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    Midnight Kiss
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    Florals and ginger. Yay Harvest Moon and Shadow Witch Orchid!

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    see my lj profile for a complete list<br />I like rock music, politics, makeup, handbags, and Scotties!
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  1. purplemoonshoes

    Scent for Halloween?

    I went to see a taping of the Colbert Report and wore Geek.
  2. purplemoonshoes

    Midnight Kiss

    In the bottle, it's musky cough syrup. On my skin, it's musk and sandalwood with a slight chocolate overtone. Deep and rich, a good gourmand scent for non-foodies.
  3. purplemoonshoes

    Reindeer Poop

    This scent was given out as a frimp at the Sea of Tranquility will calls, 12/22/07. Companion of Winter Holiday 2007 Stress Relief Elixir bottle. The label is so cute- it has colored Xmas lights as a border. Reminds me of MB: Ventiloquist Dummy without the woods. Cakey, caramely, chocolately, and with an undernote of patchouli, this will be a hit with foody fans. The cocoa absolute separates to create a brown residue on the bottom of the imp. Infer as you must. On the skin, I get cocoa as a top note and a hint of patchouli. Not much throw but lingers.
  4. purplemoonshoes

    Stress Relief Elixir

    At first I thought lavender mint, and there may be lavender, but others are right when they say geranium. The mint is light- probably spearmint. Sniffing from the bottle calms you immediately. Fades quickly on my skin, sadly, but I'm kinda glad because I don't want to get hooked on an unreleased scent.
  5. purplemoonshoes


    White Tea and Ginger is one of my fave B&BW scents, so this is right up my alley. It's sharper, more lush then the store blend. Mostly tea on the skin, but undertones of ginger. Recommended for tea lovers, and those who want something a little, I dunno, sweeter and spicier than black tea scents.
  6. purplemoonshoes


    Orchid and musk in the imp, same but amped on my skin. I love orchid, so this is me, but the musk has more staying power. Definitely my go-to musk. Recommended for anyone who likes any of the notes.
  7. purplemoonshoes

    Faiza, the Black Mamba (2006)

    Soft and leafy. I can't smell much on my skin though, even after sniffing coffee. Fits the name perfectly.
  8. purplemoonshoes


    Rose rose rose in the imp. Bay and rose on my skin. Nice, but a little commercial. Fades very quickly.
  9. purplemoonshoes


    This is an interesting one. Fruity amber in the imp, absorbed immediately into my skin. I'm kinda glad I don't like it since it's being discontinued. Doesn't remind me of rage at all, unless it's the type of rage that simmers inside you quietly.
  10. purplemoonshoes

    Van Van

    Opium and medicinal in the imp, smoky lemon on my skin. Not bad, not great. Good staying power, and okay throw. Not sure where to wear this though.
  11. purplemoonshoes

    The Witch Queen

    In the imp, VERY floral. Kinda powdery. On my skin it becomes more bold, but I'm still only getting flowers. The tuberose comes out over time. Ok, but I've smelled better.
  12. purplemoonshoes

    Treat #2

    Not a fan of this in the imp, but yummy on the skin. Like a chocolate shop. The chocolate amps over time. Man, I want to eat my hand. A must for foodies.
  13. purplemoonshoes


    I really can't smell much in the imp, somehow. Earthy and very subtle on my skin. Mostly rosewood, and I don't get any frankincense. Morphs into lily. Needs more throw for me.
  14. purplemoonshoes


    Incensey and deeply floral, this is a good blend but I'm just not feeling it. Smells like a temple. Almost earthy on drydown, and the florals become a little overwhelming (and I like florals). Just...meh.
  15. purplemoonshoes

    The Pool of Tears

    A lovely, lush scent. Reminds me of a garden. Subtle and watery on the skin, less floral than in the imp. Too subtle for me, but I'd love this as a lotion.