance of juicy mango and slightly-tart cranberry, then my skin sucks up those notes and I get sweet cotton candy in the drydown. I didn't pick up on any pumpkin. The candy floss note is different from the past Pumpkin Floss scents I've tried, there is no spice notes and it's a bit sweeter. I tested this straight out of the mailbox, and my skin is dry and cold today. I'm hoping the fruit notes come out more with age, but otherwise this is a fun scent.
  11. TheIceMaiden

    Floral Sheet Ghost

    This starts off strawberry and peony, then moves onto a lovely rose note (not perfumey or sour), then dries to rose and a little carnation. I didn't pick up any pineapple, but maybe that will come with age. I tested this straight out of the mailbox, and I really like it so far. ETA: After this settled a bit, the sugared pineapple came out in the wet stage. It made the scent more balanced in fruit and floral, yum!
  12. TheIceMaiden

    Cacao and Sugared Roses

    This is lovely, and yes, it is sugared sweet roses with a dusting of cacao. The cacao note doesn't last too long on me, it's mostly rose and sugar. The throw and staying power is moderate. This is very similar to Love, as mentioned above, and even more similar to Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs (both of which are favourites of mine). It's nothing like the previous Lupercalias of Cacao-Dusted Rose Petals or Quartre from the Dozen of Roses collection. Both those are red rose notes, this is a sweeter pink rose.
  13. TheIceMaiden

    Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns

    This starts off all cinnamon bun - lots of bakery cinnamon, a little icing, a little pastry. The pumpkin spice note comes in as it dries. I didn't get pumpkin, just clove and nutmeg mingling with the cinnamon. The throw and staying power are moderate right now, but I'm sure this will age well. YUM.
  14. TheIceMaiden

    Cacao-Dusted Rose Petals

    This is mostly a gorgeous rose note, neither too sweet nor perfumey, with the lightest hint of cacao. The throw and staying power are moderate. Although this has almost the same description as Une Douzaine de Roses: Quatre (Cacao-dusted red rose petals), it's not the same! The rose in that is very full-bodied and red, the rose in this year's scent is soft and gentle.
  15. TheIceMaiden

    Wild Rose & Cherry

    This is a simple but lovely scent. It's a mix of a slightly sweet, slightly perfumey rose note with a natural (ie, not medicinal) red cherry note. The rose is stronger initially then the two notes blend together in the dry down. The throw and wear-length are moderate. I really like this! It reminds me a bit of last year's Strawberry and Rosebud. It's not at all similar to Une Douzaine de Roses: Un (cherry-dipped rose candy) since it smells more like fresh-picked roses and ripe cherries off the tree.