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    BATS!!!!! Bpal (duh), Krypt Kiddies, horror movies, zombies, scented candles, tarts, scented oils, incense, cemeteries, music, unicorns, bunnies, ivy, clover, greeeeeeeeeeeeeen (my fav colour!), Bath & Body Works, LUSH, Seth Green, Loreena McKennitt, Enya.


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    Snow White 07 Snow Flakes 06 Velvet Unicorn The Fairy Market Wolf Moon 07/11 WILF


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  1. Myotis


    This is Snake Charmer sweetened up on my skin. I was also reminded of Midnight Kiss upon sniffing it in the bottle. I LOVE this blend and can see this only getting better with age!
  2. Myotis

    Graveyard Dirt

    How is it that I hadn't reviewed this before? I love dirt scents and Graveyard Dirt is EXACTLY spot on. It smells of fresh, recently rained on, dirt! I am amazed at how true this scent is to the real thing! LOVE IT.
  3. Myotis


    This one reminds me a lot of my beloved Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, only Agape has more of a fruity floral note in there. These two scents could be cousins for sure.
  4. Myotis

    Trick or Treat

    What can I say? The description is spot on. It smells exactly like candy corn! Doesn't morph on me in the least. I've gotten a few compliments with this one!!
  5. Myotis


    This one has great throw. I received a testable sniffie and as soon as it hits my skin, it amps the sugary pastry and I smell like a jelly filled donut! While I like the scent, I don't really feel the need for a bottle of it.
  6. Myotis

    A Blade of Grass

    I love me some grassy scents and this is definitely one of those. In the bottle I smell fresh cut grass with a hint of what I suspect would be the leaves. Unfortunately, most of Beth's grassy scents turn to pure soap on me. So this one gets used in my scent locket or hair when I do wear it.
  7. Myotis

    Snow Angel

    Another one that doesn't morph on me at all. I smell tea and sweet lemon in the bottle and it stays that way one my skin and lasts pretty much all day!!!
  8. Myotis

    Candy Corn Coated Candy Apple

    How does Beth do it? This is spot on a candy apple from the fair to me. The tart macintosh apple, covered in that hard red candy coating. This one doesn't morph on me at all, stays exactly as it is in the bottle. LOVE IT!
  9. Myotis

    Wolf Moon 2011

    I love both the 2004 and 2007 Wolf Moons, but 2011? OMG This is my favourite of them all. It smells exactly like Snow Bunny 05, but without the "girlie perfume" bit. It stays exactly the same on my skin as it smells in the bottle. No morphing at all. LOVE IT.
  10. Myotis

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    This reminds me of both Crypt Queen and Snake Charmer...as though the two had a baby!!!!
  11. Myotis

    The Waltz of the Snowflakes

    Sniff in the decant....sweet vanilla. yum But the second this touches my skin, instant transformation. First I get a bit of peppermint, but not too strong, the vanilla tames it down. Seconds later it's turned to Snow White and peppermint. I can detect a TINY bit of piney goodness in there after 5 minutes or so. After a good 20 minutes, this smells like Snow White and Snow Flakes got together, rolled on a bed of pine needles and had a baby! This one lasts all day on my skin too! This will DEFINITELY be a future bottle order!
  12. Myotis

    Marshmallow Pumpkin

    I get nothing but pure red hot cinnamon hearts in this. No pumpkin, no marshmallow....nothing sweet at all. I do like it. It's just not what I expected with a name like Marshmallow Pumpkin.
  13. It was ordered on the 4th Dec and I suppose the USPS hasn't even picked it up yet. It's the 30th today... :( It was my first order... That's normal for a CNS. It's stating when the Lab printed out the shipping label for your package. The USPS would have picked it up long before today. I'm sure it's on the way to you.
  14. I hope so, mine still hasn't shown up. Glad to hear yours arrived though. So there's still hope! ETA: FINALLY! My bottles arrived today! 3 weeks from ship date. Poky Canada Post!
  15. Yep, that's when mine went out as well. Yikes, I hope customs isn't holding stuff up and messing with our precious smellies! So much for Priority mail!